Reg’s Wild Ride

Reg (from Dice Masters in the Great White North) decided to document his  games  throughout the recent WDA/TOTM Achievement League.  He graciously shared his write-up with us to share.  Take a read below (be warned this is a longer read as it covers 5 events in total).  Take it away Reg.

I usually play on Tuesday nights in the Weekly Dice Arena.  Host Ross always has a creative event setup for us to build.  For the month of March, WDA partnered up with fellow Canadian jourdo and the DM-North crew to have not just a weekly event but a monthly one.

The event was setup around 4 main achievement groups (Team Building, Game Play, Character Builds, and Win Based).  I had been in an achievement league before, and I knew the most wins seldomly win these events.  Team building is always the most fun, and this event the winner would not only need to build competitive teams but tick as many achievements as you could along the way.

We had 5 different events throughout the month to achieve as many challenges as we can.  The challenges had a weighted point system that decreased as more people achieved them. (10 points if you were the only one, and 1 point if 10 people achieved the task).  Some of the achievements looked very easy to get on their own, but the interesting part was to get as many as you could in the 3 games you played in that night’s event.

My Strategy was to go out and try to get all the game play challenges first.  If I took care of those early, then in the latter weeks, I would only need to concentrate on the Team Building portions.

I also tried to include one of the character-based tasks for each week, I figured some of those cards were very difficult to make integral part of a team, so lots would have skipped over those challenges

Here were my thoughts over the 5 events…

Week 1:  Weekly Dice Arena

The Team:  Nasty Green Lantern

I had no idea what people were going to bring this week.  I assumed Combat damage was first on the list and people were going for that first.  I thought the opposite and went with non-combat to hopefully get the fast first win, and the rest of the night I could do shenanigans to get most of the game play challenges I was going for.

From looking Building my team I had 17 challenges I was hoping to achieve tonight…

Since I was going for non-combat damage I needed something to hit fast and hard.  I just got my Justice league box and noticed the (Green Lantern – Human) card. It was basically Lantern Ring and felt that people were not going to be going for turn 3 victories tonight.  The Green Lantern ring would probably win turn 5-6 and figured why not see how broken this card can be.

To make the card disgusting, I knew I needed Ramp so (Professor X -Trainer) was easy choice 2.  

In the Justice league set, another Meta worthy card was sitting looking at me when I opened the box in (Clayface – Restless).  Clayface to be semi-broken, and I needed a 1 cost Mask to make things work. Being a golden event, the 1 cost Morphing jar was dusted out of the binder.

The combo in my head was ridiculous.  But required two more support pieces to make it even sillier.  These would My first BAC inclusion Create Food and Water, and the Action Die of RING.

To go over a proper match (And it really is flexible on whatever you roll)

  • Turn 1, I just required a Mask and no sidekicks.  Purchase Morphing Jar with the mask. if you didn’t have a second Mask, you could Create food and water global, to get a sidekick die into used, and then use Ring to get the die to a mask.
  • Use the Mask global on Clayface bringing the Morphing jar to double energy side, and end turn.  (Sitting waiting to PXG twice and you are rolling 8 dice turn 2 (9 dice if you go second)

Having Mask characters are a key to this team, but it also needs a couple Justice League characters, and with Green Lantern already being affiliated, 1 more would probably be enough to do lethal early.

I went for the cheapest and lowest fielding cost JL character I could find in (The Question – Vic Sage).  2 cost and hardly any Fielding Costs. Welcome to this build my friend!

My Team was set.  It’s all I would need to get early and often damage.  However, I knew I would have lots of masks, but no real protection for a force attack and was the reason behind my second BAC in Static Field.  I hate this card, it’s horrible to stall out a win con, but Wizkids like it so much they keep reprinting it and even putting the global on Kate Bishop.  This build was also to show how ridiculous the combo can be, and there is nothing really the opponent can do except hope you don’t roll.

I didn’t need to roll any actions so didn’t have to worry about Switch.  I brought in Shriek in case someone else brought Shriek.  I never used her in the night, but obviously shutting down Green Lantern will cause this team to fizzle.

