Roll for the North 2021

Welcome to the landing page for Roll for the North 2021!  Here you will find all the information for the event.  Last year we had such a blast running the inaugural Roll for the North Event, that we decided to bring it back for 2021.  In person gaming has only recently starting to returning to stores in some areas.  Some places are still closed down to group gatherings.  We at DM North have decided to continue to host our own unofficial Canadian Nationals Online.

What is it?

Roll for the North is the unofficial Canadian Nationals for 2021.  As this is an online event, it will be open to everyone worldwide.

When is it? 

Roll For The North will take place on Saturday, October 23, 2021.  The Event will start at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

Use the quick buttons below to jump to a particular section to stay up to date on the Event.


What do I need?

All you will need is a computer with internet access, along with a web camera to use with Google Hangouts/Jitsi.  All links will be provided during the Tournament.  Oh yeah… and your Dice Masters stuff.

How do I sign up?

You will need to register for Roll For The North via Challonge.

Team submissions will be done via the Dice Masters Online Discord in the Roll For The North Channel.  You will need to be a member of that Discord as we will be running the Tournament through that.  In order to submit your Team, you will type “.submit” followed by a Team Builder Link in the Roll For The North Channel.  The deadline for Team Submission is 5:00 PM Eastern Time on October 21.

Will there be a cost to enter?

No.  In the interest of inclusiveness, we have chosen not to charge a fee to enter.  However, we will be taking on some costs related to shipping out prizing, so donations are always welcome ( but not required).

If you would like to make a donation to Roll For The North 2, please visit out Ko-fi page by clicking on the button below.  Donations are never required but are definitely appreciated.


What is the Format?

This will be a Golden Constructed Theme Event.  The Theme for Roll for the North 2 will be “double” single affiliation.  What that means is half of your Team must be from one Affiliation, while the other half must be a different Affiliation.

  • Sets for this build are limited to DC or Marvel only.
  • AVX and UXM cards are NOT allowed in the Event.
  • Non-BAC Actions are not eligible for this Event.
  • All cards MUST have an Affiliation printed on their card.  Spider-man: Superior Team Up would not qualify for this Event even though it technically gains all Affiliations.
  • Your BAC must be from the same Universe as your Affiliations (ie. If you choose X-men and Justice League as your Affiliations, your BACs must have one from a Marvel set and one from a DC set).
  • Mystics will be limited to their own Universe.  DC Mystics are different from Marvel Mystics and CANNOT be on the same Team.
  • Flip cards are legal for this Event, but must start the game on their “A” side (as defined by their collector number).  For example, Batwoman: Kate Kane has Bat Family on her A side and Villain on her B side.  For this Event, she could only be on a Bat Family affiliated Team as that is her primary Affiliation.
  • Villains are a bit of a problematic Affiliation as a whole.  In the interest of creativity and to force your hand into using a true Affiliation, pure Villains will not be allowed.  However, characters that have multiple Affiliations (eg. Legion of Doom and Villain) will be allowed under their other Affiliation.

There has been some confusion as to what “half your team” mean.  Four cards on your Team can be from one Affiliation, while the other four must be from a different Affiliation.  If you choose to use something like The Hand Affiliation as one of your choices, you will be playing shorthanded as there are not enough characters to fill the remaining slots.  This goes for all Affiliations with less than four characters.  You are free to use them, but understand you will have less than 8 characters on your Team.  Hopefully this infographic will clear things up.

We will be following the MODPDM Format for this Event.  It will be a Swiss only Event with no Top Cuts.  The number of Rounds will be determined by the number of participants (expect 4-5 rounds on the day).

Each Round will be a single game, with a 45 minute time limit on the Round.  At the end of time, the active player will complete their turn and the inactive player will have a single turn in response (if necessary).  The player with the most life at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

Do you allow Proxies?

Short answer is YES.  As newer players may not have access to the older cards that the veteran players have, we have decided to allow for a way for these players to still use these characters/dice.  Proxy cards will ONLY be allowed for non-Modern cards.

Character dice proxies must have the same symbols, stats, and energy type as the original die.  For example, AVX Black Widow could be used in place of AI Black Widow as they are identical dice.

