Starro of the Show

If you tuned into SuperK’s Draw Everything Twitch Stream tonight, you will have seen that it was invaded by alien starfish. Starro the Conqueror made an appearance and decided to share with us puny humans his cards from the upcoming Kryptonite Crisis Dice Masters Set.

If you want to relive the magic, please check out the video on YouTube down below.  If reading is more your thing, jump below the video to see what Starro shared with us.  We’ll give you out quick hits as to the first impressions of the cards.  We encourage you to leave comments below or on the socials to let us know what you think of Starro the Conqueror.

The Common

We were already given this gem from previous spoilers.  The common card reads: “If you roll Starro at level 3, reroll Starro.  When Starro attacks, you may take control of up to 2 target Sidekicks your opponent controls.  They must attack (if able).”

The shenanigans is already strong with this card.  In fact, this card is what lead to the creation of the totally FUNnecessary Starro Tokens (check out the video for the details on those).  The question remained as to how useful would these tokens be with the other versions of Starro?

Turns out… fairly useful.  Wizkids leaned in hard with the theme of Starro and the other cards show that.

The Uncommon

Starro whipped out the green crayon to let us know that he had an uncommon card to show us.  The card reads: “When fielded, KO target opposing character die if your opponent controls more than 1 copy of that character die.”

The first thing to come to my mind when I saw this was how similar the ability was to House of Mystery.  That was a card that always looked fun, but never really saw the play.  Turn out that House of Mystery was the inspiration for this card (as confirmed in the Twitch chat).

This is a great situational removal die against Teams that want to wall up with multiple copies of a single character.  Staring down the wrong end of a wall of God Catchers or Becky’s?  Say goodbye to one of them just for fielding the starfish.  This card definitely has some potential on the right Team. 

But no tokens for this guy… we need to do better.

The Rare

The yellow stripe hit the stream with a cry from Starro.  This one reads: “When fielded, send Starro to the Used Pile.  Take control of target opposing character die until end of turn”

Hello new Rarecrow!  While not quite as good as his World’s Finest brother, this definitely has the same feel to it.  Instead of having to KO your die, you immediately punt it over to the Used Pile to grab whatever you want from the other side of the Field.  Any card that steals something from your Opponent is a great card in my book.

The challenge will be how you recycle Starro quickly to make use of this ability again and again.  I liked Rarecrow, and I can see myself liking this one quite a bit.  Also… more usage of the Starro Tokens!!!

The Super-Rare

We were happy with the three rarities, but that is not good enough for a being as powerful as Starro.  Starro demands four!

Yes… we have a super-rare card here too.  The red striped card reads: “When fielded, take control of target opposing character die until end of turn.”

Like the rare, you get to steal something from your Opponent.  Unlike the rare, you do not lose Starro to the Used Pile.  This guy may cost a little more, but the value is probably there.  As was talked about on stream, reaching for a 5 cost is not really that hard in Modern as it stands.  Mix in the upcoming Dark Phoenix Global and cost/recycling become a non-issue.  

This card is going to see some play.  Will it become a competitive staple?  Who knows?  I am excited to see what it can do though.

There you have it.  Starro came to us and instead of conquering, he shared some future spoilers with us.  Thank you Starro for not enslaving us on this night!  Starro is not the only one who deserves thanks though.  A huge thank you to the Team at Wizkids for allowing Starro to share these cards with us.  The biggest thanks has to go to Red Mage though.  Those Starro Tokens took on a life of their own and turned Starro into the Dice Masters star he deserves to be.  I don’t think we would have had a chance to share these without that.  Thank you.

What do you think of these Starro cards?  Does one catch your eye in particular?  What combos are you already starting to brew with?  Let us know in the comments below or on any of the socials at dmNorthTV.  You can also join the conversation on our Discord here.  Hoepfully we see the winner of the Great Dice Masters Boat Race soon, so we can play with these cards in person.

As always… Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

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