Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 3)

What Did You Build?

Super Rare:  Gamora: Requiem
The Team:
Requiem for the Rerolled

I didn’t get to build with the strongest SRs in the set. I guess they wanted to keep SR Thor as far away from me as they could. But again, with a bit of mental gymnastics and a lot of shenanigans, you can make something with this.
First things first: Gamora only gets to be useful when your opponent uses Energize. Which means you need three things: opposing characters with Energize; Energize abilities that you can benefit from when you trigger them; a way to trigger those Energize abilities yourself.

For the Energize abilities, I included The Spot and Star-Lord. If my opponent gets to name a character that I can’t block with, assuming I trigger this on my turn, it doesn’t hurt me. Likewise, Star-Lord’s Call Out will not hurt me if my opponent uses it on my turn. On the other hand, Gamora triggering them will give me beneficial effects, by making it harder (or impossible) for opposing characters to block.

But then, how do I give these Energize guys to my opponent? Prismatic Spray, of course. That’s an old-school classic, and it’s a 2-for-one. Give two characters, take two back. So take their two best characters, give them two characters with Energize.

But this means nothing if I don’t reroll those characters to trigger Energize. Enter Batman. He can allow me to reroll most of my opponent’s field. I added Pandora’s Box to add some flexibility; if I give The Spot to my opponent, I can make other characters into Villains with the Pandora’s Box global, so that I can reroll those with Batman too.

How the heck do I win, though? Well, I built two ways to win into this: The Riddler, which deals damage for everything my opponent rerolls, and Kree Captain (yes, again), so that I can take advantage of the fact that most of my opponent’s characters should be gone or unable to block (plus, I can buff my Kree Captains with the Pandora’s Box global!). Kree Captain also discounts Gamora, Riddler, Star-Lord, and Batman. He does way too much not to include him.

The other two cards in this team are utility: Anger Issues can really help if I trigger Star-Lord’s Call Out, giving Overcrush to whatever happens to be blocking a Kree Captain. And Professor X needs no introduction. He’s the best ramp you can use in Golden Age. Sadly, I can’t include other tools to make him more consistent in this team; the combo simply requires too many pieces as it is.

As for what this team tries to do, probably buy Spot, PXG, then Kree Captain, then three PXGs, then on Turn 3, buy Gamora and something else (land Kree on fists for his global), PXG for days, and keep setting up…you should be set (sort of) by Turn 6-ish. Again, this is something to take out on a casual night, but when it fires off, sparks fly.

As a side note, if you’re going to consider this, I just want to shine a light on what happens when you reroll opposing characters that you own: they don’t go to the Used Pile at the end of the turn. Per the section, “Capturing, Controlling, Copying and Swapping” of the rulebook (page 30 of the X-men Forever rulebook), “If the controlled die enters an ‘unrolled’ state (your Prep Area, Used Pile, etc.) then it immediately goes to your opponent’s Prep Area.”

Let me break down what it does on this team (swap “The Spot” with “Star-Lord” as needed; same concept applies):

  • I give you The Spot
  • I reroll The Spot with Batman
  • The Spot lands on energy, (hopefully) triggering Energize

The die should eventually go to the Used Pile (as spent energy or during Clear & Draw), but because you were controlling my die, it instead goes to my Prep Area, allowing me to roll it again next turn.

So yes, it’s shenanigans, it’s silly, it’s probably one of my more bizarre builds…but it would certainly be something if it fired off.

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