If you are choosing to proxy cards, they must be clearly marked so your Opponent is aware of what you are using.  Maybe talk to Reg and see if there is a card sleeve that might work for this purpose.  😉

Pre-Tournament Rulings & Ban List

Any rules questions that come up before the Tournament will be posted here.  Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Discord if you have any specific rules questions.

Below you will find our Tier List of Affiliations for the Format.  As well, we will be maintaining a current list of cards that are banned for this event.

Tier List

In this Format, some Affiliations are definitely stronger than others.  While we want to stay as hands off as possible with Bans (with the exceptions listed below), we have decided to sort the Affiliations into Tiers.  The importance of this will be explained in the section below.  Tier 1 Affiliations are what we consider the strongest ones in the Format, while Tier 3 Affiliations are… well… good luck if you choose to use them.

Tier 1 Affiliations

    • X-men
    • Avengers
    • Legion of Doom
    • Exiles
    • Bat Family
    • Justice League

Tier 3 Affiliations

    • Doom Patrol
    • Defenders
    • Team Arrow
    • Marvel Knights
    • Sinister 6
    • White Lanterns
    • Suicide Squad

Anything not listed in Tier 1 or 3 will be considered Tier 2.

Ban List

In the interest of trying to keep the games somewhat fun, the following cards are banned from play for Roll for the North 2.  This list was last updated on September 17, 2021.

  • Hope Summers: Pluripotent Echopraxia (Too easy for X-men Teams)
  • Black Manta: Deep Sea Deviant (Nope!)
  • Green Lantern: Human (Makes Justice League just a little TOO good)
  • Vicious Struggle: Basic Action Card (Too many bad times can happen because of this card)
  • Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! (Potentially too strong in this Format)

Pre-Tournament Rulings

Below you will find rules questions that we have been asked in advance of the Tournament.  If you have any questions about card interactions you are looking at, please contact us to clear things up.

Q1:  What would happen if Madame Web: The Great Web Unravels and Spider-Man: War of the Heart both attack?  Does the player choose the order of how things are blocked?

A1:  If the same die “must” block two different dice at the same time (e.g. due to Spidey and Madame Web), then it cannot legally block either of them, and the effects would cancel each other out.

Q2:  Can you redirect Robin’s (Teen Titans Team Leader) spin down ability to target an opposing character with Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)?

A2:  Robin’s spin-down ability is a cost, and you cannot redirect costs with Wonder Girl or otherwise.  This interaction would not work.  See this ruling for reference:

Q3:  Does Rare Pip the Troll “target” characters, even though his card text does not use the word “target”?  Would Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) be able to redirect this abiltiy if I chose Teen Titan dice to spin down?

A3:  Ah Wizkids and your wonderful wording.  Unfortunately, even though Pip does not say “target”, his ability DOES target.  Look at these precedents for the official Wizkids stance on targeting.

“Can you help me understand how Storm, Weather Witch’s Global Ability interacts with Imprisoned?
The short answer is: it doesn’t. Imprisoned doesn’t use the word “target.” Target implies a set number of targets, not a grouping that meets a requirement (as Imprisoned has you select).”

Seeing as Pip has a set number of targets, it would count as targeting.

This same reasoning was used in at least one subsequent ruling:

Q4:  If Atlas’ card (Purged of Pym Particles) is on the first side (with the global) and I have an Atlas die in my field on level 3, and I use a BAC.  Will that count as Atlas “using Amplify”, even though I did not spin him up? Will that trigger the card being flipped over?

A4:  The key is on Wizkids’ keyword page.  Their definition:

“Amplify: When you use an Action Die, spin each character die with Amplify up one level (if able). (MDM10)”

The “if able” words are key. If he’s max level, Atlas is not able to trigger Amplify. Therefore he wouldn’t flip.

Q5:  This is not so much a question, but more of a review or how Ronin: Between Employers works (as he may or may not appear on some Teams).

A5:  As for Ronin, see this ruling as it is a good overview of how this character works. 

One “source” can be said to be one “instance” of damage.  One time that a die (character or action) deals damage, you can redirect all damage dealt by that die at that time to Ronin.

So for example, say I attack with R Nightwing from WF.  I deal 4 damage to my opponent’s characters as I choose, and Nightwing will also deal combat damage afterwards.  Ronin can neutralize one or the other.  Either he can stop Nightwing’s “when attacks” ability, or his combat damage.  Not both. 

