Team of the Month: June 2018 (Preview)

EDIT June 11, 2018:  Please see the updated article here for all of the current information for this TOTM.  – jourdo

Hello Dice Masters!  With the recent UK Nationals, James and Zack are going to be a little delayed in recording the Match for May.  We hope to have the May results soon.  In the meantime, we wanted to get the June build information out as soon as possible.

For those that are unfamiliar with the TOTM, you can find the basic rules and regulations here.

This competition will be open worldwide.  The submission deadline for this round will be 10:00 PM Mountain Time on June 22, 2018.  Submissions should be sent to with “Team Build Challenge” in the subject line no later than the deadline date.  In the event that multiple Team builds are identical, the first one received will be considered as an eligible entry.  Rewards will be sent via regular letter mail to the recipient.  If you require tracking information, you will be responsible for any additional costs.  Members of Dice Masters North and Dice Masters with James & Zack are ineligible to submit Teams.

Here is the challenge for June 2018:

We really tied your hands last month with the Big Butt Build, so it is only fair that we open things up for June.  With the recent end of the Two Team Takedown Tournament (check it out if you missed any of the excellent matches), we decided to borrow from that format for this build.

Time to gather your Party and prepare for an adventure…

We are asking you to dip into the Dungeons and Dragons pool for your Team build… but with a catch.  You are not going to build one Team, you are going to build two.

The theme of this month is Adventurers vs Monsters.  One of your Teams must be constructed with Adventurers and be built to defeat opposing Monsters.  The other Team is the exact opposite, and must contain Monsters designed to bring opposing Adventurers to their knees.  You cannot have Adventurers on your Monster Team and you cannot have Monsters on your Adventurer Team.  The rest of the build is open to whatever you can come up with.

The only restriction for this build is you can only use cards from any of the D&D sets (including all available promos).  Your BAC’s are also limited to D&D only.  Also, our friend Half-Elf Bard: Master Lord’s Alliance is banned.

Now to the Two-Team Takedown connection.  Your Adventurer Team will be facing off against your opponent’s Monster Team, and vice versa.  The match will be a best 2 out of 3.  In the event of a tie, you must indicate which of your two Teams that you want to be used in the tie-breaker.  Sticking to the TTTD theme, you cannot use the same card on both Teams.

The prize pack for this month will be suitably D&D themed.

Best of luck on your adventure!

– Dice Masters North and Dice Masters with James, & Zack

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