As we get closer to Christmas, this was originally supposed to be a “Chaos” event, but with the new D&D set delayed, we decided to continue the Legacy League for 2 more weeks. With the size of our ban list, I decided to see if Turtles could somehow sneak in some wins. By the end of it, I must admit, I was rather…


The Team:  Let’s see if Turtles can work.

Format: Legacy League (all winning cards banned, including BACs)

So, if I want Turtles to win, I need to discount their purchase costs, especially with how little ramp we have left (keep in mind, we’re at Week 19 of our league at this point!). I threw in April (the obvious choice in this regard), and made two of my four Turtles into further discount power as well.

To win, I went for, again, a fairly obvious choice in Metalhead; he makes all other Turtles unblockable, which, with enough Turtles, should be enough to win the game. This means that for my other two Turtles characters, I went with the cheaper, more aggressive versions available.

Two things were pretty clear, though: I needed to deal with their fielding costs, and I needed to deal with my lack of ramp and churn. For their fielding costs, I included Whoever Assemble!, in the hopes that I could roll it when needed. It also made for another 2-cost, which is good to have in a pinch. I also threw in the Groot global. This was an experiment, as I’d been looking at that global for a while. Maybe throwing a Metalhead in the bag could be a way to set up a game-winning turn.

As for the last card on the team, I needed a 3-cost, and I needed some way to defend myself. So I threw in Cold Gun, hoping it would help. Note that I went for the uncommon because the rare version is already banned.

And with all of that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

I got a bye to start the evening. Nothing to see here.


Game 2:

For my first real game, let’s go up against Immortals, that had the one piece of ramp I really needed: Heimdall. So sure enough, I took advantage. However, I just wasn’t rolling the energy I needed; despite April being active, I was stuck buying all 3 Michelangelo dice due to bad rolls. I was just charging in with him and dealt a fair bit of damage. My opponent got R Loki out to shut out Michelangelo, but at that point, I managed to get some other turtles alongside Metalhead. Despite taking a fair bit of damage, I managed to do a big Metalhead attack to deal the remaining damage and win.


Game 3:

I went up against a Cable/Hope + Angela Infiltrate team. Honestly, that team was way too reliable to still be legal. I had a bit of bad luck in my rolls, but even if I had perfect rolls, it wouldn’t have mattered; his team ran like clockwork and dealt me 8 damage (Hope+Widow+Angela), then 8 damage (same), then way too much (Hope+Widow+Angela+Cable) for the win. His team got banned this time, and honestly, good riddance.


Game 4:

I finished off the evening against the Warriors Three. It was going to be a matter of who could set up their win condition first. A few missed rolls completely messed up my pace (April not showing up when needed), and she was using the 5-cost Bloat Drone to empty my field every turn. When you constantly have to field your characters every turn, there will be times you miss your rolls, not to mention that the Turtles’ fielding costs stopped me from being able to buy what I needed if I didn’t happen to roll a Whoever Assemble at the same time. So my pace was completely all over the place, and she just had to take her time, set up, and charge in with the Warriors Three.



-The clearest issue was, predictably enough, lack of ramp and churn. With how far we are in our legacy league, you have to go out of your way to get enough ramp. This team didn’t have that, plain and simple. Relying on Whoever Assemble! for ramp is not worthwhile; if you’re ramping with it, you haven’t fielded anything. This means you’re probably in deep trouble.

-Groot rarely had any relevance through the evening. Having enough energy to buy a die, field what I had, and put another die in the bag was a luxury I simply couldn’t afford on most occasions, even with Whoever Assemble around. I would’ve needed to roll more dice for this to work.

-On Whoever Assemble!: It was useful-ish…but I ended up buying too many of it due to a lack of better options (e.g. not rolling the right type of energy). Rolling 3 copies of that die on the same turn alongside a character is not the most fun feeling.

-On both of my losses, I tried to use Cold Guns to mitigate my opponents’ onslaught. It worked for a time, but I didn’t have the churn to get back my Cold Guns quickly. So it ended up merely delaying the inevitable.

-I could blame some lack of luck for my results as well, but honestly, my team wasn’t set up to react well to a missed roll; I only have myself to blame.

Overall…not my favourite team. Jourdo’s timeless advice still holds true here. I know my team wasn’t full Turtles, but it was close enough that I can confidently say…Never go full Turtles. Just don’t.

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