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The Powers-That-Be at Wizkids have decided to dip into the well of questions from the Official Dice Masters Rules Forum.  This is what they have given us.

Let us know what you think of these rulings in the comments below.

Troy Miller (Yort on Discord) reached out to the Dice Masters Facebook Community about a month ago and collected a number of burning rules questions that we Dice Masters players came up with. He then tagged our good friend Jimmy Darwin O’Brien, of WizKids, who said he would try and get some rulings for us.

A few weeks later, on Thursday, April 2, 2020, Jimmy woke up the Rules Forum and they answered a few questions. Additionally, Jimmy himself popped onto Facebook and answered most of the rest of the questions that were asked there.

DMArmada put out a video that covers these rulings, and Yort captured them on The Dice Coalition blog; but we here at DM North decided to capture them here for you in an article with screenshots! This is a long one, folks – buckle in and enjoy the reading (after all, most of us are stuck at home anyway, right?)

A quick note: because there are so many rulings and comments covered here, we’ve given each one it’s own page. You’ll see the page numbers at the bottom to help you navigate.

We’ll start with the official rulings from the actual rules forum. I’d like to point out that of the four official questions answered here, three were posed by your very own DM North crew.

Question 1: yort, of The Dice Coalition asked about

Mankind: The Hardcore Legend

Re: Mankind’s Prep ability

Postby dmrulesteam » Thu Apr 02, 2020 12:56 pm

yort wrote:Mankind: The Hardcore Legend states:

While Mankind is active, whenever your opponent Preps one or more dice outside their Clear and Draw Step, you may Prep a die from your bag.

There has been some debate over whether this ability triggers only on things that use the word “Prep”, such as the new Tag Out keyword or the Basic Action “Into Battle”, or whether it works on any ability that puts dice in your Prep Area (other than KO of course), such as Becky Lynch’s global or Supreme Intelligence. For further comparison, Professor X’s global says “Prep 2 dice” whereas the new Walk with Elias global says “add 2 Sidekick dice”.

Secondarily, the assumption is that if each person had a Mankind, they would trigger off of each other until either a player elected not to Prep a die or they ran out of dice to Prep (i.e., it would not qualify as an infinite loop)


Tag Out:

After blockers are declared, you may Prep this die from the Field Zone to give target character die +2A and +2D until end of turn.

Into Battle

Prep 2 dice from your bag. If both dice are Sidekick dice, prep an additional die.

*/** Roll all dice prepped this way (place them in your Reserve Pool).

Becky Lynch global

Global: Pay shield. The first die you purchase this turn is added to your Prep Area instead of your Used Pile.

Supreme Intelligence Global

Global: Pay 2. Once per turn, move a die with purchase cost 2 or less from your Used Pile to your Prep Area (Sidekick dice are considered to have a purchase cost of 0).

Professor X:To Me, My X-Men Global

Global: Pay mask. Once during your turn, you may Prep up to 2 Sidekick dice from your Used Pile.

Walk with Elias Global

Global: Pay mask. Once per turn, on your turn, add 2 Sidekick dice from your Used Pile to your Prep Area.

Anything that sends a die to the Prep Area counts as Prepping a die.

-The DM Rules Team

This question was also answered by Jimmy on the Facebook post, and Troy asked if KO’ing a die would also trigger this ability, but Jimmy confirmed that KO‘ing is not considered prepping.

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