Tales From The North Guest Article: Elliot Catches The Gods

On the eve of World’s Weekend, we’re slipping in one last Roll For The North Guest article in.  This one comes from Elliot, who managed to play his way into third place on the day.  For those still scrambling for a Team for this weekend, check out what Elliot brought to the table.

Take it away Elliot…

On Saturday, September 19th, I participated in the unofficial Canadian National Championship entitled “Roll for the North.” I was lucky enough to get third place (and I really do mean lucky) as will become evident later on, but first I will get into the explanation of my team.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Becky or God Catcher?

I started out building this team as a Becky team that also had The God Catcher on it; but when I tested it, I found myself thinking, “Why should I buy Becky when I can buy The God Catcher,” so I converted the team to a mostly god catcher team. 

I decided that instead of loading my team with globals that would help me rush god catchers into the field and into my opponent, I would only put the bare minimum needed to get the job done on my team in order to make room for as many other “tools” as I felt was necessary. I wanted to make sure that any helpful globals my opponent would bring to the table would make me feel spoiled and speed up my team tremendously, but wouldn’t be relied upon. As such, I only let myself have the Becky global in order that I could prep god catchers and other goodies for use (hopefully) next turn. I also had Forge which, while not a global, would help make my life easier, but that was a last minute addition to see if it would add a spark to the team. Becky is also an amazing card in its own right and might come in handy. 

I decided to add Atlantis to the mix because whenever I have used it, I have found it to be very helpful in many different ways. It can trigger The God Catcher, prep dice I miss, and provide some ramp. The best part of the card (in my opinion) is the global. Every use of the global can pull two sidekick dice out of rotation for at least a turn which can be very helpful if you are waiting for a die to come back around. It can also make a blocker at crucial times. Atlantis is a very good multi use card to have on a team with no bag control.

The rest of my team is basically removal. I have spider-man to get rid of Thors and what not, Yellow Lantern Ring to intimidate god catchers and other things that are in my way, Grell to get rid of god gatchers with the help of the Booker T global, and Dani Moonstar to also use with Booker to hopefully remove hindrances. Dani is also a great pivot piece.

For the BAC slots I went with Booker T and Nefarious Broadcast. Booker was added both for the global and also as a win condition. I learned the hard way that it makes an excellent win con in the July one-shot, courtesy of JackalopeSpam. Nefarious Broadcast was to let my god catchers do their thing unhindered by the likes of Static Field or Kate Bishop. That completes my team. Now on to how we performed that fateful day. 

Round 1: BYE

I had a bye this round so I took the opportunity to watch the DM north Twitch stream.


Round 2: vs BenSaidScott

The first game I bought Forge right away and got the energize effect so I started going all out god catcher. The problem was that I hadn’t considered the Becky effect. Any sidekicks that I fielded were promptly rolled out. Meanwhile, Ben was thinning his bag like crazy with the Atlantis global. My god catchers could not cut through his wall, and Booker wasn’t an option because I couldn’t wall up. I conceded game one. the second game I pivoted to Dani which forced him to keep a lean field. That, coupled with the fact that Ben was having bad rolls, let me push just enough across for the win. Game three I stuck to my Dani tactic; however, it was too little too slow and Ben won with life. 


Round 3: vs Rob_L

While Rob had a good team, he had nothing to combat my team. so, while he was able to buy and field she-hulk, my god catchers were able to terrorize his field and ensure that he couldn’t get his team off the ground. I was able to win two games fairly easily, sadly. Even though I’m sure it wasn’t a great experience for Rob, it was nice to have a little bit of a reprieve after the intense previous round. 


Round 4:  vs SuperK

This was very much a back-and-forth game. Despite some hiccups and mistakes on my part, I managed to still stay in a pretty good position. Some missed rolls by SuperK gave me the upper hand and I was able to get some few last minute damage through. When time was called I was extremely relieved. Again, because of some missed rolls SuperK couldn’t do enough damage to bring my life below her’s. I won by life but was very lucky to survive. This game was recorded and is on YouTube if you want to watch it. 


Round 5:  vs HeavyMetalMonkey

I had played Monkey in the previous monthly one-shot and had barely won so I knew this would be a close game all things being equal. The problem was all things were not equal. I rolled very well, and he rolled badly. He didn’t just roll badly but horrendously. The result was that I easily won two straight games of what should have been some of the closest games of the day. If he would have rolled better, he might be writing this article right now. 



After I had gotten done playing monkey, I looked to see where I had finished. To my surprise I was third! Since people that I’m sure would have finished above me had tied in the last round, I was ranked just above them because I had managed to avoid ties (like I had been thinking of that). Is that a problem? I’ll leave that question to others to hash out.

As you can see, I got very lucky throughout the day. Overall, I am fairly happy with how the day went although I could have played better, and I am not exactly thrilled with my team. I have no idea why I didn’t at least try to use Becky in my match with Ben, and even though Forge did what he was supposed to, he didn’t seem to be helpful. There’s no telling what I will put together going forward. The meta is not exactly cut and dry to me. I have some ideas, but there is no clear front runner. 

Many thank you to DM-north for running a fantastic event, and congratulations to Ben Said Scott for winning.

– Elliot

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