Sticking a Toe in the Waterdeep

Here’s an article about a team I ran back on December 11.  I delayed posting it so we’d have some new content to put up during the holiday lull.

It was also my first time using any of the Waterdeep cards. The street date for that is only a week away by the time this goes live.  Maybe that means those who don’t have those cards yet will feel more excited and less irritated reading about somebody else using them.  (I can hope.)

This week it was Golden Age Constructed but players in our group had access to Jourdo’s advance copy of the Waterdeep Campaign Box and it’s associated Team Packs.  I decided to take advantage of that, especially since I was unable to make the previous week’s event.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Toe in the Waterdeep.









Above are the three new cards I opted to use.  Istrid Horn is a 2 cost that makes your opponent have to pay to field Sidekicks, and messing with opposing fielding costs is usually fun.

Volo is a 2-cost with Attune.  All 3 versions of Yuan-Ti Pureblood are good cards, in part because all are 2-costs with Attune.  Throw R Pseudodragon (another 2-cost) on the team and I can buy one of each for 6 energy.  Once I get all 3 active, I can deal 4 damage each time I use an action die – at least if that killjoy Black Widow isn’t around.

I opted to run with the Common Yuan-Ti, whose ability effectively corresponds to the new Obscure keyword.  Even without the Attune, I like Yuan-Ti’s combination of purchase cost, fielding costs, and attack stats better than anything that actually has the Obscure keyword.

The Uncommon Magic Sword from BFF was added to combine with Yuan-Ti and Tashlyn Yafeera.  Each Magic Sword I field makes all my active Yuan-Ti dice unblockable.  If I attach it to a Yuan-Ti die, that die gets +2A from the Sword, and +2A/+2D from Tashlyn Yafeera’s ability.

Deal 6 damage at a time from an unblockable character, and you don’t have to do it too often, especially if you’re doing additional damage with Attune.

The last two character cards were UC Wraith from FUS and C Captain Elok Jaharwon.  The Waterdeep stuff has several ways to give Experience to Adventurers besides the conventional KO monsters on your turn method, and I threw in Wraith as a counter for that.

As for Captain EJ – if I have Tashlyn Yafeera out, and I equip him with a Magic Sword he gets a total buff of +7A/+2D between the combined abilities.  That gives him a net A of 9-11 depending on his level.

BACs were Hulk Out – so I could give Captain EJ and his big stats Overcrush, and Resurrection, for ramp.

I feel I should mention that it had been a while since I used Gear dice. and my thinking on how they worked when I was putting the team together was a little bit off.  I was skimming the Waterdeep rulebook while we were waiting for the last players to arrive, and I checked the definition for Equip on its keywords page.

That’s when I saw that when an equipped character die leaves the Field Zone, the gear die remains in the Field Zone.  (I’d been thinking it would go to the Used Pile).

That wasn’t entirely positive news for me.  That meant when I fielded a Magic Sword, it would be ‘stuck’ in the field for the rest of the game, and would only trigger Attune and (Yuan-Ti’s ersatz) Obscure once.

Anyhow I spotted the issued before I played any games, so I did use the properly, but I came across it so late I didn’t have any chance to make any tweaks to my team.

How did the games go?

Game 1:

Green Lantern: Fearless (when attacks ability of pay mask to deal 1 damage for each action die in the attacking player’s Used Pile) and Rare 1-cost Bat-Signals.

Got Pseudodragon, Volo, Tashlyn Yafeera and Yuan-Ti out and attached a Magic Sword to the latter for 10 damage (4 Attune, 6 Combat).

He got a couple of Green Lantern dice out, and about two turns after I hit him for the 10, he hit me for about 14, largely because I let both GL dice through.  That was insurance against bad rolls – I thought I’d last longer if he had to cycle them through his bag and re-field them then if he was hitting me for some burn damage every turn.

I managed to get another Yuan-Ti out on the following turn and attach a fresh Magic Sword to it.  Even with Yuan-Ti only being Level 1, that was still enough for another 10 total damage, giving me the game.


Game 2:

Rare Firestorm from GAF, which has a when attacks ability which deals 1 damage for each energy type in the attacker’s Field Zone.

He got a couple Firestorm dice out fairly quickly.  I tagged him one with a Yuan-Ti/Magic Sword combo, but by the time I managed to set up to do it again, I needed to keep every blocker I could in my field.

It didn’t make much difference in the end.  He was dealing me 6 burn damage from his Firestorms each turn (3 from each) and on the third turn he did that, he had two more characters than I could find blockers for.


Game 3:

This was a matchup against our group’s resident youngster, who was running a team of Legion of Doom cards from the Justice campaign box.  Those included the Clayface, Poison Ivy and Bizarro globals, not that the Poison Ivy global saw any use.

I’d decided to go the Captain EJ route in this game even before the matchups were announced.  Magic Swords for unblockable Yuan-Ti’s wasn’t proving exceptionally quick, and I wanted to see how the alternative compared.

It worked pretty well.  It was aided in that my opponent was running and buying Energy Field as one of her BACs, which resulted in my dice being spun up as well as her own.  So I had a Level 3 Captain EJ in the field for most of the game.  With a Magic Sword attached and Tashlyn Yafeera in the field, he becomes an 11-8.  Flip his stats with the Bizarro global (conveniently provided by my opponent), and he becomes a 13-6.

Add Hulk Out to the mix for the Overcrush (for some reason I rolled it on the non-burst face every time I rolled it this game, so no buff from it) and my opponent was on a clock.  She had some characters with decent D, but every time a Hulk Out die came around I wiped her field and still did some damage.

It wasn’t long before I got her low enough that whether she chose to prevent the Overcrush damage from Captain EJ or the regular damage from my other characters (who also attacked) she didn’t have enough blockers to prevent me from getting lethal.



Verdict on the new cards I was ‘testing’, if you want to call it that – I like them all.

I didn’t really use Istrid Horn, except in the final game.  She’s fun, but was a low priority on this specific team.

Volo was useful.  Until WizKids loses their minds and puts it on a 1-cost, 2-cost Attune is as good as it gets.  And that’s pretty good, especially when you add Pseudodragon to the mix.

Tashlyn Yafeera is a great addition to any team which involves using Gear.  When Tashlyn’s around, an equipped Captain EJ can be one scary dude.

Gear and Attune is actually an awkward partnership because of the way Gear stays in the Field Zone.  Unfortunately, I only realized this during the ‘pre-game warmup’, so to speak.  If I’d realized how that worked earlier I might have included Uncommon Rust Monster on the team, so I could send my own attached gear to my Prep Area, and field it again on the following turn.

There are a lot of BACs that count as gear.  I eschewed using them on this night because Tashlyn Yafeera affects both players, and I thought I might be facing other D & D teams, as Jourdo has made the cards from his Waterdeep advance copy available upon request to all players in the group.  That turned out not to be to the case.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

Son of L

P.S.  Happy New Year, Everyone.

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