Monthly Dice Social

A Double Double ‘n Dice presents Dice Social – May 2023

Date: Saturday May 27th @ 2PM Eastern

Format: Modern/Draft

Title: Secret Draft

Theme: We will be using Trubie’s Draft Packs to do an online draft of Secret Wars only. We will start promptly on stream at 2PM and we might only get a couple of rounds in depending on fast we draft, build a team and gather cards/dice. Just type .register (no quotes) if you would like to participate. Please have your Secret Wars collection near by.

Bans: None

Meet: In order to participate, you will need to be part of the Dice Masters Online Discord.  Once there, you will simply need to join the Voice Channel – Dice Social Lobby, where we have a social chat and wait for your assignments.

Disclaimer: PLEASE register by 1:30PM Eastern on the day of the Dice Social for numbers. If a cancellation is needed due to numbers, cancellation will be announced at 1:45PM Eastern.

This is a casual event with the emphasis on SOCIAL! Be creative with your teams. If you cant fit the theme, don’t worry, bring what you like. Proxy cards and dice are welcome, just let your opponent(s) know.

Dice Social is a welcoming environment for all people. It's a safe, friendly, fun and relaxing place to be with the emphasis on Social. We ask that you be polite, courteous and respectful to everyone. 
You can review the online code of conduct here

Pour your favourite beverage, pull up a comfy chair ‘cuz we are ready to roll.

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