Team of the Month: September 2018

Hello Dice Masters!  Welcome back to our next TOTM installment for 2018.  Last month, we mixed up the format and let the players play their own Teams in a casual online get together.  Read on to see how things went for August.

For the August 2018 TOTM, we challenged you to build the biggest, baddest Mr. Fixit Team.  The challenge was not to win with Team, but to cause the most damage with Mr. Fixit.  We also changed the Format of the TOTM Competition last month to try something different.  We ran it as a “fun night” where people were welcome to come out and play their build themselves.  It was super casual and just a fun time. 

Chris from CR Gameroom participated in the TOTM Challenge and streamed the whole night’s games.  Thank you Chris for that.  You can find the link to the video in last week’s YouTube Round-Up here.

Here were the builds from the people who participated:

Turns out that the biggest single hit (96) from Mr. Fixit belonged to…

Patrick B.

Congratulations Patrick!  It was a cozy turn out and I am working on something special for all the participants.  We are going to try this format again for September.

For those that are unfamiliar with the TOTM, here is what you need to know:

  • You will be given specific parameters for a Team Build for the given month.
  • A “fun play night” will be set when people will be welcome to gather and play their Teams themselves for the competition.
  • Prizing will be based on Community input from that night.  Those who participate will be asked to vote for the most interesting build of the night.  Not necessarily the most successful one.  Kind of a “Best in Show” award.  We do want to reward originality here.

This competition will be open worldwide, and anyone is welcome to  join.  The submission deadline for this round will be 10:00 PM Mountain Time on September 21, 2018.  Submissions should be filled out on the TOTM Team Submission Form.  You must be present to be eligible for any prizing.  Rewards will be sent via regular letter mail to the recipient.  If you require tracking information, you will be responsible for any additional costs.

Here is the challenge for September 2018:

September is here and the kids are back to school.  This month is dedicated to the Teachers out there.  We are going to review your ABC’s and 123’s… sort of.  The original plan was to make you buy your Team in alphabetical order, but that proved to be a little too challenging.  Purchasing your Team in numerical order was another idea, but that too did not seem like a lot of fun.  Then, I remembered a challenge we ran locally and it kind of fits the theme (and was also a challenging build).  Read on for the details.

No A’s Allowed!

There is one, and only one, stipulation for this build:  None of the cards on your Team can contain the letter A in the title (subtitles are fine, but you probably get bonus points if you can do both).  Beyond that, anything is fair game.  The build is completely open to all cards currently available and is only limited by your imagination.

The plan is to play your Teams on September 22, 2018, starting around 7:00 PM Mountain Time.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  The details will be sent out closer to the date.  Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Best of luck!

– Dice Masters North

EDIT:  We will be starting things off in our very own Hangouts Room.  You can find the link here.

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