What If Missing Affiliations Series – Fantastic Four

What if Dice Masters Actually gave us enough characters to build a team with for each new Affiliation?

With each new set that gets released, new affiliations get introduced and I have been frustrated that they sometimes forget about previous affiliations giving us 2-4 and then seem to forget about them.

With seeing events online were you assembled a team from only one affiliation, I decided to do a fun little project.  I wanted to complete affiliations that do not have at least 8-10 cards.  I also have created a new comic book-like alternate card format.

This project has allowed me to recreate some alt-art cards and most of the card abilities I have recycled existing cards from Golden.  I tried to adjust older cards that never really got to shine, and new card fit in thematically.  I have play tested the affiliations and I think the game play will be fun for you to print out these and play.  I also for each of the team packs, I have selected 3-5 Basic Action cards.  Most are reprints and some I have just renamed an existing ability to make it more thematic.

In this article I have updated the Fantastic Four.  They currently only have 3 characters and were in the original AVX set and never been seen since.

Everyone loves the Fantastic Four (I can’t say as much about the movie versions though…)

A fun team to play, they are more of a team-oriented group, and the cards help each other to get to your overall win-cons.

So, I present to you, The Fantastic Four custom Team pack
(34 cards, 13 Different Characters and 6 Basic Action cards)

Who did you bring to the Team?

The original Fantastic Three from the AVX set, have been the only Fantastic Four cards in the game.  There were lots of character options to add to the team as in the comics they have had many instances with replacements.   In my affiliation design, there are cards that have been made previously and just not affiliated like Doctor Doom, Namor, Silver Surfer and She-Hulk.  Of course, I also finally added the missing (or invisible) member of the Four, and she’s got quite the interesting ability.

Everyone has heard of the Fantastic Four, so let’s just jump into the cards….


Alicia Masters was a family friend of the Fantastic Four, and a blind husband to the Thing.  Making her an Ally and not able to attack makes sense.

Dice Proxy from – (DP) Agent Carter
New Card Ability Inspired By – Pepper Potts


Straight reprints of previous versions of Doom, but I made him a Flip in one of the versions as while he can be part of the team, he still can be quite a villain. The Acerak Global can be quite useful for both teams though.

Dice Proxy from – (AVX) Doctor Doom
Card Ability Inspired By – Doctor Doom


With Abilities from a previous Havok card as the inspiration, spinning up the larger characters can be quite a benefit to the team.  I introduced a Heroclix ability, Telekensis on one of the cards which basically preps you another die, when fielded.

Dice Proxy from – Havok
Card Ability Inspired By – Havok

H.E.R.B.I.E. – NEW

The second card made when you think of missing Fantastic Four cards after Invisible Woman.  Harmless robot and can be used for ramp on the team.

Dice Proxy from – Stepford Cuckoos
Card Ability Inspired By – Stepford Cuckoos


No need to mess with this character, just reprinted 2 of his classic versions that can be win-cons on their own.

Dice Proxy from – Human Torch
Card Ability Inspired By – Human Torch


A Card that should already be in Dice Masters, and her abilities created match her characteristic.  Impulse version was brought up from Target Lock.

Dice Proxy from – Ghost
Card Ability Inspired By – Target Lock, Kitty Pryde


A Shapeshifter character that can help the team in one version and husband in the other.  In testing with The Thing, it seems broken, but Doppelganger last 2 years in the game and never got errata’d.

Dice Proxy from – Jade
Card Ability Inspired By – Dopelganger, Jade


Another reprint of a force attack global already in the game, and a version of Justice League Plastic Man that can block more than one character.

Dice Proxy from – Mr Fantastic
Card Ability Inspired By – Mr Fantastic, Plastic Man


Another couple of reprints and both versions of Namor can do damage.

Dice Proxy from – Namor
Card Ability Inspired By – Namor


A friend of the Fantastic Four, and previous cards from AVX suit the affiliation just fine.

Dice Proxy from – Silver Surfer
Card Ability Inspired By – Silver Surfer


While one of the cards is a reprint, the other 2 are definitely win-cons.
Quake is a new keyword, but basically Breath Weapon, and the last is inspired by a Legion of Doom card that I think is fantastic to play with.

Dice Proxy from – Thing
Card Ability Inspired By – Dragons, Black Adam


Another close friend of the Fantastic Four, She-hulk is always around.  Two Reprints of previous cards (Well one is a Hulk, but she’s on the card…)

Dice Proxy from – She-Hulk
Card Ability Inspired By – She-Hulk, Hulk


Another offspring character from Sue/Reed and Victor….  She is the control on the team and can either stop global or opposing abilities.  Which to play is up to you.

Dice Proxy from – Batgirl
Card Ability Inspired By – Wonder Woman, Batgirl


6 Basic Actions for the Fantastic Four, Ramp can be found in Investigation, and Resurrection. Damage can be found in Flying Car, Anger Issues, and a reprint of Proton Cannon (Poker Night).  Final Basic Action is Doom Lance that can cause lots of troubles.


Another Affiliation that was fun creating this team pack.  I used a lot more of the previous versions, and some of the new cards it was easier to reuse other Dice Masters characters to really customize this team.  Solid cards and just with more than the 3 current available cards, they are instantly better.  There are multiple win-cons and it was fun to go Thing route or with Human Torch.  Either way is fun to play.

Hopefully There is positive feedback to this set, and I can make up some more of these type of articles with proxy cards for people to print and play.

Thanks for reading…


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    1. Thanks Charles, When we were playtesting Thing, we had Max 4 of the Lyja Storm, and it was easy to have 3-4 Things in the field. With the Mr Fantastic global, once they hit the field your opponent would be in trouble.

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