Seeing Red: Infinity Gauntlet (Part 1)

What Did You Build?  The Golden Take

The Team:  Notice a Theme Here?

Black Widow was my other assigned card for this task.  Since I ate up my Modern build with Thanos, she would fall into Golden.  Her ability looks to be about getting pumped by fists.  For that to work, I want to focus on cheap fist characters to maximize said pump.

Sticking with the Infinity Gauntlet set, I went to Wong: Second Rate Jarvis.  He is a cheap fist, but has a cool ability the synergizes with masks.  If you pay a mask to field him, you can reroll an opposing character.  Potential removal is always a good thing.  I really like how both of these cards work off of the energy of the other.  This is a really interesting mechanic that Wizkids is experimenting with.

So I have my Widow and a way to make her bigger… but what do I do with that?  The choices are either make her unblockable or give her Overcrush.  Ideally, I want multiple Widows out in my Field, so Overcrush is the obvious choice for me here.  You know what is a really cool Golden card that grants Overcrush and works well with Fists?

One of my personal favourite cards from Green Arrow/The Flash set.  Gorilla Grodd gives everything Overcrush.  If I can get the big guy out, and swing with Widows I could make my Opponent’s life a little difficult.  The big problem with this card is the purchase cost.  7 is a tough reach, so I need Ramp and discounts.

First enter Atlas for some decent bag control.  The Fist Global works well with what I am trying to do on this Team.  Kree Captain makes the cut for the Global, although the character is not bad in a pinch here.  Thrown Brick was thrown on the Team because I am going a little crazy on the Ramp engine and want to cycle things as much as possible.  To add to the Ramp craziness and increase the Fist quantity of the Team, I put on Poxwalker: Diseased Horde for some SwarmSwarm is one of those abilities that does not always work out for me, but I thought it might be worth a go here.

Ideally, I am aiming for combat damage here and Static Field makes my life difficult.  Going old school, I continued with the Fist synergies by including the Doomcaliber Knight Global.  This Global essentially shuts all of that stuff down for the low, low, price of one Fist.

Even though I have an ample supply of Fists on the Team, there is always the possibility of not having enough when I need it.  For that reason, the Clayface Global makes a necessary appearance in order to get those Fists when necessary.  It plays so well with the Kree Captain Global as well.

One spot left.  My whole Team is about doing Overcrush damage, so I went there…

Sorry… it just felt right here.  I don’t really feel good about it though.  You know what he does with Overcrush.  No explanation is really needed here.

So the goal is to load up my Field with Widows while Grodd is active.  Ideally, have a few Fists in reserve and send her across to my Opponent.  They block or they don’t.  Again, this one has not been tested yet… and probably will not make a live appearance.  At least not with Jerry.  Maybe some other tools though.  I like the idea of this Widow and really like how it may play off of this Wong.  Again, we shall see once these cards hit the wild.

Unintentionally, I built two Overcrush Teams in this challenge.  Thanos kind of tied my hands with his basic ability.  This version of Widow is just built for combat.  As always, I would love to hear what you think of these builds and what you would do differently.  However, before you do that, please continue down to the next page to see what Son of L had to work with.

– jourdo

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