If I hit you with 3 unblocked attackers, you choose one instance of damage, so one die at one particular time, that you can redirect to Ronin.

Q6:  What happens when both player have a Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark and a Teen Titans character is targeted by an effect?

A6:  Wonder Girl’s ability is a “may” ability and therefore it does not fall into the infinite loop rule as you can stop it at any time.  However, we are assuming that this question is being asked as neither player is intending to break the the potential loop if there are only Teen Titans on the Field.  This goes against the fun that is intended for this Event, so we will be instituting a “Dueling Cassies Rule” for this Event.

Dueling Cassies Rule

In the event that there are two opposing Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark dice active, and only Teen Titan dice in the Field Zone, when a Teen Titans die is targeted by an effect the following will occur:

Each Cassie can trigger only one time (targeted player first, followed by the non-targeted player), unless one of the players choose to not activate her effect.  Essentially, the Cassies will cancel each other out and the original target will likely stick.

The alternative is the game ends in a stalemate and nobody wins… and nobody gets Raffle Tickets.  This rule will push the game along in the event that this match-up occurs.  Obviously, if there is a non-Titans die to target, it will make more sense to target that die to avoid this whole mess.

Maybe just try to not trigger this situation if at all possible.  😉 

Q7:  White Lantern Sinestro is active when an Energize character triggers.  Will Energize still trigger as Sinestro will spin down the double energy face?

A7:  In this situation, these are considered simultaneous effects and the active players abilities will trigger first, followed by the inactive player.  We are assuming here that Sinestro would be on the defending/inactive player’s team.  If the attacking/active player rolled an Energize character on its double energy face, the Energize ability would still trigger.  Sinestro would then spin down the double energy to the single energy face.  Unfortunately, Sinestro would not stop Energize.  🙁

Q8:  If the super rare Turk Barrett is active and I pay two masks to field a character, what happens and when? In other words, would two damage be dealt by Turk? Would Turk deal his damage before or after the character being fielded is in the field? 

A8:  Turk Barrett’s ability states: “While Turk Barret is active, when you spend mask energy to use a Gloal Ability or field a character die, deal 1 damage to target character die.” 

For the first part of your question, Turk will only deal 1 damage no matter how many masks you pay with.  Unlike the uncommon Doctor Strange from IG, who specifies for each energy used, Turk just requires that mask energy be spent.  

For the second part of your question, Turk would deal his damage after the character is fielded.  You need to resolve the fielding effect (which you used the mask to pay for) before Turk’s ability can trigger.


Yes… There will be prizes!  Prizing will be distributed via raffle tickets.  Each player will receive 1 ticket for every round they complete.  Additionally, for each game you win, you will receive 1 ticket x the Affiliation Tier Multiplier (ATM) of the highest Tier Affiliation that your Team contains (see the above section for the Affiliation Tiers).

Example 1:  If your Team is made up of the X-men (Tier 1) and Doom Patrol (Tier 3) Affiliations, your ATM would be 1 as X-men is in the highest Tier of Affiliation you have on your Team.  Therefore, each win would be worth one additional ticket.

Example 2:  If your Team is made up of the Defender and Doom Patrol Affiliations, your ATM would be 3 as both of these Affiliations are considered Tier 3 for this Format..  Therefore, each win would be worth three additional tickets.

You are welcome to use whatever Affiliations you want for this Tournament.  We just want to encourage people to maybe consider using some of the B or C Affiliations.

You will need to participate in the Event in order for all Raffle Tickets to be eligible.

Early Bird Draw

We have had a good number of people who have registered for the event already, but for those of you waiting or on the fence… we wanted to give you a little nudge.  Anyone who is registered for Roll For The North 2 by October 15 (7 PM Eastern Time) will automatically be entered into this draw.

In order to be eligible, you need to do TWO things:

FIRST, you need to go to to Challonge and sign up for the event there (see the link at the top of the page.

SECOND, you need to go to the Roll For The North 2 Channel in Discord (again the link is at the top of the page) and type “.submit” to get you name onto the master list.  You DO NOT need to have your team submitted at this time, but this will get you on the list.

