Mystically Attuned

Golden Age Constructed this week.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Mystically Attuned.

So this week I decided to see how a team focused on this Zatanna card would work out.

So we need to add Mystic affiliated characters to the team.  We start with Wong.  We’ll go with the 2 cost version (which has Ally and Fast) for the lower cost if nothing else.

There aren’t a lot of cheap mystic characters (at least that aren’t other versions of Zatanna).  The 3-cost Scarlet Witch can potentially damage me, so I opted to go with one of the 4-costs instead.

On a team planning to use Attune heavily Wasp: Flitting about is a natural fit, and I figured I’d throw in Uncommon Pseudodragon and see if I could get some use out of that unconventional form of ranmp.

Parasite: Human Atomic Furnace went on the team primarily as a (temporary) blanker for annoying ‘while active’ control characters from my opponents.  But, If I don’t need him for that purpose, I can give myself an extra active Attune character by having him take Zatanna’s ability.  Zatanna doesn’t lose her affiliation when Parasite takes her ability, so she winds up getting Attune right back.

I went with Thrown Brick and Under Surveillance for my BACs, the latter as one means of getting my buffed Wasps through for some damage.

My other two slots went to Atlantis: City and Stronghold (useful global and cheap useful action on an Attune team.  The other went to the Yellow Lantern Ring action that grants Intimidate to characters in my Reserve Pool.  I figured that would be another way to potentially get a beefy Wasp through for significant damage.

So how did the games turn out?

Game 1:

Mostly X-Men team with Sage and Dani Moonstar.  I got two of the three Thrown Brick dice, got Zatanna and Wong out and started going to town.  He got a Sage out, but since my plan was primarily getting Attune characters into the field and leaving them there, she wasn’t that much of a problem.

With two Thrown Brick dice which I was landing on the action face every turn, and multiple Attune characters, I won relatively quickly.

So quickly in fact, we played a second ‘fun’ game.  This time he went for his Blob early, figuring it would slow me down (it was the one that prevents the opponent from buying or fielding 2-cost characters).  I had Parasite and Yellow Lantern Ring as possible workarounds for that, but I found I didn’t need them.

Zatanna, Wasp, Thrown Bricks (I wound up with two of the three dice this game also) and Yellow Lantern Ring were enough for me to wear him down and get the victory again.


Game 2:

This was supposed to be an Orbital Strike team with Thunderbird and Hope Summers.  He had some less than stellar rolls early in the game.  Me, not so much.

When I got my Parasite out there were no abilities worth stealing on the other side of the table.  So I had him take Wasp’s ability and made him the target of an Under Surveillance die.

Between that and the Attune damage I wore him down fairly quickly, eventually getting him low enough that I could clear out enough blockers with Attune to get lethal with combat damage.


Game 3:

Against Jourdo’s Doomsday team.  When fielded, that Doomsday KO’s all opposing Team Superman characters AND sends them to the Used Pile.  It’s brutal.

His team proved even faster than mine.  The second Doomsday he fielded came up on Level 3 (7A) which proved to be just enough to get him to lethal.

We also had an extra ‘fun’ game where I used the Atlantis global extensively, so he’d have more characters he’d need to use the ‘Trusted Friends’ global on to wipe my field, and used Thrown Bricks and Attune to KO his Multiple Men to limit his Swarm.  This slowed him down a fair bit, but ultimately proved to be more ‘delaying the inevitable’ than a road to victory on my part.



It’s a pretty solid team.  I’m not saying it’s top tier competitive, but it’s fun to play and can do decent damage relatively quickly.

Somewhat atypically, every card on the team proved useful – I bought at least 1 die from each of the 10 cards on the team at some point during the event.

Still, the team would be better if there were one or two more cheap non-Zatanna Mystic characters available.  At the moment there’s Wong and one 3-cost Scarlet Witch (whose ability can blow up in your face).  Still, Mystics can show up on both DC and Marvel characters, so maybe somewhere down the line we’ll get some better options for this concept.

The card I’m most on the fence about, in this version of the team, is Thrown Brick.  Don’t get me wrong, it works great on the team – as long as your opponent doesn’t buy it out from under you.  And that’s the problem – your opponent is very likely to do just that, given the opportunity.

Just about everybody who plays Dice Masters knows about Thrown Brick by now.  They expect if you bring it, you intend to buy the dice.  So given half a chance they buy them first, to sabotage your plans, since buying Thrown Brick dice rarely hurts the buyer.

Not quite sure which BAC I’d replace it with, to be honest.

Yuan-Ti Pureblood aside, what are your favorite Attune characters and teams?  Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

Son of L


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