Taking A Page From Our Youngster

WWE is still MIA in Western Canada right now.  So, unfortunately, I have not had a chance to play around with any of the new toys.  After a few “heavier” weeks I decided I was going to throttle back a bit and use one of our local youngster’s often used cards as the core of the build.

This Mystique is from the X-men Forever Campaign Box.  Her base stats are nothing to write home about at 1A/1D across the board.  Her fielding costs are actually quite bad when you look at her stats, with a total fielding cost of 3.  At first look, this is not much of a card.  Then you look at the ability and you realize she can get big fast.  Every other die in the Field Zone buffs her by +1A and +1D.  All of a sudden, her costs are not quite as bad when you consider her stats are actually much larger than what is printed on the card.

There are lots of ways to make this a win condition.  Simply swing at your Opponent’s wall and eventually wear them down until they can no longer block her.  Give her Overcrush to make sure her stats hurt.  Unblockable is always nice.  How about a combination of those?

To help make that decision, I needed more of a theme for the build.  Since Mystique has the Brotherhood Affiliation, I was going to try and make use of some other Brotherhood characters.

Let’s see the Evolution of the Team.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  A Brotherhood of Lessons.

Browsing through Team Builder, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to take the Team until I came across Avalanche.  This guy is ping damage across the board whenever I (or my Oponnent) field a Villain.  This thins the herd for my Mystique army to attack with.  If I am already going with Brotherhood, I will have other Villains on the Team.  Seems like a good option.  The only real downside was that as I removed opposing characters, my Mystique dice will become that much smaller.  Still worth it in my opinion.

I needed some cheap Brotherhood options for this now, as Mystique was not really the easiest to use alone for this purpose.  I could have gone for Dark Beast or Mastermind here for the 2 costs, but I chose to take my meme game to level 1000 by throwing in Quicksilver: Terrigenesis.  He is still essentially a 4 costs (because I am 100% going to use his Impulse ability at every opportunity), so I am not really saving anything on my purchase curve.  The “regardless of his location” was too tempting for me not to use it.  What does that mean?  Is it just one the labelled zones on your playmat?  Does this include your dice bag?  What about the Transition Zone below your Used Pile?  Who knows?!?  I figured I would go with whatever my local scene said was a location on this one.  I really didn’t care.

I still felt the need for another Brotherhood member to round out the core of the Team.  Again, the smart move would have been to go for a low cost character (that I am still missing here).  Forget that!  Let’s throw on a 6 cost to make purchasing even more difficult.  I liked the ability of the Uncommon Juggernaut from X-Men First Class.  Since I was going to be dealing spray damage with Avalanche, and Sidekicks are likely to be KO’ed, Juggernaut has the chance to get even more beefy.  Him and Mystique should be a good one-two punch.

So, I’ve got a core in place.  Now to make it work a little better.  The first thing I looked at were ways to make my spray damage more effective.  This is where a couple of actions came in.  Instant War would act as a pool to increase the Sidekicks that I could KO… making Juggernaut bigger in the process.  Staff of the Forgotten One was basically to make my spray damage lethal.  Instant board clear for my stuff to run across the Field.  This would be my main way to get my large bodies through.

I have a mix of all energy types going here, so I needed something to help get a little synergy to the Team.  The new Intellect Devourer Global (IDG) was the tool to do that.  Basically, a multi-energy fixer at the cost of a Sidekick should help me get to whichever character I am needing at the time.

I am still lacking decent Ramp on the Team.  Sort of sticking to theme, I put new new PXG on the Team to get some extra dice into Prep.  The other Ramp engine I used is what almost any Villain-based Team should include:  Villainous Pact.  Not only does this allow me to Prep a die, but if I come up against a non-Villain Team the action itself becomes a back-up win condition.

One slot left, and I realized I was looking at some really bad fielding costs on my big pieces.  This is where I chose to include a card recommended by fellow Northerner Reg:  Roboute Guilliman.  He is there purely for the Global Ability.  For the price of a Shield, my Juggernaut, or Level 3 Mystique, are now free to Field.

