Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 1)


Build a team around one of the new Infinity Gauntlet Super Rares, they told me.  Then do it again with one of the others.  Except make one Modern and one Golden.

The SRs I had to choose from were Star-Lord: Power Gem and Hulk: Unchecked Anger.

I chose to use Star-Lord for the Modern team.  Why?  Mostly because it’s cheaper, which means there’s a slightly greater chance anyone who tries to run the resulting team will be able to do something useful before the opponent’s Becky Lynch comes along and smashes their face in.

What Did You Build?

Modern Team:  Star-Lord SR team.

So, I need to build a team to make use of an Energize ability.  As such abilities go it’s a decent one, giving +2A to (up to) two target character dice, but triggering Energize, at least when it will be useful, can be tricky.

You need the double energy face, of which there are two on the die.  So with the second chance in the Roll and Reroll step. I have about a 56% chance of rolling the double fist if that’s what I’m specifically looking for.  Or looking at it the other way, a 44% chance of missing.  We’ll come back to this later.

Given that Star-Lord ability buffs the A of two targets, that meant going with either an Overcrush or an unblockable team, since increasing the A of a non-Overcrush character who is going to be blocked doesn’t accomplish anything of meaning.

After some thought, I decided that meant I’d revisit the Poxwalker-Parasite combo.  Use Star-Lord’s ability to buff both Poxwalker and Parasite, then add Parasite’s A to Poxwalker, and you’re dealing 7 damage, minimum.

Any unblockable team needs a counter to Static Field, and Eddie Guerrero: I Steal isn’t a viable option here, given that Poxwalker must attack alone to be unblockable.  Istrid Horn: Moneylender welcome to the team.

Since “I Steal” wasn’t an option, I included the “I Cheat” version of Eddie Guerrero.  Tag Out can give me both extra damage and ramp at the same time, and as a 2-cost “I Cheat” is the cheapest Tag Out character in the game.

The Rare Rocket Raccoon from IG is a 3-cost with an Awaken ability that allows me to reroll a die in my reserve pool.  So I included him as a backstop against that 46% chance of missing the Energize trigger on Star-Lord in the Roll and Reroll step.  And since I need a way to trigger Rocket, Zatanna: Magical Lineage goes on the team for her global.

The last character card on the team is Xanathar: Paranoid Tyrant mostly for his Prep global.  To be honest, this is the card most likely to be replaced.

As for BACs, with four 2-cost characters on the team, Big Entrance looked like a good idea to me.  For the other I went with the new Focus BAC from IG where the appear to have taken the action ability from the old Focus Power and added a spin down global.    Both are potentially useful to me in either triggering Rocket’s Awaken ability or spinning him down from Level 3 so it can be triggered down the road.

So, I start by buying Big Entrance, than buy Poxwalker and Parasite.  Buy a Rocket and probably some Eddie Guerreros.  Buy Star-Lord, when I pull him trigger his Energize ability and attack (alone) with a heavily buffed unblockable Poxwalker.

Doing that twice should get me to 20 damage, or very close to it.

Continue to the next page to see my Golden build.

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