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A discussion in the Discord brought up a classic combination:  Infinite Giganta.  For those unfamiliar with the combination, it involves a few key pieces.  Robin – Teen Titans Team Leader and Giganta – Standing Tall are the centerpieces.

Robin is there for his card ability (the Global is nice, but not critical by any stretch for this Team).  You will need Robin and any other Teen Titans Affiliated character active in the Field.  You will also need a Teen Titans character die on an energy face in your Reserve Pool.

Once you have that in place, this is where the fun begins.  In addition to the above dice, you also need to have Giganta in the Field Zone, and ideally some way to give her Overcrush or make her unblockable (the choice is yours).

During your Main Step, you use Robin’s ability to spin up and down your Titans as many times as you want.  Note that his ability is not limited to once per turn.  As long as you meet the requirements, you are free to use the ability.  Each time one of your Titans are spun up, Giganta gets +1A/+1D.  Since you are in control of how many times this occurs, you can take her all the way up to infinity (hence the name Infinite Giganta).

You now attack with Giganta, who should have some way of getting her damage through, and win.  It is a bit convoluted to pull off as there are quite a few moving pieces, or at least it was.

After the conversation in Discord, I decided to revisit this combo, but this time I chose to throw in some of the newer tools from the toolbox to see if it could be made more consistent.

For reference, the first time I played this combo (back in 2017), this was the Team that I ran it with.  It worked, but it was hard to fire off in order to line up all the pieces when and where I needed them.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Infinite Giganta 2020.

Looking at the original build, I torched most of the Team.  Out went Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard, Cyborg, Darkseid, and Nefarious Broadcast.  That left the core of Robin, Giganta, Resurrection, and Pym Particles.

Robin and Giganta are obvious… because that is how the combo works.  Resurrection is Ramp and Bag Control, which is really key in this type of a Team.  Pym Particles is a one sided option to give Giganta Overcrush.  That was the win condition.

I said that I dropped Wonder Girl from that Team.  I still needed a cheap Teen Titan to replace her, so I subbed in Wonder Girl.  Really, the point of the swap was to have a 2 cost character on the Team.  That becomes important later.  I chose the blank version from Green Arrow/Flash because her Fist energy would play really well with the Giganta Global.

The first time that I ran this Team, the biggest weakness was have the Giganta Global used against me.  If both of my Teen Titans were at level 3, I could not make use of Robin’s ability.  For that reason, I swapped in The Atom.  He has the ability to self spin down when needed, which will make the earlier weakness a non-issue.  Also, his actual ability will help me remove some threats of the Field while I am getting set up.

Since I gave up Nefarious Broadcast, I still needed an option to protect Giganta from bounce back Globals like Bishtraction or Static Field.  Enter the newest player on the Team:  Istrid Horn.  I chose her because she is cheap enough to get and set up for when I need her.  She is also a one sided ability, so my Opponent will not have access to shutting things that I want off.

Now for the big players who really should make this Team rock.  Pym Particles, Wonder Girl, and Istrid Horn are all 2-cost characters.  With the Supreme Intelligence Global, I can move which ever of these that I need over to the Prep Area to set up the killing blow.

Last but not least, is Clayface.  We all know what the Global is here and how it works.  The key part of it is getting the Teen Titans die on the energy face.  Buying a cheap Wonder Girl is excellent Clayface fodder, and should not be difficult to do.  These two Globals combined should make the difficult part of the Team (lining things up) a lot more easier.

For my final BAC, I chose to go with Counterstrike.  A little extra Ramp is never a bag thing, but it can also help thin the Used Pile a bit before using Resurrection.  The action itself might even be helpful as I am using a few characters with the same Affiliation.

In a perfect situation, I buy a T1 Robin.  T2 Resurrection/Counterstrike and buy a Wonder Girl.  T3 is where I hope to get Giganta.  Then it is waiting for the stars to align.

Will the machine work better with a Modern tune up?  Let’s see how it ran.

Game 1:

Up against our resident youngster, who is still loving her gigantic Mystiques.  Everything followed the plan as outlined.  Robin, Wonder Girl, and Giganta were in the Field in no time.  Once Pym Particles hit, I used the Clayface/Wonder Girl trick to get my Titan die on energy.  Then I walked her through what happened.  After the game, I told her she needs to attack more with those Mystiques.  They get big fast and are a serious threat.  I told her to put more of her on the Team and just swing over and over.  She only had two dice, so I ran over to the singles area and grabbed two from UXM to round out her Team.  I hope she took my advice and started to smash face.


Game 2:

Good old “give me all your Keywords” Taskmaster.  He had Dwarf Wizard to cause some grief for me, but he had a difficult choice to make.  Leave Robin free and I can fire off the combo.  Leave Giganta free and she can hit hard.  Leave Atom free and he can cause some damage.  A difficult choice indeed.  Again, it did not take so long to get the pieces in place.  This time I did need Atom for some protection.  When Robin, Giganta, and Atom were sitting there, it was just waiting for Pym Particles to show up.  Atom removed Dwarf Wizard when he blanked Robin.  Atom was shut off the next time through.  The stars aligned to allow the cheap Wonder Girl to come in via Clayface when Pym Particles rolled.  Spin, spin, win.


Game 3:

Adventurers galore!  Volo was the big boy, but Dragonborn Sorceror with Thrown Brick proved to be the biggest problem for me.  Dragonborn Sorceror increases the damage of Thrown Brick making it a bit more effective in removing things with the increased damage, and an Attune assist.  I had no issue buying my pieces again, but did have some difficulty getting them out.  When I did manage to get parts out, I either missed the rolls that would end the game or he would remove one part of the puzzle with his tools.  I managed some board control myself with Atom, but eventually just ran out of numbers.  He had more than enough chip damage with Attune and lots of stats in the end.  The magic had ended on the night.



If you have never played the Infinite Giganta combination, I highly recommend trying it out at least once… and this updated version is one I would recommend over the original incarnation.  The core of Pym Particles, Robin, and Giganta are almost must includes on any version.  I guess you could substitute out something else for Pym Particles, but I like the one sided nature of it personally.

Clayface and Supreme Intelligence add so much to this Team.  It gives it the consistency that it lacked before.  Lining up the killshot was not that hard to do with these.  Rolling was a different story, but this is a dice game.

The Atom was just a superior substitution for any other Titan I had previously used.  His ability to spin himself down removed the biggest weakness I faced previously.  Even at a 4-cost, I was ok including him.

You could honestly use either version of the 2-cost Wonder Girl on this Team.  Cassie from War of Light might be the better choice to prevent targeting of your Titans.  In retrospect, after that last game I probably would consider making that switch.  However, the fist energy of Supergirl’s Gal Pal was valuable to power my Atom removal.  Tough choice honestly.

The pair of Resurrection and Counterstrike consistently got me a Giganta on Turn 3.  I think this was a great combination for this Team.

Istrid Horn, while not purchased once, was still invaluable to have in the event of a threat to my combat damage Team.

Overall, this was a much improved version of the Infinite Giganta combo.  The new tools took something that was a little clunky and turned it into a more consistent machine.  I still feel it is on the janky side to be be considered competitive, but it could surprise people how much better it can run now.

Would I play this Team again?  No.  Not because it was not fun, but more because the experiment has been completed.  The new stuff makes it better.  There is nothing more to prove with this Team.

Having said that… how do you feel about the 2020 version of Infinite Giganta?  What changes would you make to make it even better?  Cassie Sandsmark or Supergirl’s Gal Pal?  Let us know is the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo


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