Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 2)

What Did You Build?

Super Rare: Doctor Strange: Trusting In Destiny
The Team: 
Am I still building a team around a SR if it’s all about the Force Attack?

OK, so this is not the greatest Super Rare out there…but it’s also not the worst one.  Either way, I struggled building this team.  I tried to stay true to the ability on the card, but really, I think it’s more effective to build around his Global Ability.  So I did both on the same team.

Doctor Strange reads: “While Doctor Strange is active, when you field an Infinity Watch character die, you may reroll target character die.”  He also has a Global Ability: “Pay mask. Target character die must attack this turn.”

Doctor Strange is a 6 cost, so he’s not the easiest to get to in a Modern build.  I decided to use Walk With Elias for the Global Ability, allowing me to prep 2 sidekicks, to help mange my bag and give me more energy to roll.  I also added in Kree Captain: Warmonger, for his Global Ability purchase discount.  I added in a couple of cheap Infinity Watch characters (Pip the Troll: In Search of Warlock and Black Widow: Running in the Shadows) so that if I field them, I can target dice to be rerolled.

Then I decided, if I’m targeting dice for rerolling, I might as well punish my opponent for that and added on The Riddler: Creature of Pure Pride.  While The Riddler is active, my opponent will take 2 damage for each die rerolled outside their clear and draw step.  This is how I built the team based on Doctor Strange’s ability.  It’s not super effective – I need two active 6 cost characters, then a bunch of affiliated characters to field, and I have a team that includes a force attack Global, which my opponent could use to clear out these active characters.

So the rest of the team is built around the force attack Global, and to be honest, it’s probably more effective.  The idea is that I would get a Venerable Dreadnaught in my field, and then use the Stormboyz Global to give an opposing die the Range ability.  (Stormboyz can also double as removal, since he has the Intimidate keyword.)  Then, I use Doctor Strange’s force attack Global on that same die.  My opponent must attack, both of our Range will trigger, and I will hopefully KO a bunch of their field, leaving it fairly open for me to walk across on my next turn.  I added in the new The Collector for the sidekick fielding Global, which in turn gives me more Range power…the more characters I have in the field, the more Range I can achieve.  Finally, I threw on Wallop, also primarily for the Global Ability, which says that a blocked character die deals no damage…but if I happen come up against some Godcatcher tokens, I can use the action to KO them.

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