I had one spot left, and I thought about Parallax in case the Morphing Jars rolled on character sides, but also wanted to get a Character Build Achievement.  The list was slim pickings (I had a couple already spoken for in my week 2 build) when I read the text for (Absorbing Man – Carl Creel). My build was turn 5-6 fast, and I knew of one combo that could win fast against me (Team Up or Fixit Combo’s).  Absorbing Man is basically a Confront the Mighty for me. He could absorb a huge attacker. Another bonus as I was getting all the cards ready for this event was that they were also all Common cards.  That’s another Achievement.

Game 1: (VS Jauron’s Guy/Miri Team)

First Game and I was on Stream against Jauron.  He had a very fast and tricky Miri Riam/ Guy Gardner build.  I knew he would be fast, but I also knew I would hopefully have lots of masks to send them all back.  I would have to work quick or else Jay would have too much in his field to swing for lethal.

I went first and bought a Morphing Jar, quickly Ring/CFG/PXG into 8 dice turn 2.  I then picked up The Question as he would need to be in the field and another morphing jar for PXG, and by turn 3 I was ramping all my dice and rolling 10+.

Turn three was when I purchased Green Lantern, and Create food and water him into the bag (Essentially Chalkboarding him).

Turn 4 all my 2 pieces were in the field.  Question Rolled, and Green Lantern Rolled. I had a bunch of masks as well (I believe 5), and that would be 10 damage when I attacked, and I had the masks to bring my characters back to the field zone after doing the damage, and even had more masks (I could clayface an addition mask when the Morphing jar was in used on opponents turn).  My opponent didn’t attack on his next turn, and I was able to fully PXG all my dice again.

The next turn I had plenty of masks and calculated the masks rolled so I had exactly 20 lethal damage to my opponent

Game 1 went very well, and I didn’t realize how powerful the Ramp is with an all mask team when you have the ability to fix one mask and double another die to masks.

WIN (1-0)

Game 2: (VS Ben’s Warriors Three)

I honestly wasn’t going for a non-combat victory in this match as that was already checked off in game 1.  It was a shenanigans game against Ben.  I saw his team would not be super-fast as to get all the warriors would at least be turn 6-8 before I would be taking any major damage. 

The first achievement I was going for was not to re-roll any dice.  Turn 1, I rolled 2 of 3 sidekicks and no mask for PXG, and figured I was screwed this game already.  I decided to wave the white flag turn 1, when I went for a bunch of Game play achievements.   For rest of the game: I would purchase my Dice in Numerical Order, Not use any action Dice, and also not use any global Abilities. I figured I was going to take a lot of hurt this game, so I ended up buying all my Absorbing man dice in the field to stop the incoming Overcrush, but Ben had a force attacker and my absorbing man was force attacked against Sidekicks.

Ben was able to play the game at his pace, as I was rolling only 4 dice each turn to his 8-10.  I was at his mercy and he finally swung just before the time limit ending my painful match. I did end up with 6 more achievements this game though.

LOSS (1-1)

Game 3: (VS Kim’s Team Up Team)

From my initial Checklist of my objectives for the evening, I had only 2 left.  Field all Sidekicks and have a character on all three levels in the field zone.

My Opponent this round was Kim and her Various Team Up crew.  I bought the Morphing Jars fast and ended up getting the Question and Green Lantern in the field quickly.  Turn 6 I had all the pieces ready but took a full turn to use Parallax to reroll the morphing jars until they all were on the three levels.  The next turn I swung for 27 damage with 2 Question Dice, and the Green Lantern (Parallaxing the Morphing jars back to Masks before I attacked)

WIN – (2-1)


All in all, this team is fast, but not as fast at the old Lantern Ring would be.  The old lantern ring you just needed Morphing Jar in the field and can be super deadly very fast especially with the Clayface Global now.

I was able to pull off the combo on Stream, and highly recommend people to check it out, as it rolled as good as it could have gone in that first match.

The one piece I would replace is Absorbing Man, and replace him with Parallax for further shenanigans.

