Team of the Month: May 2019

Hello Dice Masters!  Welcome back for a new edition of the TOTM.  After a little break to allow the One Big Weekend Online Tournament to have the spotlight, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

For those that are unfamiliar with the TOTM, here is what you need to know:

  • You will be given specific parameters for a Team Build for the given month.
  • A “fun play night” will be set when people will be welcome to gather and play their Teams themselves for the competition.

This competition will be open worldwide, and anyone is welcome to  join.  The submission deadline for this month will be 9:00 PM Mountain Time on May 24, 2019.  Submissions should be filled out on the TOTM Team Submission Form.  This is not a hard deadline, but the more notice I have, the better I can get things set up.

You may have noticed one little change with things, and that is with regards to prizing.  Unfortunately, Canada Post likes to raise their costs every year, and that is getting in the way of offering the monthly prizing.

Going forward, the plan will be to assign points for wins/participation all year long.  These points will be used to enter a “raffle” at the end of the year (à la MOD Presents).  The winner of the raffle will be awarded with an assortment of OP cards collected throughout 2019.

Here is the challenge for May 2019:

We are returning to the multi-Team format for this one.  Let me present to you…

What is this?

You will not be building one Team for this one.  You will be building 4 “mini-Teams”.  Each of your mini-Teams will be made up of 4 cards plus one BAC.  Each Team can have no more than 10 dice on them (excluding BAC’s).

The other limitation (and the big part of this build) is that each Team must be made up of a single different energy type.  You will be building one Mask Team, one Bolt Team, one Shield Team, and one Fist Team.

The rules…

This will be restricted to a Modern build.  The only bans that are in place will be:

  • The Joker – Not Funny Anymore
  • Loki – Master of Delusion
  • The Joker – Mr. J

Standard building rules still apply.  You cannot have characters with the same name on different Teams.  There are characters who share names but have different energy types.  You can only use one of these characters in your builds.

BAC’s will be need to follow specific rules as well.  If the BAC you are using has a Global Ability on it, the energy of the Global must match the energy type of the Team it is on.  For example, Resurrection could only be on your Shield Team.  Globals with more than one energy requirement can be on either matching Team.  Generic energy Globals can fit onto any Team.

Crossover/What-If Characters are fair game in this format.  They are basically wild cards that can fit on any Team.

How it works…

At the beginning of each game, you and your Opponent will roll two Sidekick dice.  The Team you play that round will be made up of the energy types that you roll.  If you roll mask/shield, you will be playing your mask Team with your shield Team.

If you roll a ?, you may choose which Team you want to play with.  If you roll a Sidekick, your Opponent will select one of your Teams.

If you roll two of the same energy, reroll one of the dice until you get a different result.

You will do this process for each game you play for this event.  You may not play the same combination more than once.

The plan is to play your Teams on Saturday, May 25, 2019, starting around 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  We will be starting things off in our very own Hangouts Room.  You can find the link to Room 1 here.  Ideally, it would be nice to get 3-4 Rounds of Play in… but we will see what happens.

Matches will be 30 minutes long to avoid slogs.  If the game is tied when time is called, the game will go to 5 turns with the active player being Turn Andy (or Turn Zero if you want).  The player with the most life at the end of Turns will be the winner.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Best of luck!

– Dice Masters North

3 Replies to “Team of the Month: May 2019

    1. Action cards are fine, but they need to follow the same rules. Mask actions can only be on a Mask Team. Generic energy non-basic actions will be banned from this competition.

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