Team Brew Switcharoo: Secret Wars

Welcome back to Team Brew Switcharoo!  It has been a minute since our last outing into this Team Building exercise.  Here, we take a random selection of cards from the Team Builder and try to create a Team that is somewhat functional.

The Rules

We will open up the Team Builder and hit random until we have a 10 card Team.  However, we are not going to keep the team as the Team Builder gives us.  We will be allowed to make substitutions based on some limitations.  The limitations for this challenge are as follows:

  1. We are only allowed to substitute 4 cards from the initial selection.
  2. We must follow a randomly selected “rule” to build the Team around.

It seems fitting that we lean hard into the celebration of the latest release with the substitution rule.  We are also going to keep things Modern for this one.  The randomization will only include Modern legal cards.  This time, we are going to keep things really simple for any of the changes.  The rule we will build around for this week is…

Secret Wars Substitution Only

All cards must be from the latest Secret Wars Set.  That’s it… that’s the rule.

The Cards

Not the worst mix of cards, but definitely not the best.  The Basic Actions do not exactly mesh with what we have here.  There will likely need to be something changed there.  At least there is a Ramp option with Magneto.  Let’s see if we can make something workable here.

I like Deadpool here, but I would not call it a win condition on its own.  More of a pingy finisher, or something to soften you up for something else.  I do like the potential that I see in Monsieur Mallah though.  Those can be some decent stats if we can meet the right conditions.  That may be the focus here.

With the monkey in mind for the win condition, let’s remove some cards and make room for some Secret Wars.  Here are the cards that are getting the axe:

Blob has some potential with Intimidate, if the worst possible situation arises.  Booster Gold could have some utility in the event that someone decides to break out the Stun Tokens… and it helps that he has the mask synergies we want with Monsieur Mallah.  Man of Steel is not something we will reach for in most situations, but it does have some potential use if needed.  While none of these will be the focus of the win condition… they will not hurt the Team that much.

The Substitutions

Let’s lean into the mokey strategy right out of the gate.  We want cheap masks, and Madelyn Pryor provides that… with a bonus.  Ideally, we never actually field Madelyn.  She should always be on energy if things go according to plan.  Her Energize ability also gives us a chance to thin out our Used Pile.  Win-win.  Now we have a fairly easy way to give Mallah either 4 or 6 attack stats.  We’ve got a big monkey now, but what do we do with him?

You know what is better than a big monkey?  A big and Fast monkey!  Agent Brand will not boost the stats, but will likely mean the the Mallah will be KO’ing things before they have the chance to do the same to him.  This turns Mallah into both an attacker AND a removal option when the opponent attacks.

How will the removal aspect work?  On the one hand, we can hope that our Opponent is aggressive with their attackers and we can throw our Fast Mallahs in front of the bus and they will more than likely survive.  However, if they are not going to do that, you can force them to do it.  Mr. Fantastic brings us yet another Force Attack Global.  This is how we will be using Mallah as a removal option in this game.  However, this Global is definitely double sided in that they can force Agent Brand across taking away our Fast ability.  In theory though, we should have an army of apes that can join her in the attack… making this less palatable to the Opponent.  I don’t love it… but I do not hate it enough not to include it.

Greetings from Krakoa gives us zero value on this Team as there is no opportunity to play with Loyalty Counters, so we need something else here.  We are going to sub in Shocking Grasp for some limited removal and some more help with Ramping.  It will not kill everything, but will definitely help remove some of those Sidekicks.  With Madelyn Pryor’s Energize ability, we should have some of our own options to ping off if we need that extra Ramp.  It may not be essential to have Shocking Grasp here, but it is definitely better that Greetings from Krakoa.

Our overall strategy for this Switcharoo is to load up with Monsieur Mallah’s and Agent Brand in the Field.  Ideally, Madelyn Pryor stays on energy and we have a decently sized army to attack with.  Deadpool will still be useful for those little pings if we need him.  The costs are relatively low for what we need to buy.

I think we have something that is somewhat functional here.  It made use of an original card and turned it into something that could have some casual legs.

Those are the substitutions I chose to make on this group of cards.  For those playing along, here is what the final Team will look like:

Now, this Team is all on paper right now.  It may or may not be something that could work… but it looks fun enough that I would be willing to give it a try.

What do you think?  How would you change the Team?  What would you do differently?  What random meta rules do you want to see in future Team Brew Switcharoo articles?

Let us know in the comments below.  Talk to us on all of the Socials @dmNorthTV.  Send us an email at  We would love to hear from you.

Thank for reading!

– jourdo

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