Achievements Earned:

  • Build Team with Common Cards
  • Build Team with TMT Absorbing Man – Carl “Crusher” Creel
  • Won Dealing 20 Damage exactly
  • Won without taking any damage
  • Won a Game with Non-Combat Damage
  • Played full game without fielding a sidekick
  • Always Fielded Characters when they rolled
  • Entire Game without Prepping
  • Purchased Dice in Numerical Order
  • Did not Re-roll any dice
  • No Action Dice or Globals used on Action dice
  • Did not use a global ability
  • Build Team using Absorbing Man and used in game.
  • Have 3 Copies of one character on all 3 levels

Week 2:  Weekly Dice Arena

The Team:  Sidekicks Are Still Fun To Play

I looked at the standings and I noticed my strategy worked as most people went with a Team Build strategy.  I knew this would be the week people caught up to me, so I went with more Game Play Achievements. I was hoping to get most of the remaining achievements and the last 3 weeks would just be Team Building tasks.

From looking at the remaining challenges, In building my team my 8 cards, I felt I had 5 challenges I could possible achieve tonight.  I had this team in mind when I look at the Initial Character Achievements as there were two cards that really could work together in (White Tiger – Razor Sharp), and (Foetid Bloat Drone – Plague Probe).

The plan was to have Bloat Drone in the Field Zone.  He would be a huge defender, and it’s not the Global I wanted to use, but his actual ability that states “When Bloat Drone is active, when an opposing sidekick or level 1 character die is KO’d, you may field a Sidekick die from your Used Pile”

White Tiger was there for the Global Ability, and the combo would be something like this, on my turn, use a fist to make both players field a sidekick (hopefully I had a sidekick to field).  I then use the Magic Missile Global to ping off my opponents sidekick, but I would then gain another sidekick in the process due to Bloat-Drone’s ability.

Bloat Drone was the essential key to get 8 sidekicks without rolling as when I had 6 sidekicks in the field I would start taking Bag Burn.  The Bolts for Magic Missile when I ping out the opposing Sidekicks would allow me to field one on my side. I don’t think I would have made this achievement without Bloat Drone tonight and will be very difficult for others during this event.

From seeing these two on the build, the game play achievements this week would be based around Sidekick shenanigans.  I had 3 main objectives. Have all 8 of my sidekicks’ dice in the Field Zone at the same time.

I also wanted to Roll 10 dice at once in the roll and Re-roll step, but I wasn’t able to have Professor X – Magnus in this build so that was going to make getting Sidekicks harder.

I added Ring to the Team, as that allowed a Sidekick on my turn every turn combined with the Create Food and Water Global.  The next card was Atlantis, and I included it for the Global to make a Sidekick, for ramp, and also for the ability when it rolls.  My theory with (Atlantis – City and Stronghold) was to single handedly use this card to gain the achievement of roll 10 dice at once in the roll and re-roll step.  If it rolls all dice go to prep for next turn.  I would just need to roll 6 dice and have Atlantis roll and that is an easy achievement.  How to get 6 dice in prep one turn? Welcome (Heimdall – The All Eye-Seeing)

Clayface – Restless was back on the team to get some Fists for me, and while I wanted Black Widow to buff my sidekicks, I would be having the Global being used against my Bloat Drone.  I opted for the 2 cost Kree Captain to use the Global to get Bloat Drone cheaper early in the game.

In collecting the cards for the team, I noticed all 9 of my cards had Globals.  If I added one more that could be another achievement to unlock tonight in having all cards with Globals and using them during a match.  Magic Missle was bolts, and I decided to add Orcus for his global and fists are now lightning bolts for me via Orcus.

It wouldn’t be a ton of achievements tonight, but hoping for the main objectives this night as those are hard ones to achieved.  Let’s go to the matches.

Game 1: (VS Kim’s Blank Team)

First game tonight was against my teammate in Dice Masters in the Great North – Kim.  It was hilarious when the camera came up and I saw no text on Kim’s build. It would be a perfect opponent for her, where I was building Sidekicks and not wanting to block with them.  I was on a clock to get all my Sidekicks (I was thinking I could do it turn 5-6)

I went first, and an early Sidekick was made using Atlantis Global. Turn 2 I used Heimdall Global to further ramp and using the Ring/White Tiger to get a couple more Sidekicks early. Bloat Drone got Turn 3 purchased using Kree Captain Global.  I had everything I needed this game. Only a couple more rolls and I would have all sidekicks. The Bloat Drone rolled, and I was able to start the White Tiger Pinging Shenanigans.