If you have done these two things, you are entered!  Congrats!

What will this get you?  Everyone who enters this draw AND participates in the event will be entered into an Early Bird Draw for 3 of the Custom Art Dice Masters Cards that we showed off recently on our Socials.  These will be randomly selected.  The Early Bird Draw is separate from the Main Event prize pool.

Bonus Tickets?

Do you like extra tickets?  Follow us on our Socials for more ways to earn raffle tickets for the Event.

For those who checked out out our Roll For The North 2 Overview video on YouTube AND read the Description will have found a chance to earn the first bonus tickets for Roll For The North.

Congrats to Bruce Wayne for finding the correct number of “pops”… and bonus points for being so creative in your answer!  We’ve got you marked down for the very first Raffle Tickets for Roll For The North 2.

For our next set of Bonus Tickets, we have created a little Scavenger Hunt.  When we first teased Roll For The North 2, we released TWO Teaser Images.  Within these images, there are SIX Dice Masters related symbols hidden.  Your job is to find them.

Once you have, reply to each image with #ifoundthem and fill out this form:  Roll For The North Scavenger Hunt

If you successfully find all the symbols, you will be rewarded with a FREE RAFFLE TICKET for the Main Event Prizing.  No cheating please (anyone found publicly sharing the symbols and their location will forfeit their Free Raffle Ticket… same for plagiarized answers on the Form).  You are limited to one response on the Form, so please check your answers before submitting them.

You will have until Friday October 15, 2021 (11:55 PM Mountain Time) to find all of the symbols.  All form responses received after this date will not be accepted.  Good luck!

Main Event Prizing

The prizes are starting to filter in.  Check out below what will be put into the raffle pool:

Roll For The North 2021 Playmat

One lucky winner will receive this custom Roll For The North 2021 Playmat printed from Inked Gaming.  Good new, bad news, good news with the playmat.  The good news is it arrived from Inked Gaming and it looks beautiful!  Here it is in all it’s glory.

The bad news is the dmNorthTV intern made a little boo boo with the file and forgot to cut out some of the 3D effects (see the picture to the right).  We have sent away for a replacement playmat to be printed with a corrected (secondary) design.

The other good news is that we have no real use for this playmat… so now we technically have TWO playmats to give away.  The intern’s error is your gain.

On top of the playmat, some of the other prizes have trickled in to dmNorthTV HQ.  Below, you can find custom painted blank art Dice Masters cards from Jason (one of our local players).  He provided some last year and wanted to donate more for this year’s event.  Take a look at these (some of which I selfishly want to keep)!

Next on the list is another treat from the above artist:  A custom Spider-men Dice Bag.There are rumors that a little birdy may be adding another bag to the prize pool (pictures yet to come).

This next beauties are currently not in hand, but are working their way across the ocean.  A New Dice Master (from Twitch) has generously donated a couple playsets of what might be the most amazing and unnecessary Dice Masters accessory ever… Starro Tokens!!!

But wait… there’s more!!!  Dragon Shield recently opened up their custom art sleeves to Canada for shipping.  Of course we took advantage of this to make a set of these…

There will be a few sets (of 10 individual sleeves) of these put into the prize pool for the participants.

Last but not least, we will be loading up the Wheel of Prizes again.  Here is a sample of what might be on said wheel.

Disclaimer: You did not actually win a Guy Gardner Alternate Art Card… but you could if you participate in Roll For The North!

The replacement playmat has arrived in time!!!  I made some modifications to the design, so that there are a couple difference between the two versions.

The Fine Print (Borrowed from our Friends at the Ministry):  All prizes are subject to change.  We are at the mercy of international postage and even though much of the prizing should be here by the time of the Tournament, it is entirely possible that we will not have everything in hand by the end of October.  We do reserve the right to offer an alternative or ask for patience if delivery takes longer than expected.  All Winners will be contacted and asked for their postal addresses.  Many of these prizes are limited in nature and we cannot replace them in the event of transit damage.  We will do our best to ensure that everything is well packaged on our end.


If you will be broadcasting your gameplay for Roll for the North, please let us know so we can include a link to your stream on this page.

You will be able to watch Roll For The North live at the following Twitch Streams:

Dice Masters North

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