New Year’s Hangover

I will be honest here, this one was born mostly out of laziness more than anything else.  I got busy and didn’t have the time to put something new together.  I decided to dig through the mess on my desk and see what I had handy.  Fresh off the Best of 2018 Online Tournament, I had this little Team waiting to be tweaked.

Tabaxi/Jubilee was such a potent combination, but I was not happy with this as a final build.  I decided to make some changes and see if this could be even better.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Tabaxi/Jubilee 2.0.

Out went Hulk, Switch, and Plague Marine.  They were ok, but honestly there were better pieces.  Of them, Switch was probably the hardest to give up.  However, on this Team, you are ok with your Opponent buying and using your actions.  In fact, it is encouraged.

Since I had 3 slots, I wanted to put something more useful for the actual win condition.  This is a burn Team… that’s pretty much it.  Jubilee/Tabaxi will soften you up or just kill you outright.  On a good turn, this combo deals 6 damage with Instant War.  On a bad turn, it still deals 3.

VD was kept because you can’t get rid of it that easily.  It lets you clear out the opposing characters for the final swing.  #rangeislegit

GDM and Instant War are a big part of this Team, so it made sense to add in Thor for his Thousand Island Dressing Global.  A 3-cost GDM is much, much better option than a 4-cost.  On the topic of actions, these need to roll.  This does not always happen in a dice game, so adding in Acererak for his Global seemed like a good idea.

The final piece was Bishop.  He was more out of fear of the mirror match.  Also, burn damage is still a popular win-con.  Why not bring some protection?

Let’s see how version 2.0 ran.

Game 1:

Up against a Superman Team… without Jimmy.  He admitted that he fell into the lazy mindset as well and grabbed this from his pre-made decks.  Turn 1 Jubilee.  Turn 2 Tabaxi.  Turn 3 and 4 Instant War.  Burn, burn, burn. win.  I didn’t even realize I had burned him enough to win when it happened.


Game 2:

This was against our resident youngster.  I bought all my Kate Bishops before moving on to the other nastiness.  Eventually I had a stupidly large Field and really had no choice but to attack.


Game 3:

This was against Son of L’s Team, which was set up for unblockable damage.  It used old school PXG as the Ramp/Churn engine.  I missed Jubilee on the first go around but she eventually hit the Field with her friend Tabaxi.  VD and GDM were purchased to help control the board size.  Remember that Ramp engine I mentioned?  Instant War is an instant way to disrupt PXG.  Triggering a bag fill when the Used Pile is full of Sidekicks may have been the highlight of the night for me.  The burn damage was enough to soften him up and VD allowed to clear things out for a lethal swing.



Jubilee/Tabaxi/Instant War is such a good combination… period.  I liked this version of the Team so much better than the first version.  Thor made the GDM that much more affordable.  Acererak was a lifesaver at times when Instant War was not cooperating.  Bishop never really came into play tonight, but I think he is a decent addition to the Team.

If I were go with a version 3.0, I would be tempted to swap out Create Food and Water for something like Resurrection.

I believe this type of a build has some opportunity in a competitive setting.  Burn damage is always a popular way to hurt your Opponent.  VD as a finisher is just so excellent.

Instant War is proving to be a much better action than I originally thought it would be.  I honestly did not expect it to be so effective as a win condition.

Long story short… this Team was good.  Not something I intend to play again in my local area, but will definitely like the chance to test it out against some of the big guns out there.

What are you thoughts on Instant War?  How about with Tabaxi?  How about with Tabaxi AND Jubilee?  What tweaks would you make to this to improve it even more?  Do you think Tabaxi can become a competitive win condition?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

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