Stop! Hammer Time!

Tonight for my snow covered Wednesday Night Constructed, I visited a team that I have been wanting to play with as soon as I saw the cards.  It was centred around SP//dr, Hulk, and Mew-mew.


I realized after my first draft of the team, that it was very similar to the one ccm00007 played recently.  I decided to make some changes so it would not be EXACTLY the same.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Hammer Time

The core works like this:  1.  Get Spee-yder out to protect your Sidekicks.  2.  Get Hulk out to be scary.  3.  Get Mew-mew out to hit all the things.  Professor X and S.T.A.R. Labs were to get the Sidekicks loaded into the Field as much as possible.  Static and Magic Missile were the sources of ping damage.  Ideally, I have SP//dr out with Static and start pinging my indestructible Sidekicks.  Make Hulk angry and start the burn damage.

Howard the Duck (Investigation) was my main source of Ramp.  The energy fixing Global or Mew-mew helped as well.  Oracle was there because we have a Green Devil Mask problem at our store and wanted something to be annoying.  She-Hulk was partially for fun (because I was able to put 2 She-Hulks on the same Team) and as a back-up plan if GDM kept my board small.  My daughter was always fond of this card as well, so I decided to throw it on.

Let’s see how it worked.

Game 1:

Against a Global-based mish-mash Team.  The biggest problem piece was Slifer who was going to make my Sidekick army super expensive.  SP//dr did not want to come out, and without him this Team was going to struggle.  Static helped keep the board thin.  I took a Slifer to the face before I was able to get the SP//dr-Hulk train rolling.  Once I did though, I got Mew-mew out and hit my guys to burn things down quickly.


Game 2:

GDM… I hate you.  To be fair, this guy brought GDM to counter the other one that usually shows up.  He didn’t buy it until it was his only option.  I could respect that.  When he saw my field building up and where I was going with it he bought the GDM.  I bought my Oracle.  He won the race and always seemed to remove one of my key pieces at a bad time.  She-Hulk made her appearance here, but once his Queen Grabstab came out, the Overcrush Party was done.  I managed to score some damage, but eventually got overwhelmed by his Swarmers.  Oracle never made it out of the bag due the GDM clog.


Game 3:

Against a really fun Immortal/Scorching Ray Team.  As soon as I sat down, I knew what he was going to do to me.  Even though it would mess up my bag, I bought 2/3 of the Scorching Rays.  I think this messed up my flow more than I realized as I was struggling getting my 6 energy for some reason.  I was able to use his Scorching Ray’s against him a few times, which was really fun.  Eventually got the set-up and threw Mew-mew at my Sidekicks.  A Magic Missile Global to ping of his Sidekicks gave me the numbers to swing in.  I loved the blueprint to this Immortal Team, and already have some ideas on how to tweak it to try myself.



This was a fun one.  I love the ability of Mew-mew to work itself up to a fairly big removal piece when needed.  Hulk is just an incredible piece of tech on almost any team.  I cannot argue with how efficient she is.  SP//dr worked well for this Team and really made the combo work.  Static is an excellent control piece and simply amazing if you have the other tech on this Team out.  Burn damage to your opponent, caused by your opponent because of their dice rolls?  Yes please!  It also punished people who bought and used my Investigations.  I am not sure I needed both STAR Labs and PXG, but I didn’t mind them on this build.  As much as I dislike Magic Missile, it was necessary here.  She-Hulk was not a bad add-on, but there are probably other things you could slot in here.  I personally did not mind here.  Oracle was fine for what I needed her for, but again there are other pieces that could go here depending on your needs.

Overall, this is a Team I would play again.  I like building to the combo and the feeling you get when it actually fires is just so satisfying.  Highly recommend trying it out.

How would you change this team?  Have you tried out something similar?  Comment down below and let us know!


2 Replies to “Stop! Hammer Time!

    1. Honestly? More than it should have. I missed getting SP//dr out more times than I could count. I didn’t even purchase Mjolnir until he (or Hulk) was in the Field most times. With the ramp options available, I had to spend a few turns buying actions before I could get the ball rolling. I didn’t pay close enough attention to what turn number it was, but it was well into the game.

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