Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 1)

Golden Team:  Hulk Unchecked Anger SR team.

So I have SR Hulk for my Golden team.  His ability is a when he KO’s ability, and it’s a burst ability.  He does have two burst faces, on Levels 1 and 2, which simplifies things a little bit.

Now, everything Hulk KO’s with combat damage goes to the Used Pile instead of Prep.  Is there any way I can use him to KO multiple opposing character dice at the same time?

Well, there are some ways, particularly in Golden, to force several opposing character dice to block one specific character.  Doom Lance pops to mind, even if it’s still Modern, but I had other ideas in mind for my BACs, so I opted for the Rare Madame Web instead.

Of course, Madame Web’s ability forces all opposing characters to block her, not Hulk.  But I can fix that by swapping in a Hulk for a Level 1 or 2 Madame Web.  Which is why Misdirection is on the team.

The other two (or three) die swapping cards were rejected because Polymorph/Mutation has a global that my opponent could potentially use to spin Hulk up to his (non-burst) Level 3 face and the old OP Teleport card has a */** condition for spinning up the new character die, resulting in essentially the same problem.

Now, the higher Hulk’s A, the more opposing character dice he can knock out (assuming he can get engaged with them).  So I added common Jarnbjorn, that allows the user to double a target character die’s printed A.  And the Avengers ID Card that gives Avengers +2A and +2D.

Also 1-cost Poxwalkers, mostly to be used to fuel Hulk’s pump global.

Eddie Guerrero: I Steal is on this team because Static Field exists and people do put it on their teams.  Hulk won’t be  KO’ing anything if Static Field is used on him before combat damage is resolved.

To fill out the rest of the team I used the old Red Dragon from BFF, mostly to make buying Jarnbjorn dice a little bit cheaper with the global.  I used the UC, because if things go haywire and I end up buying the die, I’ve always liked the flexibility of being able to pay for the Breath Weapon with Life instead of energy.

Atlas went on the team for a ramp option, and I used The Kevin Owens Show as my second BAC.  I wanted to see if I can use it to help buy a 6-cost card in a timely manner.

So, the short-term objective is to get a Madame Web in my field with the 2 energy to trigger her ability, a Hulk die in my Used Pile and Misdirection on its action face.  Oh, and Madame Web cannot be on Level 3.  That should allow me to send a good portion of my opponent’s field to his Used Pile, escpecially if I can take advantage of the various means of buffing Hulk’s A that were included.  Hopefully, this will allow me to swing for big damage on the follow up turn.

And that’s my Golden Team.

To be candid, I’m not exactly wowed by either team.  I would categorize both of these SRs as support cards, and making support cards the primary focus of a team is not usually a winning strategy.

Still, given the limitations I was working with I don’t think either team is exactly terrible either.

Thanks for reading.

Son of L



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