What If Missing Affiliations Series – Suicide Squad

What if Dice Masters Actually gave us enough characters to build a team with for each new Affiliation?

With each new Dice Masters set that gets released, new affiliations get introduced.  While we are happy to see new affiliations enter the thematic universe with recently The New Day, and the New World Order from the WWE sets, I for one, have been frustrated that they sometimes forget about previous affiliations giving us 2-4 and then seem to forget about them. (As they probably will with NWO!!)

In the past year, with seeing events online where you assembled a team from only one affiliation, I decided to do a fun little project.  I wanted to complete affiliations that do not have at least 8-10 cards.

As many of you have probably seen with my posts, since the Card Builder has been inoperable on the Dice Coalition Page, I have been able to create a new comic book-like alternate card format. This project also allowed me to recreate some alt-art cards and most of the card abilities I have recycled existing cards from Golden.  I tried to adjust older cards that never really got to shine, or create new cards that fit in thematically.  I have play tested the affiliations and I think the game play will be fun for you to print out these and play.  Also for each of the team packs, I have selected 3-5 Basic Action cards. Most are reprints and some I have just renamed an existing ability to make it more thematic.

The first team I reached out to complete was the Suicide Squad. They currently only have 3 characters and I believe 5 cards in total.  I know most of the Suicide Squad are also Villains, but I removed the Villain affiliation from these cards which will make you have to thematically build with them if you print and play.

Suicide Squad has been a set I played with last year, and with more time, I think I have assembled a mock team pack that has multiple win-cons and I know with each of the matches I played, I had a great time.

So I present to you, The Suicide Squad custom Team pack:
(35 cards, 16 different characters cards (31 in total) and 4 Basic Action cards)

So who did you bring to the Team?

Existing characters like Amanda Waller, Deadshot, and King Shark are back, and while there were lots to others to choose from I narrowed it down to 12 (Using previous comic knowledge and using the movie that was released for inspiration) Please let me know if I missed anybody (I know when play testing Black Manta was one that is obvious, but just put him in as a Suicide Squad member if you like, as he has plenty of great cards that would work great with this affiliation.

Cards that are already in Dice Masters that I added to the team were: Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Enchantress, Harley Quinn, Katana, Killer Croc, Killer Frost, King Shark, Poison Ivy, and Vixen.

Newer Cards I included are: Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Count Vertigo, El Diablo, and Rick Flag.

If you never have even heard about the Suicide Squad team, they are still one of my favorite DC comics to read. Here is a brief story line for the Suicide Squad, as well a
short note for each of the characters I created a card for:

The Suicide Squad is a fictional super-villain team appearing in American comic
books published by DC Comics. The first version of the Suicide Squad debuted in The Brave and the Bold #25 (September 1959) and the second and modern version, created by John Ostrander, debuted in Legends #3 (January 1987). The team leaders are generally Amanda Waller and Rick Flag.


Being the leader of the Suicide Squad, I wanted to give Amanda Waller abilities to reflect this so went with a purchase cost discount, and a cheap defensive die that can get beefy.

Dice Proxy from – (GATF) Amanda Waller
New Card Ability Inspired By – Aquaman

As an offensive piece and attacker for Suicide Squad, I went with a reprint of cards from AVX Black Panther. He’s got huge attack values if you have an open field.

Dice Proxy from – (AVX) Black Panther
Card Ability Inspired By – Black Panther, Jessica Jones

One of my favorite Suicide Squad Members, and I totally wanted to have fun with the boomerang ability. Obvious choice was with the Basic Action re-roll, but I think the second card I created is a Domino like ability and in play testing it was broken at first and then corrected. Teamed up with El Diablo, he can be lots of fun but not broken anymore.

Dice Proxy from – Mister Miracle
Card Ability Inspired By – Domino, Mister Miracle

I didn’t really know much about Count Vertigo at first, and included this card from a list by TrueMisterSix. When I read about his character abilities, I instantly though a dice manipulator. Bringing back Scarlet witch on this team with Thrown Bricks as a BAC option makes perfect sense.

Dice Proxy from – Polaris
Card Ability Inspired By – Scarlet Witch, Black Cat

I had to give Deadshot the RANGE keyword, and I think this version I created would be a fun one on a meta team even. Reprinted the second version for Deadshot from a previous version.