Turn 5 I had all Sidekicks, and my opponent hit me twice with Hal Jordan and a Katana, but I was still at 12 life.  I knew my 1/1 Sidekicks were not going to take down my Opponent’s Field of characters so I used the Orcus and Clayface global on my final turn using all the Globals in this match.  I noticed in Game 1 that a full field of Sidekicks is very annoying to your opponent, but in the end Kim was able to swing for lethal due to Overcrush damage she applied.

LOSS (0-1)

Game 2: (VS Zack’s Obelisk Team)

Up next was against Zack (from Dice Masters with James & Zack).  Zack’s Team was built around the nasty Obelisk Character.  I was doomed when that monster hit the Field, but I just wanted to roll 10 dice in this game for the achievement.  

The early purchase of Bloat Drone, allowed me to field a ton of sidekicks throughout the match.  It was one of my funniest matches ever in the WDA as I believe I took 4 bag burn damage and 3 bag burn damage twice!  I ended up blocking Obelisk with all my 8 Sidekicks that came in the Field and was able to roll the 10 dice on one of my final turns.  Zack ended up finally getting Obilesk to co-operate and took me down, but the Bloat-Drone is a really annoying card. I ended up only taking 3 combat damage, and 17 bag burn damage!  

Another great game on stream, and I wonder if Bloat Drone could be effective on an Instant War build in the future….

LOSS (0-2)

Game 3: (VS Jauron’s 6 Cost Madness)

Jauron had an interesting 6 card team and was going for the 8 dice achievement.  I saw my Opponent had Doctor Doom that would kill my Sidekicks.  I was doomed, but I think Jauron was not interested in winning this match this way.

He went for an early Black Manta, and Wrecker to try to push all my Sidekicks out of the way.  I was surprisingly able to get 8 sidekicks out early by turn 5.  Bloat Drone was once again very annoying and I was able to get some Kree Captains in the Field.  In the end I had the board state, and Jay attacked to get me down to 3 life.  I only blocked with Sidekicks to knock out his Sidekicks which actually got me more Sidekicks in the Field.  I took 2 bag burn damage and rolled two Kree Captains and a Sidekick to have lethal on the board. The Sidekicks actually did combat damage, and I won with my life being less than 5. Those were 2 achievements I didn’t think I was going to get on this night!

WIN (1-2)


In the end, Bloat Drone is a card I never played before but was very interesting when he hit the Field.  I wanted to run something around the Volstagg that KO’s Sidekicks when they are fielded, and defiantly can have a fun build experience.   My Matches on the night were fun, and entertaining. I never got to use the Atlantis dice to get 10 dice, but probably the easiest way to get that achievement and not sure how many others used it in that way.

Achievements Earned:

  • Build a Team with ASM White Tiger – Razor Sharp
  • Build a Team with BFU Foetid Bloat-Drone – Plague Probe
  • All 10 cards must have a Global Ability. You must use each Global Ability at least once in a single game
  • Have all 8 of your Sidekick Dice in the Field at the same time
  • Win a game when you have 5 or less life remaining
  • Win a game only using combat damage, without using Overcrush

Week 3:  Weekly Dice Arena

The Team:  Keeping The Costs Low.

I went into Week 3 with a 40+ point lead in the standings, but I knew I was in trouble.  Everyone else was looking up at me with a ton of challenges they could still achieve, and I was limited to only a couple each session now.

My Target for this week was only two remaining Game Play Achievements in purchase all my dice, and field 8 different dice in the Field Zone at once.  In order for this to be humanly possible, I added all the 1 costs.  I was unable to get all Uncommons, or Rares as the 1 costs all seem to be Common cards.

I added the action dice (Bat Signal – Out of the Darkness) and (Kobold Trap – Paragon Trap) so I would not have to worry about any fielding costs when they rolled and they both were continuous to stay in the field.

The goal was to get PXG ramp working and picking off purchases in order.  I wanted to get Kobolds – Greater Humaniod and Chwinga – Lesser Elemental bought early as well as the swam keyword would also trigger.

