Something Good, Something Bad?

A little bit of both?

There was nothing fancy this week.  We were expecting some newer players this week, so I decided to make something just fun and goofy.  Nothing crazy or mean.  Watching some of the matches of the current Two Team Takedown Tournament, I was really liking Ben Scott’s Guardians Team.  I decided to go all in on the affiliation based Team of these misfits.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Guardians of the Galaxy

I guess there were a few win-con options here.  Call Out/Overcrush, direct damage from Yondu, board clear from Rocket could all be used here.  I decided to stay 100% to affiliated characters for the rest of the build.

Starhawk was a big piece here as he could buff himself and whatever Guardian I fielded that turn.  Star-Lord was to control how the Team was blocked by granting Call Out to everyone.  Gamora was chosen because her ability combined with Call Out made her a little more effective.  Block her, or pay life.  Your choice.

With Call Out as a key ability here, Overcrush became a no brainer here.  By adding this to the BAC pool, I decided to add in some defensive options.  Cosmo was chosen to allow the big hitters through and Nova Prime was put in there to prevent their Overcrushing characters from hurting me.

Groot was there to mitigate a little bit of damage and because Groot.  Resurrection was the final ad because this Team requires way too much energy, mostly due to fielding costs.

Game 1:

I was up against Tri-Cat control here, with a nice sprinkling of Kobold Traps and Battle Stacks.  I got an early level 3 Starhawk and Star-Lord out with some Sidekicks and decided to swing for 16 damage.  I joked that I would never get them out again.  Tri-Cat hit and I could not roll anything but level 3 characters for the rest of the game.  My early lead evaporated quickly.


Game 2:

Son of L was not allowed to enter the TOTM, but he decided to showcase his Loki build tonight.  I won’t spoil the details on the build, as I suspect he will write it up.  It was brutal when it hit.  I know I made a fatal error in this game.  I had the chance to take out Loki, but chose to pass on the opportunity and forgot about a little surprise he had in the bag.  I died as a result, but probably still would have died eventually.


Game 3:

Jimmy Olsen and a bunch of Iron Will Supers.  Rocket was amazing in this match.  The body count of Supers and Jimmy that the little guy took out was incredible.  Iron Will was no match for the Raccoon.  However, overall the Guardians could not keep up with the Kryptonians.  They did put up more of a fight than I expected though.  I made some mistakes this game as I forgot to attack with Gamora and Starhawk when I had some chances.  Also, Yondu DID NOT ROLL until what turned out to be my last turn.




This was just a “for fun” Team.  I built something that could be fun to play, but was not overly horrible against new players.  It is not a strong build, but has some pieces that are decent.

Efficiency was not really built into this as the fielding cost of this Team are crazy.  Call Out is still one of my favourite “under utilized” Keyword abilities out there.  I feel it needs more love, as there is so much potential here.

The star of the show was Rocket though.  His ability is absolutely amazing.  Especially when combined with Starhawk.  Rocket was immediately buffed by 2A and when he got KO’ed, and he would generally take a couple characters with him.

This little rodent needs some more attention on a better build.  The Starhawk buff definitely makes him a little nastier, but it is not 100% necessary.  I will be looking at him again.

So, not the most exciting build here.  I wanted to take it easy this week and not scare away new players.  I’ll work on something more efficient for the next build.

Do you have any good ideas on how to make this little Raccoon work?  Share them in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!

– jourdo


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