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The Powers-That-Be at Wizkids have decided to dip into the well of questions from the Official Dice Masters Rules Forum.  This is what they have given us.

Let us know what you think of these rulings in the comments below.

Opponent’s Turn – Using Actions and Fielding Characters

Question: The interaction between the text on Samantha Wilson: Project Rebirth (“When Samantha Wilson is active, when you field a Sidekick die, draw and roll a die”) and certain Sidekick fielding globals such as the one on Professor X: No More, Magnus! (“Pay [mask]. Once per turn, field target Sidkick die in your Used Pile.”) raise some questions for me.

Normally, since a player clears unfielded characters at the end of his Main Step, and unused Action Dice on action faces during the Cleanup Step, he would only have energy in his Reserve Pool during his opponent’s turn. However, if Samantha Wilson’s ability is triggered during the opponent’s turn the player could end up with a die on an action or a character face in their Reserve Pool during the opponent’s turn.

If that happens, when they are passed priority during the opponent’s turn, is it legal for a player to
1) Use an Action Die?, or
2) Field a character from the Reserve Pool (by paying the fielding cost)?

Answer:  Great question! The rulebook doesn’t entirely cover this, the section on Rerolling dice says the following:

Many powers allow you to “reroll” a die. When you reroll a die, it stays in the same area it was unless (a) otherwise specified by the card text for the resulting face, or (b) it’s in a location that the die face cannot be (for example, an energy result in the field). If the die face cannot be in the specified location and its fate is not specified in the card text, move the die to the Reserve Pool.

In the case of Action dice or character dice being in the Reserve Pool when they can’t be there legally, they should be immediately moved to the Used Pile. This would cover cases like yours where a new die was rolled into your Reserve Pool, or cases where existing dice (like energy) in your Reserve Pool were rerolled to no longer be on Energy faces.

Billy Club and Daredevil

Question: Billy Club – Strike True says:

Deal 2 damage to target character die. */** If Daredevil is active, also deal 2 damage to another target character die or opponent.

Daredevil – The Good Kind of Noise says:

Daredevil deals double damage to *Mask* character dice.

Let’s say Daredevil is active when I roll a Billy Club. I deal 2 damage to a target character die. And since Daredevil is active, I choose a different *mask* character die to target. Does this do 2 damage to the *mask* die or is Daredevil’s ability triggered for 4 damage to the mask die?

Answer: Billy Club is still the source of the damage, so Daredevil’s text wouldn’t impact that damage (even if it would be thematic).

Hulk: Power of Attorney

Question: A question came up in a TMT draft about C Hulk: Power of Attorney. Hulk’s ability reads: “While Hulk is active, when a different character die you control is damaged, spin Hulk up 1 level. If you cannot, deal 2 damage to target opponent.” We are trying to figure out how many times the ability triggers from combat damage.

Suppose I have a Hulk in my field on the level 3 side. I attack with 3 sidekicks. My opponent blocks each sidekick with one sidekick of their own. How much damage will Hulk’s ability do to my opponent?

(A) Hulk triggers 3 times, one for each of my 3 sidekicks that was damaged, and a total of 6 damage is dealt to my opponent.
(B) Hulk triggers only 1 time because all combat damage is dealt simultaneously and a total of 2 damage is dealt to my opponent.

Answer:  Hulk will trigger 3 times, once for each other character die that was damaged, for 6 damage to your opponent.

Cake, Insect Plague, and Heist with an Empty Bag

Question: Create Food and Water states “Draw dice from your bag until you draw a non-NPC die or your bag is empty. Prep all dice drawn this way.”

How does Create Food and Water work if you use it while you have an empty bag and dice in your Used Pile? 

Do you:
a) Attempt to draw a die, but because your bag is empty, the effect immediately resolves and does nothing.
b) Refill your bag because you can draw a die and draw until your bag is empty again or you draw a non-NPC (non-sidekick die).
c) You cannot use the action because your bag is empty.
d) Some other option.

Answer: For both Create Food and Water and Insect Plague, the answer is (c). You would draw no dice because your bag is already empty, but you cannot use an action for no effect, and thus you would not be permitted to use either action at all in these circumstances.

Question: Does this ruling also pertain to the Heist basic action?

Answer:  Heist works differently – since it doesn’t draw a conditional number of dice, even if your opponent’s bag that you target is empty, they’ll refill their bag from their Used Pile in order to have dice to draw.


Question: The BAC momentum can it trigger boom boom if nothing is in your prep zone?

Answer:  No, because you can’t use an Action die for no effect (Momentum wouldn’t do anything). Further examples are here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=14062&p=31259

Nothing crazy here.  Excellent job as always Paul!

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  1. For any readers who might be wondering: Yes, the Opponent’s Turn Actions and Characters question was mine.

    It initially rose from my Spot the Allies team from Valentine’s Day 2018 with the Samantha Wilson in question and the Uncommon Spot. At least one of my opponent’s that night was in fact running new PXG that night. The situation the question referred to never actually came up in game, because I opted to not use that global unless my bag was full of Sidekick dice (in which case it gave me a little bit of extra churn) but it certainly got me wondering, hence my submitting the question.

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