I didn’t know what my win con was going to be, but I knew I would have a ton of characters in the field.  I decided since I would most likely have 8+ characters, I went with The Front Line. having that many characters and the unblocked ones would do +3 damage.  I also knew I had Chwinga on this build and level 1 side has a 0A.  I put Splinter’s Teachings on the build to sneak some flipping damage through when I could.

Game 1: (VS Jauron’s Black Manta Danger Team)

Jauron was the player directly behind in second place.  He had 3 character bonuses on his team this week, but I wasn’t quite sure how they fit on the Team.  He had a straight forward Black Manta Team with Kree Captain to buff its attack when Danger Room rolled.  That’s all you really need on his team so the others in my opinion didn’t seem to be an integral part of the build.  But maybe he would incorporate them into the match….

Well the match went straight forward with the regular win-con. He just bought Black Manta, and Kree Captains, Danger Room and won with pinging out Sidekicks when Danger Room rolled.  Oh well..

I was able to purchase all 20 of my dice in the match, Having 1 costs it doesn’t really take that long to get them all bought especially when PXG ramp occurs and you have lots of Masks.  Miri Riam was good on this build. My Opponent brought Blue Eyes, so I was able to ping out Miri each turn to get 2 characters fielded each turn when she rolled.

I ended up losing the match, but got the achievements I needed for the night.  Game 2 and on, I could now go for victories in the other games.

LOSS (0-1)

Game 2: (VS Ben’s Crazy Storm Stuff)

Ben had a team based around AVX Storm (5 Cost).  This match would be difficult to win, as he didn’t have any huge characters I could swap for Splinter’s Teachings.

I started buying just the Kobolds and Chwinga, and actually had a decent board starting and I even bought The Front Line to do some potential damage, but then Ben Rolled 3 Sidekicks and was able to field his Storm to take away my Kobold swarm ramp.  I never got the board state back to be able to do any major damage and every time Storm rolled, I took 2 damage. It was a slow death to my 1 costs, as I felt myself sinking each game.

LOSS (0-2)

Game 3: (VS The Always Dangerous Mr. Bye)

I took the bye, as there was an uneven number this week.  I had done all my achievements so let the others play.

WIN (1-2)


I wasn’t expecting to win many games with this Team, and it didn’t win a single match.  It was there to get the 2 hard achievements and I was able to achieve them twice In my matches.  Only 2 Achievements but they went a long way as they are difficult ones to get under my belt.

Achievements Earned:

  • Have 8 different dice (not including Sidekicks) in your Field Zone
  • Purchase all of your dice (must have a 20 dice Team, no Fabrication)

Week 4:  TOTM

The Team:  Black Bolt Makes His Return.

I built my Saturday Night Team around the Rare Black Bolt Card – (King of The Inhumans) that makes all other dice block another character with Deadly.  I wanted to have a fun Team, and I remembered Black Bolt might be a slower build but can be fun.  I was also trying to run a Team with all Rares to get a Team build challenge, and when I looked at the available list of cards that were Rare and with the keyword deadly, it came up with only 1…. (Medusa – Queen of Atilian) and was a 5 Cost.

This was going to be much harder without a 2 cost deadly character…  So I decided to go for another team achievement in no duplicate costs.  With 4 and 5 out of the way onto the other costs.

The 3 Cost Dogpool – Bark was added as he had Beefy level 1 stats and for a 3 cost to have at least a 4A is very good.  I would require a few of them in the field, and I included Misdirection to try to get them for cheap fielding with the swap ability on Misdirection.  I needed a second Win-con on this team to deal with a faster opponent, and with one BAC out of the way, I figured to go with The Front Line as the other as it was still there from the last event.

Front Line pairs up perfectly with my 2 cost character I added in, Angel – Soaring.  He would be unblockable with The Front Line rolling and instantly they would be 5A or 6A Angels.  I only had 2 options for the 1 Cost, and the Bat-Signal from last event is the only card that would make sense.  I don’t think I would buy this at all as the shields would be used for Angel.  My 6 Cost was Thousand Dragon – (Noxious Nostril Gust).  This fella is on the team to help purchasing The Front Line as the Global is pay a bolt to lower cost of an action die by 2.

