Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 2)

The two Super Rare cards that were randomly selected for are She-Hulk: Astral Planar and Loki: Hero. I was excited to get She-Hulk cause I must say, I love me some over crushing! and it’s a pretty easy build come Modern. Loki was a bit of a “hmmm…”

What Did You Build?

Super Rare: She-Hulk: Astral Planar
The Team:
 Energize This

She-Hulk: Astral Planar reads “Energize – Target character die gets +2A and gains Overcrush. You may also spin this die to its level 1 character face.” at a 6 cost. My first thought was getting her cheap as I can and then finding a character at about 4 cost that has some beefy stats to apply her ability on. Before we get into the team building process, let me remind you what Energize keyword is, “Whenever you roll this die on one of its double energy faces, you must use its Energize effect (this isn’t optional). During the Roll and Reroll Step, only check at the end of the Step. The character with Energize does not need to be active for the ability to trigger.” This team hugely relies on rolling She-Hulk on double energy to have her Energize ability go off.

I put Kree Captain on the team mainly for the global to lower the cost of She-Hulk (and any other characters I need). For ramp, I put on Professor X which allows you to prep up to sidekicks from your used pile using a mask energy. The goal would be on turn 2 to use the Professor X global and turn 3 buying a She-Hulk. I also put on Intellect Devourer for the global to fix any sidekicks to an energy that I need, if I run into an issue of needing energy. You probably noticed on this team, there are a lot of globals!. They all help, I promise. The ramp, fixer and cost reduction are in place. Now for that beefy character to get the 2A+ and overcrush.

I wanted something new that didn’t have overcrush already as an ability (sry Becky, not this time). The first character that caught my eye was from the Infinity Gauntlet set, Black Swan: The Cabal which reads, “While Black Swan is active, if you use an Energize ability gain 1 life.”. Bonus, I can gain a life if She-Hulk rolls on a double energy face and her stats are good at 4/4, 5/5 and 6/6. Hopefully using Kree Captain global, can buy her first turn. If all goes well, I would target Black Swan with She-Hulk’s Energize ability and giving her the +2A and overcrush. But I think she can get more beefy. I added Eddie Guerrero: I Cheat which has tag out, “After blockers are declared, you may Prep this die from the Field Zone to give target character die +2A and +2D until end of turn.”. What’s over crush without doing some major damage?

I put two BAC’s to help with this, Booker T global, that forces a character to block and Jerry Lawler global, to double that over crush damage. I also put The Spot: Phase Shift (also from Infinity Gauntlet set) on the team which his ability fits well on this team. He also has an Energize ability that “Energize – Target character die can’t block this turn.”. If he is rolled on his double energy on the same turn She-Hulk rolls double energy, I can use his ability to stop a beefy defensive character on my opponent team from blocking.

And last but not least, you’re probably wondering why I have Nihiloor: Plotting on the team?. It’s for the global. If I run into an issue where I do change She-Hulk to level 1 face and field her (the second half of her ability), then attack, I don’t want to have her get stuck in the field, I would use Nihiloor global to KO her OR since its a ‘may’ affect, I can leave her on double energy, she would then go to the used pile. I would have to be mindful of bag management as I would want her to come back around fast again. If she does get stuck in the field and I happen to purchase another She-Hulk and roll on double energy, I can target the She-Hulk in the field. 

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