Roll For The North 2: Aftermath

On October 23, 2021 we held our annual Roll For The North Tournament online for Dice Masters. Twenty-three players from around the world participated in the Event. There was a good mix of Dice Masters veterans, as well as a few newer players to the online scene. This was a chance to dust off your dice and play in what we called a “double single affiliation” theme. To read up on all of the rules for the Team Building challenge, you can take a look at our original article here.

Roll For The North 2 was live streamed on Twitch and YouTube by ourselves and RonathanPxPx. You can find the links to those channels down below if you want to check out the VOD’s.

YouTube Playlist

Below, you will find a gallery of our Roll For The North 2 coverage. Videos will be added as they become available.

By The Numbers

We saw a wide variety of Team Builds on the day. You can check out all of the Team Links here if you are interested. For the stats nerds, here is a breakdown of some of the cards that showed up on the day.

Top 5 Sets (Different Cards Used)

  1. Infinity Gauntlet (15 Cards)
  2. War of Light (14 Cards)
  3. Civil War (10 Cards)
  4. Deadpool (10 Cards)
  5. Justice (8 Cards)

There is no surprise to see Infinity Gauntlet at the top of this list. The set is filled with fantastic control pieces (Drax, Black Widow, etc) and in a Format like this… control can be a little difficult to come by. War of Light was a little surprising, but with a few Lantern Teams floating about and the Teen Titans a great Affiliation, this makes sense.

Top 5 Individual Cards Used

  1. Counterstrike – Basic Action Card (7 Teams, Two Different Versions)
  2. Black Widow – Widow’s Hunt (6 Teams)
  3. Drax – The Pacifist (6 Teams)
  4. Mary Jane – MJ (5 Teams)
  5. Madame Web – The Great Web Unravels (5 Teams)
  6. Scarlet Witch – Careful What You Wish For (5 Teams)

Yes… there are 6 cards listed there, but seeing as the last 4 were technically tied, it felt appropriate to include them. The top card was not entirely a shock. Ramp is hard to come by with certain Affiliations and Counterstrike gives you some consistency in that regard. The action itself is no slouch in this Format either.

Number 2 and 3 were fully expected as these are some of the best control pieces in the game right now. Speaking of control, Switch made her return to Dice Masters on the Brotherhood Teams. 4 and 5 make sense as Spider Friends make good use of these cards.

Top 5 Affiliations

  1. Infinity Watch (6 Teams)
  2. Spider-Friends (6 Teams)
  3. Brotherhood (5 Teams)
  4. Avengers (3 Teams)
  5. Red Lanterns (3 Teams)
  6. Thunderbolts (3 Teams)

Surprise, surprise… Infinity Watch was at the top of the list of Affiliations used in Roll For The North. Tied for the top spot was Spider-Friends, which has one of the best Tier 2 win conditions with Madame Web. Brotherhood was represented on 5 of the Teams, with Blob being on of the more popular characters looking for control. Even though we classified the Avengers as “Tier 1”, the cards that showed up were not the Tier 1 characters. Red Lanterns and Thunderbolts were very nice to see near the top of the list.

Overall though, 23 different Affiliations were used on the Teams in Roll For The North.

If you are a stats nerd and want to dive deeper into this, I am happy to share the data with you. You know where to find me. đŸ˜‰


We ran the event through Challonge, and it was five rounds of Swiss with no top cuts. The top 3 (according to Challonge) were:

Congratulations to Mbrewer for being crowned the 2021 Champion! You ran a great team and we are looking forward to hearing all about it.


At the end of the day, we handed out prizing to the participants. We assigned raffle tickets based on participation and wins. These tickets were thrown into a pool where participants were able win some goodies from our wheel of prizes.

Demo Wheel Only… You Did Not Win A Guy Garnder.

If you missed out on our stream, you can catch the prizing VOD on our Twitch page here. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the Matrix during the stream and our Promo Prize Wheel died. We will be rolling that soon and letting people know how that turned out.

We will be getting prizing out as soon as we sort out the wheel.

Final Thoughts

I know I said this on stream, but I feel it needs repeating. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated in Roll For The North. The event ran relatively smoothly (minus some technical stream glitches) and it seems everyone enjoyed themselves. Something like this cannot happen without you.

To those who could not play, but still came out to support us during the broadcast…. again…. Thank you! We were happy we could entertain you during the day. I promise never to turn off the Chicken Dance again.

To the people who spent their day streaming their games… Thank you. We know this is a big time commitment to do this. Dealing the with behind the scenes things is a pain while streaming, so full respect to those that did this. Big thanks to Reg for keeping me company on the main Twitch Stream. I am also going to sneak in a thank you to TJ for creating a masterpiece of a theme tune for Roll For The North. Kim and I both featured it on our streams. It is a great ear worm and worth the listen.

To those who have donated to Roll For The North… Thank you. Helping cover some our shipping charges coming up is greatly appreciated. It is in no way necessary, but we love you for the support.

In closing… The Dice Masters Community is simply the best Community out there. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep your dice warm for Dice Masters vs Cancer in a few weeks from our friends at the Ministry of Dice.

If you want to share your experiences on the day, we would love to hear from you. Contact us on any of our Socials at dmNorthTV, or leave a comment down below.

Thank you for a great day of dice rolling!

– jourdo

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