Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 3)

What Did You Build?

Super Rare: Thor: Jormungand’s Fear
The Team: Avengers? Ha, Fetch me a Beer, I can do this all by myself….

The second card I was assigned from Infinity Gauntlet, was Thor – Jormungand’s Fear.  This is my Modern build that I came up with that I think would be fun to take for a test ride…

The Thor card states that While Thor is active, when you field a character die, deal 2 damage to target character die or player.

So basically this build needs to get a lot of characters in the field, and for each one I field, I will deal 2 damage to my opponent. In the past there was a Jubilee Super Rare that did 1 damage when a Sidekick was fielded and was competitive so you know this card will be a Meta card going forward (Even if Black Widow Agent shows up)

My thoughts on a team was how to control my opponent, but in the same time field as much as I can. Attacking isn’t the biggest thing on this team, but I will want to refield as much as I can.

A perfect compliment to Thor is a WWE card we all know about in Lita(Fan Favorite). When she is active, you can turn all sidekick dice into Sidekicks. with her and Thor in the field, that is automatically 8 damage when you roll 4 sidekick dice… Crazy.

Thor is a 6 cost and will take a few turns to get him going. I would have had Rare Moon Knight on the team but Thor is not an Avenger here. My way to get Thor cheaper is the Kree Captain Global. (Warmonger) card welcome to the build.

Professor X(To Me, My X-men) – I added this card for the global. Once I have Thor purchased, he will not have much use as the masks will be used for another Global I am bringing on this team.

Intellect Devourer(Deadly Puppet Master) does a double duty on this team, as it will allow me to spindown a sidekick to a fist for the KCG, but also will allow me to spindown a sidekick I field with Lita to refield using the Global on my next card.

The Collector(Stolen Cosmic Cube) – Aaah, the old Sidekick maker global. He definitely helps on this team, and will be interesting how much damage I can do with just fielding sidekicks each game.

Psylocke(Reforming X-Force) – This team build requires a lot of masks for the globals. Psylocke is the perfect low fielding cost card I need. If she rolls, great i have a cheap character, but if not I will use them for globals.

Clayface – (Restless) I added and can be a pivot card for this build. It will just allow me to spend a mask to potentially get 2 masks with Psylocke on the team.

The 2 Basic Actions are:
Static Field – As I want to keep my Thor and Lita on the field, but also is there to defend against larger threats.

CounterStrike – I like this BAC and the extra prep can help me when Lita is in the field.

This definitely looks like a team you should try. It wont be super fast though compared to God Catcher or Becky, but with the Static Field global it will slow your opponent down a little and just might be enough to do tons of damage in refielding…

Other cards to add to this team to make it more serious:

Kang(Time Duplicates) – To Minimize large damage from your opponent with a global ability.
Big E(Powerlifter’s Physique)– You are only doing 2 damage at a time, so Big E will stop your opponents bigger threats

And there you have it folks, this concludes the “Seeing Red” series for the Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet set. With the set coming out on Wednesday July 22, we’re all red-dy (pun absolutely intended) to crack some packs.

If you did miss Part 1 and Part 2 of the Seeing Red series, you can read them here:
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Now, I can already hear some people ask: “Aren’t there 16 super-rares in this set? Why do we just have 12 teams in this series?” You’re absolutely right. So for the remaining four, we will turn things over to you, the reader!

We challenge you to build the meanest, funniest or craziest team around each of the following super rares:

Make it Modern, Golden, Global Escalation, whatever you feel like! Share your creation in the comments below or over on Facebook, and show us what you’ve got.

We definitely want to come back to this series for future collectable sets. Dark Phoenix Saga, anybody? In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments below. Not only for the four super rares left, but for the other twelve: what do you guys think of this series? Did you think of a killer combo that we missed with these super rares? Can someone actually make use of that super rare Ms. Marvel? Let us know! And in the meantime, keep on rolling.

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