Roll For The North 2020

Welcome to the landing page for Roll for the North 2020!  Here you will find all the information for the event.  We are hot off of the success of the MODPDMUKGE (please go back and check out the details on the Brit Roller Six website).  Now it is time for Colonials to get in on the big events.  Since 2020 has pretty much made live Championship Events unlikely for the remainder of the year, we at DM North have decided to host our own unofficial Canadian Nationals Online.

What is it?

Roll for the North is the unofficial Canadian Nationals for 2020.  As this is an online event, it will be open to everyone worldwide.

When is it? 

Roll For The North will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2020.  The Event will start at 12:00 PM EST.

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What do I neeed?

All you will need is a computer with internet access, along with a web camera to use with Google Hangouts.  All links will be provided during the Tournament.  Oh yeah… and your Dice Masters stuff.

How do I sign up?

You will need to register for Roll For The North via Challonge.

Team submissions will be done via the Dice Masters Online Discord in the Roll For The North Channel.  You will need to be a member of that Discord as we will be running the Tournament through that.  In order to submit your Team, you will type “.submit” followed by a Team Builder Link in the Roll For The North Channel.  The deadline for Team Submission is 5:00 PM EST on September 18.

Will there be a cost to enter?

No.  In the interest of inclusiveness, we have chosen not to charge a fee to enter.  However, we will be taking on some costs related to shipping out prizing, so donations are always welcome.  You can click on the PayPal button below if you wanted to make a Donation.


What is the Format?

This will be a Modern Constructed Event.  There are currently no bans in place.  We will be following the MODPDM Format for this Event.  It will be a Swiss only Event with no Top Cuts.  The number of Rounds will be determined by the number of participants (expect 4-5 rounds on the day).

Each Round will be a best 2 out of 3 games, with a 50 minute time limit on the Round.  At the end of time, the active player will complete their turn and the player with the highest life total at that time will be declared the winner of that game.

Do you allow Proxies?

Short answer is YES.  As the players from across the pond will still likely not have the Avengers Infinity set widely available before the date of this Tournament, we have decided to allow for a way for these players to still use these characters/dice.

Please note:  Card proxies are only allowed for Avengers Infinity Gauntlet.

If you are choosing to proxy cards, they must be clearly marked so your Opponent is aware of what you are using.  Maybe talk to Reg and see if there is a card sleeve that might work for this purpose.  😉

What about dice?

Check for appropriate proxy choices.  Whenever possible, please use the proper dice for a card.  If this is not possible, you may proxy dice under the following conditions:

  • Action dice proxies must match the energy and burst faces exactly.  For example, you may use Batarangs in place of God Catchers as they are both Bolt actions.  If you are going to do this, we ask you proxy all copies of these dice to keep things looking consistant.
  • Character dice proxies must have the same symbols, stats, and energy type as the original die.  For example, AVX Black Widow could be used in place of AI Black Widow as they are identical dice.
  • Added 14-Sept-2020:  As it has been brought up that some newer players may not have access to the older dice to proxy with, we are going to open things up here.  Use the site to find the most suitable proxy.  If you do not have this available, us an action die that matches the energy type of the character you are proxying.  You must make this clear to your Opponent at the beginning of each match what these dice are.

Many of the dice in Avengers Infinity Gauntlet do not currently have suitable proxies.  We are taking the lead from the MODPDMUKGE (and Dice Fight XL previously) and allowing the following proxies for these specific dice:

Black DwarfFistJarnborn (The Mighty Thor)
Black SwanBoltCosmic Cube (GotG)
Corvus GlaiveFistUtility Belt (Batman)
Iron LadBoltDanger Room (X-Men First Class)
Pip the TrollShieldRing (Tomb of Annihilation)
Proxima MidnightShieldThe Blackbird (X-Men First Class)
SupergiantShieldDragon Statue Trap (Tomb of Annihilation)
TombstoneFistNova Core Uniform (GotG)
Turk BarrettBoltWeb Shooters (Amazing Spider-Man)

When you are using these, the level of your character will be indicated by the burst faces of the action die (level 1 = no bursts, level 2 = one burst, level 3 = two bursts).

What about Typhoid Mary?

Poor Mary has been left out of recent Tournaments because there are no appropriate action dice that can be proxied for her.  However, we want full allotment of cards available for this Tournament.  Having said that, these are the choices you have for including Typhoid Mary on your Team:

  1. See if you can track down spare dice from someone else.  Mail service may not make this choice viable, but it is probably the most desirable option.
  2. You may use one of the card sleeves below as proxies for Typhoid Mary.  They make use of either Hal Jordan (GATF) or Shriek (SMC) dice.  You must indicate which version you are using AND you must be aware of the stat or energy difference between the dice.  That is why the sleeves were designed the way they were in order to try and simplify this process.

Pre-Tournament Rulings

Any rules questions that come up before the Tournament will be posted here.  Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Discord if you have any specific rules questions.


The question has arisen as to what happens when you draw additional dice with the Rush ability while "Rushing".  At the time of writing this, there has not been official clarification on the Keywords Page.  We are going with the Community ruling on this one:  
When you draw the same die that you Rushed with, it will not trigger a second Rush ability.  When you draw a different die with Rush, that die will look backwards to Rush again.  Each Rush die is treated as a "while active" ability.  It cannot happen more than once for each die with the Rush ability.

