OBW2 Corona Consolation: Citizen M

This past weekend, Rollinthunder hosted a One Big Weekend 2: Corona Consolation Tournament, split between North America and Europe with the help of CR Gameroom. Due to a family emergency, I had to drop and was only able to play 3 rounds but I had a blast and the team I played was super fun.


What Did You Play?

The Team:  Citizen M

I couldn’t decide what to run for this event and I had remembered during a weekly dice arena game against jourdo, he pulled a crazy overcrush team that I didn’t even see coming. Note to self, always ask what cards do if your unfamiliar with it. His team was built around Citizen V and Mystique. You can read his article, here. With his permission, I decided to run these two cards but had to make it ‘current modern’. I couldn’t use bat-signal to flip Citizen V as that card had rotated out. I was really debating to put ‘Black Viper: Reviving a Legend’ which reads “When fielded, choose target character die with Infiltrate. It cannot be blocked this turn.” this would help me flip Citizen V to allow Mystique and himself to have overcrush and a buff. I decided not to go with Black Viper as he was a 4 cost (though I had Kree global for the discount), I just wasn’t feeling it. I decided instead to add Raised Shield BAC as the backup which allows me to give two characters a buff and overcrush if rolled on an asterisk face. Most opponents would probably block Citizen V on his high side and his infiltrate wont trigger to allow me to flip. To help with some more damage, my other BAC was Jerry Lawler, the global allows double the damage.
For control, I had Black Widow: Agent as I knew I would probably face Iceman teams and teams that would deal damage from their abilities (e.g. Jubilee, Dani, Range etc.). She is a staple on my teams. Also, I originally had Intellect Devourer for the global but thinking people would bring this on their team, I went with Mimic: Flying, Blasting, Slashing to roll out characters that would give me problems. Knowing people would bring Kate Bishop or Static Field as their global pushes back a character from attacking, I had put on ‘Istrid Horn’ “When fielded, you may choose a Global Ability. If you do, it cannot be used this turn and any of its effects immediately end.” This would allow me to turn off the global as I wouldn’t want my big characters to be pushed back.
Only prep card I had was Xanathar and Zatanna was only there to help me spin Citizen V if he rolled on level 1.

The games were recorded and added under each round.

Round 1: vs CWalley

Team Link: Dani Dani

CWalley ran a Dani team, “When Dani Moonstar is blocked, reroll the blocking character die. If it rolls an energy face, place it in the Used Pile and deal 2 damage to its controller.” He paired this with The Riddler (cleaver), “While The Riddler is active, when an opponent rolls or rerolls a die other than during the Roll and Reroll Step, deal that opponent 2 damage.” and using Brooker T global to force block Dani.
The biggest mistake I made in this game was not purchasing Black Widow when I had the chance. I don’t know what I was thinking with Dani and Riddler. By the time I bought BW, it was to late and I wasn’t able to re roll my characters back when forced to block Dani.

*No sound for CWalley on the video and forgot to flip screens a few times


Round 2: vs Skoot

Team Link: Thanos

Skoot ran a Thanos Team, “Overcrush. When Thanos deals Overcrush damage to an opponent, double that damage.” and pair this with Jerry Lawer global, this would be some heavy damage coming my way. Having a couple of Mystique’s out would help to reduce damage when Thanos come out.
This game went very smoothly. I was quick to buy two Mystique’s with Kree Captain global and then a Citizen V. I was being aggressive since I had two buffed Mystiques and Citrizen V, just kept attacking as they were big damage if let through. I did buy raised shields just in case and Skoot knew what I was up to with Citizen V, so he kept blocking him not allowing m to flip him until he couldn’t and I was able to flip his card. I was able to come through with lethal at 25 damage, 12A/12D x2 Mystique and 8A Citizen V, all three with overcrush. The combo worked!


Round 3: vs DMArmada

Team Link: Iceman

Knew I would face it, here comes the Iceman team. DMArmada paired his Iceman with Thrown Brick, Wand global and Techno global to help ping his Iceman to do damage.
My first purchase was Black Widow as I knew that would slow down Iceman. Also, bought two of the bricks as I would force him to use wand global as he would take damage back. He also had Kate Bishop global, I knew I would need Istrid horn to turn off her global when I was setup to do some big damage. I was only able to buy one Mystique. But the biggest mistake I made in this game and thanks to Reg for pointing it out. DMArmada was forcing my BW to attack with Scott Hall global and that was done a few times but her ability said she cant be targeted by global abilities. I completely forgot she had that ability and probably cost me the game. I think I had that one! DOH!



I had a really fun time playing with this team. You might see this team again in a future tournament with some tweaks.

  • Re read cards over and over again on team lists as missing not purchasing Black Widow in round 1 hurt as well as not remembering her ability in round 3.
  • I would definitely test with Black Viper or even remove Citizen V and add in Parasite: Maxwell Jensen to pump Mystique and still use Raised Shield BAC to give her overcrush.
  • I missed Intellect Devourer and needed it. No one brought that card as I thought they would.

Thank you to Rollinthunder, CR Gameroom, all the streamers and participants. Though my OBW2 journey was a short one, I had a ton of fun.

Keep it Rollin’

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