My 7 Cost was Blue-Eyes White Dragon and was also to lower the costs of both Black Bolt, Medusa and The Front Line.  I could also use the Global on Blue Eyes to knock out my Black Bolt when he’s fielded at the wrong time.  The 8 Cost options were slim, and I decided to include the Obelisk the Tormentor just for fun and out of respect to Obelisk kicking my butt previously in this event.

Game 1: (VS Kim’s 6 Cost Without Ramp Team)

Kim was going for some 6 Cost Team Build Achievements.  I knew I would have time to set up the Black Bolt Medusa combo.  I knew Kim’s build would take a few turns to buy anything, so I got an early Medusa, and a bunch of Angel’s purchased.

I wasn’t able to get a mask on the turn to get Black Bolt, and instead purchased a Front Line with the bolts that rolled.  I ended up purchasing Black Bolt on the turn that Front Line came up on its action side, and with 3 Angels, 4 Sidekicks and a Medusa in the field, I was able to push with numbers and did a nice OTK.

WIN (1-0)

Game 2: (VS Michael’s Super Rare Nasty Team)

This was going to be a tough one to win.  Michael brought a team of Super Rares, and included the Hollywood likes of Black Widow, Constantine, Batgirl, and oh yeah even a Zombie Magneto.

The slower Black Bolt route is out the window in this game.  I went for a fast Angel and got 3 of them in the field using Misdirection BAC.  Michael went the Batgirl route to start, and I was on track for a surprise upside when I purchased The Front line, but Michael purchased ZMAGS, and I knew my Angel unblockable was not going to work any longer.  I had no way to get ZMAGS out of the field, and basically rolled over for a mercy OTK.

I purchased Black Bolt and Medusa but by the time they came up, there was a field of Tsarina’s in front of me and I knew it was over.

LOSS (1-1)

Game 3: (VS The Always Dangerous Mr. Bye)

Jauron brought a Black Canary Kree/Captain team that had an odd Black Panther cheering in the background.  The team was a basic setup, get Kree Captains, get Black Canary and swing for a win.  It took about 7 turns, and I was hoping to see how Black Panther was going to be an essential part of this build but just saw the 2 main pieces and I when Danger Room Rolled it was over.  A fast team in the Black Canary fashion I had no chance against.

LOSS (1-2)


A fun Saturday night.  I was hoping more people would have joined in the event but we had the main 4 players, and still was a nice night of games.   I didn’t want to bring most of my remaining challenges out this week, as I was happy sitting in second this week to see what the leader would bring.   I was slim on challenges anyways and was just trying to plug away on what I could get still and was able to achieve was I was looking for hoping to stay close to the leader going into the final event.

Achievements Earned:

  • Build a Team with no duplicate purchase costs (excluding BAC)
  • Build a Team consisting of only Rare Cards (No GOTG Cosmic Cube)
  • Build a Team with DP – Black Bolt – King of the Inhumans

Week 5:  Weekly Dice Arena

The Team:  Hidden Bonus Team For The Win Alex.

I went into the final week trailing by 9 points.  I saved my best point building Team for the final week.  I would probably win 0 games this week, but it’s the Team Building challenges I was looking to complete.

The main achievements I was looking for this week were to build a Team with only 8 dice, a team of all 6+ Cost characters, and a Team with no more than 1 vowel in the Title.  Since all the characters were going to be large, I also decided to go for the no 0 Fielding Cost characters.

I originally was going to do a Golden build, but I saw others over the last 4 weeks build teams with less than 8 cards.  So, for this build, I was going to include whatever fit the requirements to get as many achievements.

So, my team was going to be a Modern Build.  The second was to get a Rarity achievement.  I could not do a Super Rare build as I was only running 8 dice.  That left Promo’s and Uncommons remaining. after a quick glance, there were 5 cards that fit the achievements with Uncommon, and only 1 with Promo.   I wasn’t going to play with only 1 card and 4 dice, so Uncommon build it was.

I entered the requirements, and came up with the following 5 cards:

  • Hulk – A 6 Cost beast with 1 fielding cost across the board.  (Side Note, I have never played this card, and realized after the night how good it really can be.)
  • Surtur – a 7 Cost monster that will buff other dice (I was able to get him to a 26A/26A at one point during the night).
  • Hawk – A 6 Cost Teen Titan that does not have Dove active to assist with his ability.
  • Mr. Fixit – The 6 Cost that will that will buff with KO’ing dice.
  • Thor – Another 7 Cost, and My only global on this team, and first time including Thor in my builds in these events.

