Oh Captain, My Captain!

Last time I played, I had accidentally discovered how good the Kree Captain could be.  This week, I decided to have another go at him and see what I could do.  So, the card in question is Lost Purpose.  He gets buffed for every Villain die in the Field Zone (including himself).  At the very worst, he is a 3 cost character with 4 attack.  That is not too bad.  The more Villains that I have, the better he gets.  Again, I pulled from my last build and paired him with the Rare Danger Room so EVERYTHING is a Villain!  Oh Captain, My Captain indeed.  Instead of going the Overcrush route, which could have worked, I decided to try out Under Surveillance for unblockable damage.  This does not really hurt the Captain as his attack value is the same on all his side.  He hurts the same at Level 1 as he does at Level 3.  That is the core of the build… well part of it.  Read on for the details.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Oh Captain, My Captain.

So the core mechanic is get a big fat Captain out there and swing for unblockable damage.  I decided to add in a back-up plan of using Deadshot with Staff of the Forgotten One.  This gives me a board clear option as well if Plan A is not working.  The Danger Room Global lets me ping out Deadshot at will.  I put in Mew Mew to allow me to fix to Bolts when necessary to feed that Global.

I decided to give Poison Ivy: Red a try to see how she works as a defensive tool.  To make the best use of her ability, I needed to make sure she blocked non-villains.  This was a risky add, as it could be used to de-buff the Captain but I was willing to risk it here, so I added in Ra’s a; Ghul for his Villain stripping Global.  Now Poison Ivy could handle almost anything as long as I had a Mask.

Wonder Woman was kind of out of theme here, but served as a big blocker for “when fielded” and “when attacks” abilities.  I decided to give the Thrown Brick another try as my ramp engine.

Let’s see how things ran.

Game 1:

This first game was against an Infiltrate Team with SR Angela and the Kree Soldiers.  Black Widow was there to double up on the Infiltrate damage, and Kryptonite was present to blank Angela after attackers were declared.  This Team was too fast for mine.  I couldn’t get much set up before I was burnt down.  It was over quickly.


Game 2:

Wonder-Ring… How I missed you.  This actually took away many of my tools.  I wouldn’t be able to target anything because of this.  Basically, I lost the use of most of my Team.  Back-up plan was to purchase Poison Ivy as he was planning some Overcrush shenanigans and she could keep me alive.  Then I went for Kree Captains and Danger Rooms, and flooded my Field with as many Sidekicks as possible.  Ivy served her purpose as his Overcrushing Goblin Attack Force could not get past her.  I was able to send in huge Captains to thin out his side by constantly attacking.  Eventually his Field became small enough that I was able to swing through for lethal.


Game 3:

This was a leftover Team from the Thor Draft our Group ran last week.  It was Fandral and Volstagg for Overcrushing/Deadly Attackers.  Poison Ivy was an early buy to deal with the Overcrush.  It was just unfortunate that she would get KO’ed this time due to the Deadly.  Again, I built up the Kree Wall and waited for them to get big and swung in.  I lost a couple to the Deadly Fandral, but was able to bring them back to do the damage necessary to win.



I think ccm said it in an earlier article, but Thrown Brick is bonkers.  It can be such good ramp and such good removal when necessary.  Since I kind of focused on it in these games, I got a better look at what it could do.  I highly recommend trying it out.

Kree Captain and Danger Room played exactly as you would expect they would.  Awesome!  Even without Overcrush or Unblockable you still have giant sledgehammers to swing against your Opponent.  They either block you or die.

Poison Ivy was a star tonight as I had multiple games against Overcrush.  I thought she was ok when I first saw her, but now after using her, I am a fan.  A great blocker that will be hard to get rid of.  Even though I never came up against Villains, Ra’s would be a good pairing with this Ivy.  Still it was risky to bring with the Kree Captain.

Staff Deadshot was originally a cord part of the build, but the Captain alone proved to be more efficient.  When I did use Deadshot, he always rolled on Level 3 which made him harder to KO.  It never really worked well for these games.  Captain was just better.

Wonder Woman never came into play all night as nobody brought “when fielded” or “when attacks” abilities.  Good piece, but was not needed tonight.

Believe it or not, Under Surveillance did not really come into play tonight either.  I never had a chance to buy it in Game 1, couldn’t use it in Game 2, and didn’t really need it in Game 3.  I think it is a good option with Kree Captain though.

Overall, the Kree Captain is one of the All-Stars on the new stuff.  Ivy really showed how good she could be as well.  The rest of the build was decent, but I would drop Deadshot/Staff for something else to help the Captain more.  The new Groot Global might be fun to try out here.

Have you played with the Captain?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo


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