My Red Hooded Love

I am filling in for ccm00007 this week. Our local group met on Thursday and in celebration of Valentine’s Day, the team that you brought had to be a modern build and your dice colours had to be shades of red and/or pink.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  My Red Hooded Love

I had no idea what I was going to build or whom the star was going to be. I also wanted to use some of the cards from the WWE set as I knew that set had a lot of red and pink dice. Scrolling through The Dice Coalition Team Builder site, the first card that I saw was ‘Bobby Heenan: The Brain’. Perfect, let’s start there. I wanted characters that had high attack values with a low cost to go through unblocked, plus a global to help pump and I needed to ensure that it would be on level 3 when Bobby came out. Keeping to the WWE set, I went with Lita, Shawn Michaels, Rhonda and Shinsuke. All with a 4-6 attack value on level 3. Then I stumbled on ‘Red Hood™: Jason Todd”. He was my secret ace. His level 3 was 5 attack and if I can attack with multiple characters, hes going to get beefy, at a 3 cost and unblockable!. Songbird had popped in my head cause I knew her colour die was a pretty pink and she had a great ability of intimidating out 4 cost or less character dice. That might come in handy if I had a pesky opposing character. I put in The Flash cause I knew his die was red and his ability was ‘strike’ which could also work as he would get buffed and have overcrush. He was backup just in case but not my main purchase. To help spin my characters to get them to level 3 and for pumps, I would use the global from Energy Field and Raised Shield BACs. Raised Shield would be a good purchase as well for a pump and overcrush.

How did my lovey dovey team do?

Game 1:



Game 2:

vs Rob

Rob brought similar WWE cards. He had Bret, the same Lita and Shinsuke as me and the other Bobby Heenan, ‘The Weasel’, which reads “When fielded, until the end of the turn, for each die your opponent assigns to block they lose 1 life (per Bobby Heenan die fielded this turn).” His BACs were Booker T and Walk with Elias which I didnt know had the same global as Heimdall and Professor X. His main strategy was to get Bret out and his ability “When Bret “Hit Man” Hart attacks, he can only be blocked by 2 or more Superstars.”, use the global on Booker T to force my character to block and time it when Bobby comes out, I am taking damage for blocking. Slow and painful death. I had bought 2 Red Hoods, Shinsuke, Lita and Bobby. I had Red Hood out on Level 3 and when Bobby had come out, he was able to get through for 5 damage. Rob was slowly bringing my life down. That Bobby card was annoying but had me thinking if I should block or let the little damage through. Either way, I am taking damage. I had the one kill turn. Had both Red Hoods in the field, one on Level 3, couple of sidekicks and two other characters. Bobby and the Raised Shield (which I purchased) was pulled and rolled. When Bobby was fielded, I targeted my level 3 Red Hood as I knew he would go unblocked and get pumped when attacking with other characters. I believe I had him and attacked with all my characters. The level 3 Red Hood got +6A for the other attacking characters, making him an 11A unblockable! My other Red Hood was also +6A and I had put the raised shield on him to give him another +1A and overcrush after Rob declared his blockers. Rob could have only blocked 3 characters. Letting the sidekicks through + Red Hood 11A and overcrush damage of about 6 or 7. I believe I needed to get him for 15 damage.


Game 3:

vs Jocelyn

Jocelyn had bought the same Bobby card as Rob (oh yay), Lita, Mimic for ramp, Instant War BAC and …. ready for it … STOMPA! “Range 2. When fielded, KO 2 target opposing character dice.” How in the world would she get that out …. mimic ramp? or using Yawning Portal, “Your character dice are free to field this turn. Until end of turn, each time you field a character dice [sic], reduce the Purchase Cost of your dice by 1 (to a minimum of 1). Dice you purchase this turn are added to your bag.” which I was making fun as told her it was an orange die not red. And if she won, I was throwing up the ‘P’ as this game will be protested. She had a good ramp going with mimic. I tried to use the same order purchases as my game with Rob as Red Hood was effective but that didnt happen. This game I bought two Litas, one Red Hood, Shinsuke and Bobby. This was a back and forth game with life. I didnt really have a one big kill but was doing damage. I had trouble getting my characters to level 3. I didnt use the energy field global in my game with Rob but had to use it in this game but it didnt always work out. When Bobby had come out, I didnt have a level 3 character. Then it happened. With all the mimic ramp, Jocelyn rolled all 7 sidekick on an energy face, 1 on sidekick face and yawning portal. She didnt have enough to buy Stompa using her one sidekick and yawning portal. She rolled them both and they came back on energy, she fulfilled her goal of buying Stompa for full cost of 9. I am in trouble now. When Stompa came out and rolled, she pretty much cleared my field and had me down to 5 life. I needed a good roll and characters in the field as she had only had mimic in the field and sitting at 7 life. I was able to roll a Red Hood, Sidekick, Lita and Shinsuke, attacked with all characters and had exactly 7, whew!



I was actually quite surprised that the team did well. I really like the ‘Bobby Heenan: The Brain’ card and can see him in future team builds. Red Hood, I never really used before but I can see how effective he can be if all works out. There was probably so many cards I didnt need but when you’re restricted to dice colour, you just have to fill. It was quite fun.

Keep It Rollin’

2 Replies to “My Red Hooded Love

  1. About your Turn 2 opponent’s (Rob’s) team: Unless I’m misreading something, his Bobby Heenan card and the (Booker T) force block global cannot be used together the way he seems to think they can.

    You cannot force an opponent to pay a cost, as per this 2014 ruling:

    So, if Rob uses his Bobby Heenan’s ‘when fielded’ ability (forcing you to pay 1 life for each die assigned to block) and a force block global (whether Booker T or a different one) the global fizzles. And it fizzles whether he uses the global before or after fielding Bobby Heenan. You cannot be forced to pay such a life tax against your will, which means you can ignore the force block global if you so choose.

    1. This has been the target of much discussion on the Dice Masters Online discord. The current consensus is that since Bobby says “lose” and not “pay”, it’s an effect and not a cost. Arge over at Rollin’ Thunder wrote an article about it as well. However, I did submit the question to the Rules Forum.

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