Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 2)

What Did You Build?

Super Rare: Loki: Hero
The Team:
Double double your refreshment. Double double your enjoyment. No single…wait what?

Loki: Hero reads “When fielded, spin up to two target opposing character dice to energy faces (of your opponent’s choice). If the combined purchase cost was greater than 6, lose 3 life. (Sidekick dice are considered to have a purchase cost of 0.)”. At first reading this card, I was like “meh”. How am I going to build a team around this card and make it shine? But then, reading it again, it became a love/hate relationship. Love, that he can force up to two characters to spin down to energy faces for your opponent. Hate, they get to choose and if they pick total purchase cost 6, I lose 3 life but Love, if they do that, there goes some heavy hitters. How to make this impact full?

For ramp, I went with everyone’s favourite, an oldie but goodie, Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants. If I am ramping a lot with PXG, I can use Rip Hunter global to prep the first die I purchase. I thought, why not double this effect and try and clear their board?

Enter one of my favourite cards, Absorbing Man: Ol’ Ball and Chain, which when he is active, “when a “when fielded” effect is used, you may use a copy of it.”. I field Loki and can use his ability twice, having potentially 4 opposing characters on their energy face. Let’s keep this double dose going and take advantage of the ‘when fielded’ copying. I remember there was a card that deals 1 damage to the opponent depending how much energy they have in the field, I had to ask Jocelyn and she told me it was Noxious Blightbringer: Tocsin of Misery and the best part, Noxious is a ‘when fielded’ too, double damage.

Also, there was a card that steals the energy from the opponents reserve pool, Elf something?, oh right…Elf Thief: Lesser Harper, “When Elf Thief is fielded, you may use one energy from your opponent’s Reserve Pool.”. With Loki spinning down characters to energy, then I can deal them damage for that and elf steals one energy (or more if I fielded multiple Elf’s). It would help to get more Loki’s purchased (hopefully). If I end up clearing the opponents field, I would be attacking with the ‘when fielded’ characters.

I put Bizarro: Less Than Perfect on for the global that allows you to switch a characters A and D. If Loki does go through for damage, I would use the global to switch his A and D as his defence stat is higher then his attack at 5/6/7. Potentially, if possible use the Energy Field BAC global to spin down a characters to spin him up on his higher level. If there are still characters in my opponents field and if possible, I can use Energy Field global to spin him up to level 3 (if not already) and use Bobby Heenan: The Brain to make him unblockable. Bobby is a ‘when fielded’, I can do this twice targeting another character if on level 3 (if the ruling works that way). That just leaves one spot left for a BAC and to be honest I couldn’t think of anything, so I went with another fav, Power Bolt that deals 2 damage to a character or player.

I wanted to focus on the SRs for these builds that were randomly assigned to me and I think I got it to work. I am actually excited to play these teams (one day) to see if it actually works out. The only cards I stayed away from was control pieces as this was meant to focus on the key SR and make it shine and have some fun.

Keep It Rollin’,

Leave us some comments below on your thoughts about these cards, these builds, and what you might do differently if you were building these teams!  We really would love to hear your thoughts…and stay tuned for the next instalment or Seeing Red soon!

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