Dice Proxy from – Deadshot
Card Ability Inspired By – Battlewagon

Straight reprints for Deathstroke as great cards and just updated affiliation to reflect Suicide Squad.

Dice Proxy from – Deathstroke
Card Ability Inspired By – Deathstroke

Another fun card to play, and used half of a previous Human Torch broken card, and the other version uses Pyro’s previous Abilities. Will start to do damage as soon as he is in the field.

Dice Proxy from – Pyro
Card Ability Inspired By – Pyro, Human Torch

Reprinted abilities for Enchantress, and I still believe she is a reach at the 6 cost but they have printed her a few times already.

Dice Proxy from – Enchantress
Card Ability Inspired By – Enchantress

Harley has been printed many times in Dice masters and one version in here is a solid an annoying Win-con we all have played or played against. The other is a fielding discount for the rest of the Suicide Squad members.

Dice Proxy from – Harley Quinn
Card Ability Inspired By – Harley Quinn

One of my favorite alt-art cards in this set. Of course I added a blank to the team. I was thinking of making her a +1A, +1D and she would have been an even stronger card but went with a reprint version.

Dice Proxy from – Katana
Card Ability Inspired By – Katana

Killer Croc has 2 reprint cards, he’s a solid attacker and with a field cost reducer in the field his damage can add up fast.

Dice Proxy from – Killer Croc
Card Ability Inspired By – Killer Croc

I think Killer Frost has one of the nicest dice in the Game, and her abilities are solid from previous versions. I added the most recent Songbird ability and she can be a great utility card on the team.

Dice Proxy from – Killer Frost
Card Ability Inspired By – Songbird, Killer Frost

Reprinted Cards from previous versions. Like Killer Croc, solid attacker and the
Teamwatch version can do some damage if you have Katana and a few others.

Dice Proxy from – King Shark
Card Ability Inspired By – King Shark

With Poison Ivy, Dice Masters has done a great job with her abilities over the years.  These versions are straight reprints just adding the Suicide Squad affiliation to the card.  I went with the Promo Token creating version, and the most recent one that does her damage when she gets KO’d

Dice Proxy from – Poison Ivy
Card Ability Inspired By – Poison Ivy

Only one card for Rick Flag, and it is a fielding discounter showing his leadership abilities.

Dice Proxy from – Bucky
Card Ability Inspired By – Mantis

I know there are Vixen Dice in the game already, but I wanted more Bolt characters on this team, and Cheetah is a solid reprint ability.

Dice Proxy from – Cheetah
Card Ability Inspired By – Cheetah, Toyman

With the Basic Actions, Since Keeping Harley in the field is a must, Distraction was a definite, and of course Thrown Brick as she has Harley on the Card from the original print.  Invulnerability is a key card as you are attacking a lot with this affiliation and
Counterstrike is an alternate Ramp option.

I had a lot of fun creating this team pack.  Solid cards and its surprisingly an effective group you can build and be competitive. There are multiple win-cons and I will be honest, when Captain Boomerang rolls 4 times, and does 6-8 damage, it is fun but again not broken.

Hopefully there is positive feedback to this set, and I can make up some more of these type of articles with proxy cards for people to print and play.

I know these images are posted on this page, (I personally just use them as Card Sleeve images), but I’m sure there is a way you probably can just right-click and save them if you wanted to print them yourself.   If you do, I hope you have some fun to see how well the Suicide Squad can do for you!

Thanks for reading…

2 Replies to “What If Missing Affiliations Series – Suicide Squad

  1. You’ve used Marvel’s Amora Enchantress art rather than the DC June Moon Enchantress. But other than that, highly enjoyable. I literally printed off some Suicide Squad cards myself last week for a friend. Completely forgot about El Diablo! I have to admit, my Squad knowledge is all pre-new 52. And I’ve seen the film but clearly it didn’t leave a lasting impression. It’s not even like he didn’t have a major part in it.

    1. Thank you for the Feedback. I really hope people will enjoy the article and print and play them for fun…

      I actually printed these 2 teams released today and have some gameplay coming next week.

      There were lots of other Suicide Squad members, and I wanted to give a good range from all Versions.

      Yes, Enchantress is from Marvel, but that art just looks better. Just give me your Email address in a reply, and I will make you a custom DC version.

      Thank you for reading the article, there are about 5 more sets I have completed that will be posted over the next couple of months.

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