Achievement League: The Final Chapter (For Now)

For what turned out the final week of this round of our Achievement League:

The Dynamic Trio

This one checked the box of building a team made up of only Organized Play Cards. No reprints were allowed, with the exception of BAC’s. Two ways to play this one: 1. Use the Bats to make Robin a horrible Missile that keeps coming back; or 2. Use Spider-Man to just decimate the life totals. Nothing fancy here.

Game 1:

Against an all direct damage team from various sources. I went the Bat route on this game. I missed rolling Batman 7 different time before he finally showed up. By then I was so far behind I could not catch up. Iron Fist mitigated a lot of the burn damage, and Constantine brought be back a bit. Robin hit too little, too late. 0-1.

Game 2:

Against another Team built for Achievements. He was trying to buy his dice in numerical order and that included Magic Missiles and Unstable Cannisters. Time for Spider-Man. His field was more or less empty when Spidey hit. Took him down to 1 life fairly quick (should have been lethal, but I miscounted). Decided to play with my food for a bit and try to get all 8 of my Sidekicks in the field. Could only get 7/8 and took too many Missiles/Cannisters to the face. I finally had to end it before I took too much damag. 1-1.


Game 3:

Ring of Winter with some old school BEWD love. Seeing as this was my last chance at getting the 8/8 Sidekicks in the Field Achievement, that was my goal. Unfortunately Casey Jones had something to say about that. He kept forcing my Sidekicks to block preventing me from getting all 8. The closest I got was 6. I finally had to use a Spider-Swing with greater numbers for the win. 2-1.


Not a bad way to finish our Achievement League. Bummed that I never got the Sidekick challenge, but that one seems to require a specific build. I was surprised how many OP Bat characters were there to make Robin work. Joker was great to mitigate Batman’s fielding costs… and that made no sense to me. I love the Robin bombs, and This Spider-Man reminds me how stupidly powerful some of the AVX cards were. Iron Fist is still one of the best cards in the game to deal with burns. This Team has exactly zero competitive potential though. It filled a need and that was really all it did. It was the best “All Promo” Team I could come up with. Nothing more, nothing less.

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