Online Dice Masters Draft

What’s this?  Online Draft you say?

You heard correctly… The brains behind the Two Team Takedown Tournament have decided to take this popular Dice Masters Gameplay format to the online world.  This would not be possible without Trubie’s Draft Pack Generator.  This tool allows you to make your own Draft Packs based on what sets you want to play with.

Chris and Rob are planning on discussing this on their live Stream this coming Wednesday (June 13th) to explain how it is going to work.  I will update this article when that video drops.  All that I can say for now is that I have had a chance to test the Generator and it works really well.  This will be a really cool format to try out for the online community.

The Details So Far…

We will keep this article updated as more information is released.  So far, this is what we know:



  • Registration Deadline is June 20 @ 11:59 PM CDT
  • Sign-Up Here.


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