Patch-y Alliance

Format: Casual Golden Age (Modern recommended)

Full credit goes to Chris, from CR Game Room (an awesome Youtube channel you can find here), for the basic concept of tonight’s team. He spoke to me about this a while ago and I promised I’d try it sometime. Well, tonight’s that time; time for a…

Patch-y Alliance

The Team:  Let’s Team Up, bub.

The team revolves around Wolverine, Absorbing Man and Team Up. Have Wolverine and Absorbing Man active, use Team Up to give them both much bigger stats, KO Wolverine, use his “when KO’d” ability, copy the ability with Absorbing Man, and since both of them have huge stats by that point, your opponent’s characters are just…dead. Deader than dead.

The first priority was to figure out a good ramp engine to get to Wolverine. R Chwinga and Magic Missile were an obvious fit. With R Chwinga’s ability being doubled by Absorbing Man, it becomes completely ludicrous ramp, and it’s one-sided ramp. Plus, Magic Missile can serve to deal any missing damage if, by some miracle, my opponent has some characters left after the whole Wolverine massacre.

For it to be a massacre, though, I need more affiliations. So far, I only have three, after all. Enter Hawkeye and Iron Spider. Both of them give me two affiliations, each, that no other character on the team has. Sure, both of them have mediocre abilities, but they’re strictly there for the affiliations.

I put in Malekith as a way to KO Wolverine (and get to Team Up a bit easier) to get the whole shenanigans started. I also put in Mjolnir to get bolts more easily (since I need them for almost everything on this team), and Blob as a way to give a well-deserved middle finger to Green Devil Mask.

Notice that there’s no Shriek. I’ve been using her less and less, on purpose. I’m going to try to rely on her less for the next few weeks.

With that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

I started off against a Kree Villains team. He didn’t get many characters on the board, and kept getting huge amounts of energy. I kept the strategy lean, went for Absorbing Man and Chwingas to get tons of ramp going. Eventually I got Wolverine, Absorbing Man, Chwinga, and Hawkeye, got Team Up, and KO’d Wolverine to obliterate all of my opponent’s characters and I swung in for the win.


Game 2:

I was up against a casual Attune team (that didn’t rely on any cheap actions or SR Yuan-ti). She just didn’t have the chance to set up; my ramp was getting me going so quickly through my bag that she didn’t get to trigger Attune once. I didn’t even need Wolverine; I just rolled tons of characters, used Team Up, and swung in for more damage than she could stop. I won.


Game 3:

I finished the night against Immortals + Hulk. He bought Green Devil Mask turn 1 and got it on the field before I could Blob it. I ended up playing around it all game. Thankfully, I managed to get the Absorbing Man + Chwinga ramp going quickly. Wolverine hit the field quickly, and I just swung in with him as soon as possible, eventually forcing my opponent to take a lot of damage or KO his whole board. Eventually, I had a lvl 1 Wolverine, and I saved bolts until my opponent’s turn, where I KO’d Wolverine with Magic Missile’s global (with Absorbing Man active, of course) and wiped my opponent’s board just before my turn. It gave me just the opening I needed, and I then re-fielded Wolverine to swing in for the win.



-Chris was absolutely right: Wolverine and Absorbing Man, used with Team Up, is a crazy combo.

-This team, without Chwinga, would’ve been clunky as heck. Chwinga’s definitely my all-star tonight.

-The teams tonight were pretty laid back and casual; I wouldn’t take my results to say that this is a meta-buster or anything. It just worked better than the other teams somehow.

-Team Up is really cool to use, but Green Devil Mask is such a pain. I wouldn’t use Team Up too much because the local players love the Mask way too much.

Overall, I liked this team a lot for a casual event. Makes me realize I didn’t build nearly enough with that Wolverine. Makes me want to try him out with Blue-Eyes sometime.

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