So, there you have it.  A “Brotherhood” Team where I am trying to smash face with some (hopefully) big stats.  Get Avalanche out as fast as possible and then Field my other Brotherhood members until the Field is small enough to break through, or I clear it out with the Staff of the Forgotten One.

Probably not the most streamlined build ever, but I think it stuck to the theme decently.  Let’s see how it ran.

Game 1:

Up against Dragons of the Blue-Eyed variety and Worms of the Purple variety.  He did bring Thrown Brick as well to help me with my Ramp situation.  I was able to get Avalanche out quickly and then started to play some Quicksilver games (verifying with the locals that they considered the bad a “location”).  It did not take long to Ramp up to Juggernaut in this one.  I also was able to keep his little guys out of my way with the Avalanche spray damage.  I managed to hit pretty hard with Juggernaut thanks to some KO’s… then I realized I left lethal on the board.  Basic math skills kids.  Check your stats before you attack.  This mistake unfortunately cost me the game as he was able to get his Dragon Horde out before I could recover.  The best part is that this will be immortalized on the YouTubes, so stay tuned for that and let me know how awesome my math skills are.


Game 2:

Bye!  It was all part of the plan.  I caught some Pokemon (no shinies in case you were wondering) and reloaded my Pokesupplies.


Game 3:

The last game of the night was up against a Guy Gardner/Jason Todd rush Team.  He had Yawning Portal and cheap characters.  I again was able to get Avalanche out pretty quick and then did my best to maintain my Field to withstand the onslaught of what was coming at me.  I went to Mystique as soon as I could as she would be able to take on Guy and Jason with ease.  I gambled on a 10A Mystique attack which he absorbed to maintain his side.  I did keep enough Sidekicks to throw into the Red Hood/Lantern pain train.  Finally Staff of the Forgotten One decided to show up with some Villains.  I was able to board wipe and this time I did some basic math and had enough stats on the Field for the win.



Two games does not a good test make.  However, I was able to realize that this Team deserves a different focus.  While Mystique was the original start of the Team, I realized quickly that this is a Juggernaut Team.  The shenanigan potential is just too good with him.  However, the tools on this Team were not optimized for that.

When I play this again, and I will play this again the core of Juggernaut, Avalanche, and Staff of the Forgotten One will remain.  Everything else will be to make these pieces work better.  However, that is content for another article.

Tonight, the Team worked not too bad.  Mystique and Juggernaut were the beat sticks they needed to be.  Overcrush may have been an easier tool to use with them, but the Avalanche board wipe was more fun.  On that note, Staff of the Forgotten One is excellent to augment that ability.  No longer are the weenies the only thing you can remove.  Those big butts are wiped from existence thanks to the Staff.

Quicksilver was a fun for the meme factor, but really was not the best tool to use here.  I knew that going in, but I wanted so badly to field him for free on level one regardless of his location.  I accomplished that goal a few times, so I consider that a moral victory.

Intellect Devourer is just great for your energy fixing needs.  Professor X and Villainous Pact were decent Ramp options, but I had trouble getting to Juggernaut without other additional tools.  In another version of this Team, that definitely needs to be addressed.  Roboute Guilliman was actually pretty good to avoid the heavy fielding costs.  It is not a Global I have used much in the past, but thanks to Reg I will be looking a little more closely at this guy.

Instant War was a bit of the odd man out on the build as it was.  Would I keep it around?  Maybe for Juggernaut Shenanigans 2.0.  I know there are better ways to use this.  Tonight, it did not really work as planned.  For 2.0 though…?

Overall, it was a fun Team to run.  By no means would I say it ran flawlessly.  Like I said earlier, I think I need to focus more on Juggernaut for this one when I take another swing at it.  I did enjoy playing with our Youngster’s favourite card.  I know there were other ways to take the Team, but I liked the direction it went it.  It scratched that “build a machine” itch for me.

So, what would you do with the massive Mystique?  Got some ideas for Juggernaut 2.0?  Are you like me and like to leave obvious lethal on the board?  Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

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  1. I looked at using this mystique with under surveillance as it doesn’t matter if she’s level 1 as her stats are the same across the board.

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