Team of the Month: August 2018

Hello Dice Masters!  Welcome back to our next TOTM installment for 2018.  Your Party went on an Adventure and faced off against the fierce Monsters last month over the early Summer months.   With the dog days of summer upon us, we are going to change things up for this month.  Before we get to this though, we need to review what happened on the D&D quest.

For the June/July 2018 TOTM, we decided to double the challenge by asking for not one, but two Teams.  We asked you to give us your best Team of Adventurers and your best Team of Monsters.  Your Adventurers would face off against your opponent’s Monsters, and vice versa… Two Team Takedown style.  The only limitation was that your Team builds could only use cards from the D&D sets.

We decided to send the Teams from Lotti and Ray on this dangerous Quest.  These were the Teams that were nominated to be played on Dice Masters with James and Zack:

Lotti’s Teams:

Ray’s Teams:

Here is how the showdown on Dice Masters with James and Zack went down:

TJ’s Team proved victorious in the online battle earning him 0.5 points.  The community vote was split.  Ray’s Adventurers got the nod over Lotti’s, but the Monsters were even.  We’ll split the Community Vote Points 0.75 for Ray and 0.25 for Lotti as a result.  The remaining points were distributed as follows:

I will be honest here.  Lotti had me at Dragons, but I quite liked Ray’s Adventurers Team.  I think I am going to have to take the easy way out and split my vote down the middle and give it to each of them.

+0.5 Point to both Ray and Lotti from jourdo

I agree with jourdo; Lotti’s Dragons team is fantastic, and Ray’s Adventurers team looks like the better one. However, Lotti’s teams dominated this match, winning both games, due to some smart meta calls. Lotti gets the nod from me.

+1 Point Lotti from ccm00007

This may sound odd, but in watching the videos I came away more impressed with Ray’s teams, even though they lost both games.

Game 1 was basically a one character show, as Zack got Gnome Ranger out early and rolled a ridiculous number of NPC faces which allowed him to put James in a deep hole from which he was unable to recover.  As Ray has Gnome Ranger on his Adventurer team, I don’t see the results of this game as truly showing Lotti has the better team.

As for Game 2 – Zack/Ray won, but only because James missed an opportunity for lethal on his last turn (Dwarf Wizard’s printed A was 0, but if he’d attacked Gnome Ranger would have buffed him, and leaving the unblockable NPC aside, James had 4 (possible) attackers to Zack’s 3 possible blockers).

Game 2 was a very close game, and clearly could have gone either way.

The two monster teams, in my opinion, while quite different in makeup, are close to equal in efficiency.

Having looked at the teams and watched the vids, I’m giving my vote to Ray because I think his Adventurers team is more dangerous than Lotti’s Adventurers team.  It’s just when I look at the two and ask myself “How am I supposed to win with this team?” the answer is much more apparent when I’m looking at Ray’s team than at Lotti’s.

+1 Point Ray from Son of L

This was a tough decision! Charlotte’s adventurers put up a good fight, but we really liked Ray’s Boozy Pureblood concept, too bad it didn’t get a fair shake in our video! We also liked Ray’s DnD flying sidekicks concept, but ultimately Charlotte’s dragons were too much to handle. We’ve got to give 1 vote to each of them!

+1 Point to both Ray and Lotti from from James and Zack

After tabulating all of the votes, the Winner of the TOTM for June/July 2018 is actually tied at 3.25 points each.  Therefore, the winner of this month is

Lottie & Ray

Congratulations to you both!  We will be reaching out to you to get you your prize pack.  Enjoy your title reign!  Also a big thank you to everyone who submitted a Team Build for this.  They were all great and we look forward to what comes for the next TOTM competition.

For those that are unfamiliar with the TOTM, you can find the basic rules and regulations here.

This competition will be open worldwide.  The submission deadline for this round will be 10:00 PM Mountain Time on May 25, 2018.  Submissions should be sent to with “Team Build Challenge” in the subject line no later than the deadline date.  In the event that multiple Team builds are identical, the first one received will be considered as an eligible entry.  Rewards will be sent via regular letter mail to the recipient.  If you require tracking information, you will be responsible for any additional costs.  Members of Dice Masters North and Dice Masters with James & Zack are ineligible to submit Teams.

Here is the challenge for August 2018:

We are doing things completely differently for this month.  First off, the Community will be picking the winner all on your own.  Secondly, those who enter will be playing their own Teams and seeing how they do on Saturday August 25 (starting around 7 PM Mountain Time).  This will be an online friendly/casual event, so you will have to be set up to play online.  Finally, this is open to ANYONE.  If people from Dice Masters North, or Dice Masters with James and Zack want to participate, that is fine.  So, what will you be playing?

Welcome to the Mr. Fixit Challenge

It is not enough to win the game in this challenge, you must cause as much damage as possible.  We’ve all theorized as to how hard Mr. Fixit can hit your opponent.  Now it is time to show your work.  The goal of this challenge is to hit your opponent for maximum damage.  You will score based on how much damage hits your opponent from the Common Mr. Fixit.  Nothing else counts.  If you defeat your opponent, but Mr. Fixit does not do any damage, you will score zero points.

We want you to be able to use all of the tools in the toolbox for this one.  The rest of the build will be completely open (Golden) with the following cards banned:

  • Swords of Revealing Light BAC
  • Relentless BAC
  • Half Elf Bard – Master Lords’ Alliance
  • The Joker – Clown Prince of Crime
  • Blob – Appetite for Destruction
  • Loki – Gem-Keeper
  • Lex Luthor – Billionaire Industrialist

For those outside North America, who do not have access to the new cards yet:  Feel free to proxy.  Find something similar and let us know what you are using and we will allow it.

If you are interested in signing up, submit your Team on this form.  If you need to make changes, just make another submission with the same contact information.  I will delete the earlier one.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, or send them to


– Dice Masters North and Dice Masters with James, & Zack

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