This week at our local meetup we did a theme that was featured in the DM-North Team of the Month way back in January of this year called Life Gain. You can check out the description here and the results.

In a nut shell, the goal was not to get your opponents life’s down to 0, but to get your life to 20. Each person would start the game with 0 life. This was a modern build. Sounds pretty easy, right?

What Did You Play?

The Team:  #neverrevived

I thought I can use the same team I had built when I played in TOTM in January but realised it was a golden build and I didn’t win any games. I had to come up with a whole new strategy. I went on Team Building Dice Coalition page (great resource, I use this site a lot to team build) and selected Modern format with filter keyword “life”.
Scrolling through the cards, the first card that caught my eye was Harley Quinn: Tough Cookie. As long as I keep her in the field with another villain character, my opponent would lose a life and I would gain a life each turn. Now, which villain could I pair her up with? I decided to go with Scarecrow. His ability, while he was active “when an opposing Sidekick character die is KO’d, its controller loses 1 life.”. Now I had to find a card that would help KO sidekicks on my opponents side. Scrolling through the list, I found Casey Jones: Penalty Box. Perfect, I can use him to hopefully KO a sidekick on the opponents side and gain a life. And his global would come in handy as I can force the opponent to block with a sidekick when I attacked with Casey. Possible win con #1. These three cards combined made my opponent lose life and me gain life but I needed more gain life cards. A card that popped in my head that I had used in TOTM was Captain Marvel: Reaching My Full Potential, “when fielded, gain 1 life” (which I only had one die of, thought I had more but still went with it). I wanted another card that was similar and found, Iron Man: Anthony Stark, “When Iron Man is KO’d, gain 2 life.”. The only downfall I saw with these two cards was their defence. They were quite high, how in world would I be able to get them out of the field zone? Enter … Fabricate which allows me to KO two characters (around a specific parameter). If I can time Iron Man to be in the field zone, field Captain Marvel, then fabricate, I can gain 3 life on that turn and keep that cycle going. Which fabricate character to go with? Of course, I had to use Amber Golem: Paragon Construct, “When you purchase this die with Fabricate, gain 2 life…”. Wait, with Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Amber Golem, that would gain me 5 life each turn! Maybe this was my main win con. I had two other characters to put on the team. Decided on Groot: Force of Nature for the global only “Global: Pay shield shield. Gain 1 life. Use this ability only once per turn.” if I ended up rolling shields. And just because, Primaris Reiver: Master of Terror. The team was set. I needed ramp as Captain Marvel and Iron Man were 5 costs, went with everyone’s favourite, Thrown Brick basic action card and Doom Lance, which could make my opponent lose more life.

Did I gain my life back?

Game 1:



Game 2:

vs Rob and Jarvis

Rob had the same idea I had with Harley Quinn: Tough Cookie and pairing with a villain, Scarecrow, also the same card I had. As well, Thrown Brick BAC. Our first few purchase turns were almost the same with Harley, Scarescrow and Thrown Bricks. I noticed that Rob was rolling and fielding sidekicks. I decided to go with the Casey route. I believe I bought a couple of them and just attack, hopefully rolling a fist to force his sidekick to block and I can gain life. The Harley/Scarecrow combo was working as I gained a life and he lost a life on my turn but he too had the same characters in the field, which the same thing was happening on his turn and just turned into as we called it “#netzero”. Then Rob pulled out the the sneaky-ness. Knowing my Casey was KO’ing his sidekicks, I was gaining a life and with Scarescrow active, he was losing a life. He bought Professor X: To Me, My X-Men!. Who buys Professor X? Well … his ability “While Professor X is active, whenever one of your Sidekick dice is KO’d, gain 1 life”, smart. I KO his sidekick, I gain a life, Scarescrow ability makes him lose a life but Professor X ability gains him a life when his sidekick is KO’ed, #netzero, rinse and repeat but I still gained a life. You got that right? It was a close game, low life, up and down but tight. Then his big gun came out, Jarvis: Chief of Staff, “Ally (This die counts as a Sidekick in the Field Zone.) When fielded, gain X life, where X is the number of character dice you fielded this turn (including Jarvis).” With him fielding sidekicks and Jarvis, he was racking up the life count. Hitting my characters with Thrown Bricks and using Magic Missile global, “Pay bolt. Deal 1 damage to target character die.” to KO them (stopping my Harley/Scarecrow combo). At this point, I couldn’t gain life fast enough.


Game 3:

vs Jocelyn and Switch

The only similar cards Jocelyn and I had, were Casey Jones, Amber Golem and the Thrown Brick BAC.  Started off again with the Harley and Scarecrow combo. This time I wanted to try and make Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Fabricate work. I saw Jocelyn’s team in action when she played Rob and knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t really roll much characters in this game. I think I only ended up buying one Thrown Brick and she bought all hers and mine, so I started to buy her other basic action, Replenish, “the next time (this turn) that a character die you control would be damaged, prevent the first 2 damage. If that character is not KO’d, gain 1 life.” OK, might work. I bought Casey which may or may not help as she didn’t really field sidekicks. I did manage to buy Captain Marvel and she did gain me one life, but got stuck in the field. Why didn’t I fabricate? I didn’t want to KO Harley or Scarecrow and I didn’t have sidekicks. Since Captain Marvel was in the field zone, I did buy Doom Lance BAC to give that a try. My bag was filled with action dice more then characters. I never got to buy Iron Man and this game was going knowhere for me. I sat at 3 life most of the game but ended being and staying at zero. I think Jocelyn had 5 Thrown Bricks and 1 Replenish. What were all those actions for? For a Switch and Yuan-ti party. Scarlet Witch: Chaos Magic, “While Scarlet Witch is active, when you use an action die, gain 1 life.” and Yuan-ti Pureblood: Lesser Humanoid, ” Attune (While this character is active, when you use an action die, deal 1 damage to target player or character die.) When you use an action die, your Yuan-ti Pureblood character dice cannot be blocked (until end of turn).”. Do I need to say more? With her rolling so much dice from Thrown Brick ramp, she was able roll and use her Bricks and Replenish action dice to gain life for each one, close to 5-6 life a turn. Use attune to KO my characters or to my life and she as able to use Groot global a couple of times to gain life (I never used it). She did have the force attack global on Black Widow’s card, “Global: Pay fist. Once per turn, target character die must attack this turn (if able).”. I tried to hold back a fist to make her Scarlet attack and just take the damage to my life, which I had no life but then she bought another Scarlet. Forcing Scarlet to attack didn’t really slow her down to much and again, I couldn’t gain life fast enough.



  • I should have put a deadly character on my team if I had Doom Lance BAC
  • When I did manage to buy Captain Marvel, I should have tried to buy Iron Man and start Fabricating
  • Slow team and wasn’t able to gain much life in one turn.
  • Jarvis: Chief of Staff and Scarlet Witch: Chaos Magic were the stars in this format

These games went the complete opposite then I thought. I know it would take me time to get characters out but I didn’t really stick with a win con in each game and kind of went all over the place. Rob and Jocelyn teams had a solid win con which gained them life fast. As well, they had counters to my characters. They shut me down …. 1, 2, 3 …. clear …. beeeeeeeepp …. #neverrevived

Keep It Rollin’


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