Rare Drax vs God Catcher

The question here is: "Can Drax prevent the fielding of a God Catcher Token?"  The short answer is "No".
Drax can target a card, so you can target the God Catcher with that ability.  However, nothing more will happen here.  Since the second part of Drax's ability states:  "Your Opponent may not purchase or field that character until Drax leaves the Field Zone."  This only affects character cards/dice.  It has no effect on action dice.
Since the God Catcher has no actual card for Drax to target in this case, he cannot prevent the fielding of it.  It is a crappy loophole that exists at the moment... but until Wizkids overturns this, we will be following this ruling.

The Riddler vs Harley Quinn

The question was asked if the Riddler (Creature of Pure Pride) could deal his damage when Harley Quinn (Gotham State Graduate) triggers her ability.  Harley Quinn states: "When Harley Quinn is KO'd, reroll all active character dice. KO any that roll energy faces."  The Riddler states: "While The Riddler is active, when an opponent rolls or rerolls a die other than during the Roll and Reroll Step, deal that opponent 2 damage."
We are assuming that The Riddler is active when Harley is KO'ed.  For this one, we are looking at how the Queue works:
1.  Harley Quinn is KO'ed and her ability triggers.  Her ability causes all dice to be rerolled.
2.  The Riddler's ability enters the Queue, but must wait until Harley's ability finishes completely.
3.a. The Riddler does not roll back to a character face and is KO'ed.  When his ability checks for the trigger and The Riddler is no longer active.  No damage is dealt to your Opponent.
3.b. The Riddler rolls back to a character face and remains in the Field.  When his ability checks for the trigger, The Riddler is active.  Damage is dealt to your Opponent based on how many dice they rolled from Harley's abliity.
TLDR; The Riddler will deal damage if he remains on a character face after Harley Quinn's ability completes.
- source: R4TN Brain Trust

Range with other When Attacks abilities

Range is triggered when a character die attacks.  As this occurs at the same time as any other "When Attacks" ability.  The active player will choose the order of effects here.  They may activate other "When Attacks" abilities before using Range, but once Range starts it must fully complete before moving on to the next "When Attacks" ability can trigger.  It cannot be interrupted.
For example, you could use Scott Hall's (nWo Wolfpac) ability to spin your character dice up one level prior to triggering the Range ability of Primaris Inceptor (Meteoric Descent) to give them a little stat bump.
- source: PK


Yes… There will be prizes!  We are collecting some awesome prizing for Roll For The North.  There will be prizing for the following:

  • Top 3 Finishers (set prizing below)
  • Most Canadian Player (aka Fellowship Award)
  • Prize Raffle
    • The number of raffle prizes will be determined by the number of entrants.
    • Players will earn a raffle entry just for signing up for the Tournament.
    • They will also earn a raffle ticket for each game they win.
    • Players who finish in the Top 3, as well as the Most Canadian Player will not be eligible for raffle prizing.

Below, we’ll break down the prizing for the top finishers as well as a demonstration of our Awesome Wheel of Prizes.  As more gets added to the prize pool, more will become available.

1st Place Trophy

Made by EZ Laserworks, this beautiful trophy will go to the winner of Roll For The North.

1st and 2nd Place Playmats

These were custom designed for the Event using a brand new template design.  The winner of the Event will have their choice of one of these two beautiful playmats.  The runner-up will receive the other one.

3rd Place Dice Bag

Graciously designed and donated to the Event by Jocelyn.  The 3rd place finisher will be receiving this custom made dice bag from the Jocestitch Etsy Store.

Most Canadian Player

AKA The Fellowship Award.  This will be they player that people found the most enjoyable to play against/watch on the day.  This will be voted on by the Players.  This Player will have their choice on one of the remaining Prize Card Bundles in addition to the spin of the Prize Wheel.

Prize Card Bundles

Players from first through third will have their choice of one of these Card Bundles.  The player who finishes first will have the first choice of one of these bundles, second place will then get to select from what is left, and then third gets to do the same.

The Collector’s Bundle

The Meta Bundle

The Loki Bundle

The Heroic Bundle

The BAC Bundle

Retribution and Inspiring Foils have been added to this Bundle.

The Wheel of Fortune

In addition to the above prizing, each player who places will get a spin of the prize wheel.  This wheel is loaded with a variety of promos and prizing from the history of Dice Masters.  The wheel will not be for just the top players though.  Winners of the raffle may get a chance to give the wheel a spin and see what goodies they will receive.

DISCLAIMER:  Sample spin of the wheel. You did not win a Guy Gardner.
The Fine Print (Borrowed from our Friends at the Ministry):  All prizes are subject to change.  We are at the mercy of international postage and even though much of the prizing should be here by the time of the Tournament, it is entirely possible that we will not have everything in hand by the middle of September.  We do reserve the right to offer an alternative or ask for patience if delivery takes longer than expected.  All Winners will be contacted and asked for their postal addresses.  Many of these prizes are limited in nature and we cannot replace them in the event of transit damage.  We will do our best to ensure that everything is well packaged on our end.


You will be able to watch Roll For The North live at the following Twitch Streams:

Dice Masters North

CR Gameroom



After Party

Join the DM-North Crew after the tournament for the after party! We will be announcing the winners of the early bird draw and raffle draws. We also have something special for you all … A Double Double ‘n Dice with be doing their podcast episode LIVE after the draws. The ladies will be interviewing the Top 3 winners. If you are in the top 3 after the tournament ends, we ask that you stick around so they can interview you!

Don’t miss it, see you there!

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