Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 3)

With an Infinity Gauntlet challenge to the entire DM North Crew, I was randomly assigned 2 super-rares to build with.  One of these were to be used in a Modern build, and the other was to be a Golden build.  I was very lucky to pull probably two of the best Super Rares in the set. I got the Spider-man and the Thor, so I went with a simple build for both, and there is lots of wiggle room for people to get creative.  Here’s what I went for.

What Did You Build?

Super Rare: Spider-Man: Superior Team-Up
The Team:
My Spidey Senses Remind Me There is no I in TEAM….

My First team I will build is a Golden team around the Super Rare Spider-man – Superior Team Up.  When this card was spoiled, everyone knew where it was going.
A 3 Cost Spiderman that has very low fielding costs, that gains all other affiliations?? Peter Parker can do everything by myself… What a team player…

I am sure there will be a nasty team with other card abilities that can make a build even worse that what I came up with below, but what I have created is a bares bones requirement of cards.
I’m sure everyone thought I should have gone with a blank team up? But instead I wanted to go with a simple build, so insert all my 6/7 costs with low cost blank cards. (Be sure to include Pip the Freaking Troll as well)

My team really requires only 3 cards for it to be Nasty. so with that lets get to the build:

The Star to this team is the Super Rare Spider-man (Superior Team Up) – He gains all other affiliations of all the character cards on your team.
Not having an affiliation himself means you have 7 other cards to gain as many different affiliations you need.
I believe there will be a massive team that can get Spiderman up to 15 affiliations but with this build I really only require 8-9 to do the lethal OTK.
the goal is simple, I need 1 Spiderman and a sidekick to get lethal. There are a couple support members needed.

Madame Web(The Great Web Unravels) – She will be the Enabler for simple damage, and with her in the field, everything will need to block her, and why I only require a Spiderman and a sidekick to do the lethal damage with Team up.

Basic Action Team Up – This Basic Action when rolled will give all my characters attack and defence to the number of Affiliations minus 1. Spiderman alone will be all I need in the field.

The next three pieces are for support.  Making Sidekicks, Getting Action Dice Cheaper and getting 2 energy for 1 are great for this build.

Red Dragon(Lesser Dragon) – Thor can be in here, but why not deal a damage when you can to discount the Team up Die?

Professor XNo More Magnus! – Simply here to give me sidekicks. I don’t care if opponent is fielding for defence, as Madame Web will force everything to block her.

ClayfaceRestless – While this global is for both us us, it will give me more energy and a faster potential field I needed.Plus he counts for 2 affiliations.

The Remaining Three Pieces are just for affiliations. You already have 5 affiliations, so you just need a couple more when Spiderman and Team Up swing together. This is where you can add anything, but for me, since you aren’t going to purchase them, why not go as big as you can.

Logan Grimnar(Fangfather, or Andre the Giant as I call him)
Shazam – (Courage of Achilles) – This guy deserves to be on a meta team
Typhus – (Disgustingly Resilient) – I never have played this card ever…

I added Resurrection as the last Basic action, as if you buy something and use Clayface, you might have an extra energy so why not prep a die.

Other cards to add to this team to make it more serious:

Doomcaliber Knight (Fiendish Fighter) – For the Global so your characters wont be blinked back
Acererak (The Eternal)- If you think Scarlet Witch will showing up
Shriek (Sonic Beam) – to take care of something pesky.
Blank Characters – Because its fun winning with Blanks…

This is an easier build, as really this Super Rare Spider-man is mainly for Team up Teams. Outside of that, hes just a decent 3 cost character. Maybe there will be something in the works on the Spiderman Campaign Box, and if they do, its broken….

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