Game 1: (VS Bodi’s 6 Cost Thanos Team)

This was basically a mirror match, we both had 6 costs on our Teams, and we both raced to get the ramp.  Bodi had an amazing card in Thanos that when he fielded, he made me roll all my characters and took 2 damage for each that rolled energy.  The only difference was he was a 7 cost and my stuff were 6 costs.  Thanos came out and I luckily rolled my stuff back into the Field.  It came down to who had the most in the Field and was a fun match as we always had the same number in the Field to block each other. In the final turns, we both were down to 1 life remaining, but couldn’t get the extra character field.  I finally rolled an extra Sidekick to swing for lethal. 

WIN (1-0)

Game 2: (VS Kim’s Sidekick Team)

Kim’s Team was trying to get 8 Sidekicks in the Field.  My Team was slow to get going, but Hulk was purchased while Kim tried to achieve 8 of her minions in the Field.  I knew I had the Hulk that would clear her board, but she was getting them out faster than I wanted so I had to attack with my own Sidekicks each turn to slow her down.  She was having difficulty getting the 7th and 8th Sidekicks and it allowed me to get more characters on the board (2 Hulks and a Surtur).  I finally helped her get the final Sidekick in the Field using the White Tiger Global she brought, and swung with my Hulk (dealing 2 damage to all my Opponent’s dice) clearing all her Sidekicks and taking the final push of damage for the win.  I knew Kim was going for the challenge and it gave me time to get more characters out, but in a normal match I would have been killed much earlier by her build.

WIN (2-0)

Game 3: (VS Jauron’s 6 Cost Rare Team)

Jauron brought a 6 cost Team as well, and was a good challenge as we both had good pieces that were beefy including his unblockable Gorillia Grodd.  We were both down to a couple life remaining when Jay rolled both of his Grodds and pushed for lethal.  I felt that the 3 points I just lost in this match was not going to allow me to push back into first place.

LOSS (2-1)


I went into the final event, with only 8 dice and very little ramp.  I still was going to try to win an match tonight and I was lucky my Opponents all brought 6 cost characters as well.  I am hoping the 6 achievements will put me over the top in the standings.

During game 3 I saw the leader of the standings had only 3 challenges to my 6.  But wasn’t sure all the numbers were enough.  If the leader at the top of the standings didn’t have a ton of achievements this week it might have gone to wins and losses over all the weeks.

Achievements Earned:

  • Build a Team that is Modern legal
  • Build a Team consisting of only Uncommon Cards (No GAF Gorilla Grodd)
  • Build a Team with no 0 Fielding Cost Characters and no way to discount Fielding Costs (No Satchel)
  • Build a Team of all 6+ Cost characters (No Collector, Professor X, or Limited Wish)
  • Build a Team with no more than 1 vowel in the Title (Vowels may repeat).  For example, Batman is ok while Batgirl is not.
  • Build a Team with only 8 dice (No Super Rares)

Final Thoughts

A fun event.  In my opinion it was 2 weeks too long, as we didn’t get a lot of players entering in the final weeks, and I wished it was run over 3 (maybe 4 weeks in total).  I raced out to a quick lead, but it also allowed me to be caught as I didn’t have many achievements to gain for the remaining weeks.  Especially when I had most of my remaining ones sitting in the bank for the final week.

Here is a list of the achievements I did not complete over the 5 events.

  • Win a game using only cards with blank text boxes
  • Build a Team consisting of only Super Rare Cards
  • Build a Team consisting of only Organized Play (Blue Stripe) Cards (No Alternate Art Cards)

Another thing I think should be changed for a future event was the addition of the special cards that gained more points.  They really were not judged if they were essential to a Team during that week and wished in the future that 1 or 2 cards can be announced for each week and only can be used during that weeks event.  

Many thanks to Ross at WDA, and Matt from DM North for putting on the event.   Ross was great at being a Canadian for the month, and we had many laughs over the month with the green screen and doing the war cry from Strange Brew.

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