New DC Justice Box Art Revealed!

Hey everyone,

As you likely remember, several months ago, Wizkids announced some new DC sets based around the Justice limited series. Thanks to a bit of sleuthing on my end, I managed to get my hands on the following image, which reveals what is likely the final box art for the Justice Campaign Box. It adds a substantial amount of information compared to the original placeholder image (which you can find here).

I know the personal highlight for me is that fantastic Alex Ross art on the cards. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of that.

However, this also brings a lot of new dice to look at. See any interesting die faces? Some fun returning characters, perhaps? And what is that new non-basic action? (I seriously don’t recognize the logo) Feel free to discuss and speculate in the comments down below.

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  1. WOW! This is so exciting! I really hope this product arrives in the Philippines.

    From the box art, these are the characters whose card or dice can be easily discerned:

    Justice League:

    Green Lantern
    Wonder Woman
    Martian Manhunter

    Legion of Doom:

    Poison Ivy

    I do not at all recognize the symbol on the non-basic action die. I cannot discern the character for the dark blue die. Lex Luthor and Metallo were announced for this set, but I suppose it is unreasonable to hold WizKids to that.

    We are supposed to be getting Plastic Man and Hawkman with the Doom Patrol Set.

    Shazam and Black Adam are supposed to be included in the Mystics set. I’d imagine Zatanna, Phantom Stranger, Cheetah, and Dr. Sivanna might be included on that roster also.

    This all makes me wonder if we might get a CW themed team pack at some point. Black Canary, Green Arrow, the Flash, and the Elongated Man seem to be missing…

    1. Hey there, certainly hope the product reaches you as well! 🙂

      I’d say expecting Lex and Metallo is pretty reasonable, actually; when Wizkids announces that someone’s in a set, they’re usually pretty reliable for that. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that weird white/pink die on the side of the box turned out to be Metallo.

      Also, keep in mind that according to the cards, there is a total of 73 cards in the set, with at least 61 cards being characters (see Wonder Woman). This is 15 more than Avengers Infinity, and means that, most likely, there will be 21 different characters in the set (21*3 +10 BACs). So just because we’re at or close to 16, doesn’t mean we’ve seen everyone. As a side note, they did show The Flash in another event, so you can definitely add him to your list of characters that are in Justice.

      As for CW themed packs, that would be quite cool, though we got a ton of CW characters in the Green Arrow and the Flash set, so there would likely be a fair bit of overlap. There’s definitely enough of them still missing to make it worthwhile though.

  2. The symbol on the non-basic action die is the same as the one on the podium in the Hall of Doom headquarters (from the last page of Justice #1).

    1. Good find on the Hall of Doom; that would be a logical fit. Hadn’t noticed that from the comic. Will need to check that later.

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