Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 3)

Welcome back to Seeing Red, the finale of the series. This was a series of articles that were published to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Gauntlet draft packs. Each of those articles will highlight some super rares from the set. We’ll build a team around it to best show off its assets, in Modern and Golden. But we’ll always try to have some fun with this.

We kick it off with ccm0007 and then with Reg.

What Did You Build?

Super Rare:  Bullseye: Accuracy
The Team:
Harley’s Assassins

Yeah, OK, I know, he’s not going to be on a Nationals or Worlds championship team anytime soon. But he’s far better than he first appears. Especially if you like shenanigans.
We already know Bullseye is in. His ability allows you to split damage among 3 different characters. What’s the best way to take advantage of this? Doing more damage, of course. Domino and Turk Barrett fill that function. While they’re active, if I use Bullseye’s Energize ability, my opponent’s characters take more damage. And if my opponent likes to play with beefier characters, Seething Corruption turns that damage into KO’s. (EDIT: As someone pointed out over on Facebook, with respect to Seething Corruption, this is only true if I trigger Bullseye during the main step. This would have to be used with the Harley Quinn shenanigans below if I want to KO opposing characters that way)

While removal’s fun, though, I need a way to win. This is where Kree Captain comes in. As he’s a cheap villain character, who gets bigger as I get more villains, he makes for a nice beatstick. He also makes Bullseye cheaper, which is a bonus. Deadpool is there to complement this. He’s also discounted by Kree Captain, and he can make everyone hit just a little harder. Not to mention that he triggers Domino when you roll him on double energy.

Energize is all well and good, but…I want to be able to repeat it. One of the biggest weaknesses of Energize is that if you normally roll him on double energy, sure you get an Energize trigger, but the die goes to the Used Pile, so you don’t get it back for a few turns.

To address this, I tried to add two types of fun shenanigans. First up, Atlantis. Roll Atlantis alongside Energize characters, trigger Energize, spend one of the two energy, then put the die in Prep with Atlantis to do it again the next turn! Not to mention that the global is handy to thin your bag if the action doesn’t land. (EDIT: Several people said that you cannot use Atlantis on a partially-spent die. There is no rule or ruling that I’m aware of on this; you’re forbidden from rerolling partially-spent dice, but I found no source to justify stopping any other interactions with partially-spent dice. I will submit this to the Rules Forum. In the meantime, I suggest you clarify how your local TO intends to rule this if you intend to use this interaction.)

But that’s not all! I also added Harley. Yes, that Harley. With the Nihiloor global to trigger her. See, Energize doesn’t care when you roll the die, or where it goes after. So if I trigger Harley, and reroll everything, what happens if Bullseye lands on double energy? Energize. And then he’s KO’d for it to happen again next turn.

Oh, and if Domino happens to survive Harley’s effect, she triggers again (per die!), and that’s more damage. Not to mention that Harley’s ability will KO some of my opponent’s characters too, meaning Bullseye will then pick off any stragglers. There are so many ways that this can go wrong, but so many ways it can go right.

And for my last card, I threw in Villainous Pact, primarily because of the global. Ramp and bag fixing is quite important in this, especially if you’re stuck having to do Energize normally and have to rely on drawing the die again before triggering Energize. The action’s a nice backup plan too.

So what’s the plan? Early on, buy Domino and Kree Captain, ramp with Villainous Pact. T3, aim to get Kree Captain on energy, which you use to trigger his own global to buy Bullseye, and begin the shenanigans. Keep on buying pieces to trigger more removal and shenanigans until you get to swing into a big enough field with a small enough number of blockers to win. Definitely something that can surprise unprepared players on a casual night.

So that’s the first character I’ve built with. What other SR do we have here?

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