Site Update

You know when you have that “to-do” list and you keep putting it off?  Well, I finally decided to take that monkey off of my back.  There are many features that I have been meaning to update on the site and this past weekend, I got around to doing that.

It is stuff that has either been in the works for the longest time, or content that was just not well displayed originally.  Either way, I hope you find the content updates enjoyable!

– jourdo

Major Changes:

  • The image gallery section has been removed completely.
  • A custom card collection category has been added to the main menu.  Here you will find all of the cards that we have created over the years.  It is divided into a somewhat logical order.
  • Our playmat designs have also been added to the main menu.  These are mats we have designed ourselves and wanted to share with the community.
  • The online set-up images (aka the article version of MOD Cribz) has been moved to the online play section of the site.  It just made more sense to have those there.
  • The misc images that were found in the original image gallery have been sprinkled in the sections that make more sense.
  • We’ve also reorganized the main menu to put things in a better location.  Including an actual home for the World’s and National Tournaments.

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