Roll For The North: Aftermath

This past weekend, we ran the “unofficial” Canadian National Championship online that we named Roll For The North.  In case, you missed it, you can catch the details of the event here.  29 players from across the globe participated on the day, rolling for the Championship.  Over the next week, we hope to hear from some of the participants, as well as some more detailed stat breakdown of what the meta looks like.  This article will be more of an overview of the day that was.

The Format was a best of 3, with a 50 minute time limit for each round.  This was a Modern Format Event, with no bans in place.  Roll for the North was the first big Event to allow the inclusion of Typhoid Mary (who has not been previously available due to product distribution issues overseas).

Team Lists

Below, you will find the Teams that participated.  Going into the Event, I personally thought that God Catcher and Thor would be the Teams to beat on the day.  You can click on any of the buttons to jump to the Team Builder links.

For those that want to see the details of the Event, have a look at the Challonge page.  We’ll include the Top 3 Teams here:

First Place:  BenSaidScott

Ben ran the classic Becky Lynch build combining her with the Globals from Jerry Lawyer and Booker T.  We all know how this works, you force something to block Becky and double her Overcrush with Jerry Lawler.  He had ample protection with Eddie and Istrid Horn to stop the likes of Static Field.  He chose to include the big control pieces in Drax and Typhoid Mary to mess with his Opponents.

We had the pleasure of watching this Team on our Twitch Stream in the final Round.  It was interesting to watch Ben pilot this one masterfully.  Since he is part of the DM: United crew, we’ll let him tell his own story.

Second Place:  James

Looks like James put in both of my top picks for the Tournament.  Both SR Thor and God Catcher made their appearance.  All the tools are here to make this an efficient killing machine.  While I did not get to watch any of his matches, I suspect this was primarily a God Catcher Team vs the god of Thunder.

Again, James is part of the DM United crew so I will let him have at the breakdown of the Team.

Third Place:  Elliot2M

Becky joins the Famous Walking Statue in this one.  We did not get to watch Elliot in action on our stream, and hopefully he will chime in on the details of the day.  It does look he had the flexibility to jump to either choice depending on the situation… but I suspect The God Catcher was the weapon of choice on the day.

By The Numbers

I am hoping to have a more detailed breakdown of the stats on the day later in the week, but let’s cover some of the basics here.  Thank you to CRGR’s own Ryan for giving us the breakdown on this.

Most Used Sets:

  • Infinity Gauntlet (31)
  • Trouble in Waterdeep (15)
  • WWE (10)

To no surprise, Infinity Gauntlet was the most popular set by for with 31 individual cards included.  With it being the new hottness right now, this was fully expected.  Control strategies return in this set and these options were likely attractive cards.

Most Used Cards:

  • Spider-Man: Public Menace (13)
  • Clayface: Restless (12)
  • The God Catcher: Famous Walking Statue (12)
  • Becky Lynch: Maiden Ireland (11)
  • Gazer: Evil Familiar (11)
  • Thor: Jormungand’s Fear (11)

#rarespidermanforever made his presence known as the most popular card in the Tournament.  The removal power of this card is just incredible.  No wonder he has become a dm-North favourite.  I can say with 100% certainty that Clayface was around for his powerful Global ability.  It played into many of the God Catcher strategies… which happened to be tied for the second place slot here.  Third place was shared with Becky and Thor (both excellent win conditions), as well as Gazer (for the anti-God Catcher tech).  Surprisingly, even though Typhoid Mary was legal in Roll for the North, she only appeared on 10 Teams.

Most Used Basic Action Card:

  • Villainous Pact (9)
  • Static Field (7)
  • Nefarious Broadcast (7)
  • Booker T, Ringside Announcer (6)

VP is once of the few Ramp Globals left in the games, so it was not surprising to see here.  The flexibility of a back-up win condition makes it a good inclusion on Teams.  Speaking of Globals, those came into play in the second place cards.  Static Field was 100% there for the Global, and Nefarious Broadcast was most likely there to stop Static Field.  I am glad to see Broadcast back, as I feel the Turtles version never really got the love it deserved.  Booker T rounded out the Top 3, and again mostly was in play for the Global.

Speaking of Global Abilities…

There were an average of 4.7 Global Abilities on each Team.  It is not really a surprise to see this number as Global Abilities are a big part of the game.

We are working on getting our coverage up on YouTube, but you can sneak over to Twitch if you want to watch some of the Highlights.  Also, check out these other streamers who covered Roll For The North:

Dice Masters North

CR Gameroom



I know there may be some others who recorded their matches, but as of the time of writing this article they are not yet up.  Keep your eyes open for that.

First… Congrats to the winners.  As soon as Canada Post releases their hostages, we will get things out to you.

A big thank you to everyone who participated.  Without the players and the streamers and recorders this Community would not be what it is.

The day was a long one, and it was great to see everyone hanging on to the bitter end.  It was fun spending a Saturday with all of you.  We learned a lot from this event and hope to have a repeat of this next year.

How did you find the day?  Were you a player?  A viewer?  A streamer?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

Stay tuned for more coverage…

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