Monsters vs Adventurers

Hello Dice Masters!  Welcome back for a brand new year of the TOTM.  With the recent holiday laziness and back to work craziness, I’m a little late with the release of this one.  My apologies.

For those that are unfamiliar with the TOTM, here is what you need to know:

  • You will be given specific parameters for a Team Build for the given month.
  • A “fun play night” will be set when people will be welcome to gather and play their Teams themselves for the competition.

This competition will be open worldwide, and anyone is welcome to  join.  The submission deadline for this month will be 10:00 PM Mountain Time on January 24, 2020.  Submissions should be filled out on the TOTM Team Submission Form.  This is not a hard deadline, but the more notice I have, the better I can get things set up.

Here is the challenge for January 2020:

With the release of the new Waterdeep Campaign Box and related Team Packs (for some of us), I thought it might be fun to dive back into the world of Dungeons and Dragons to celebrate.  This one is actually a throwback to something we ran back in summer of 2018.  You can read about those here, and here.  We are going to simplify this one a little bit, by eliminating the Two Team Takedown aspect, for the sake of getting matches done in a reasonable amount of time.  Let me present to you…

What is this?

This one is pretty simple.  You will be building your Team using only cards from the D&D sets.  However, you must split your Team up between Monsters and Adventurers.  Excluding BAC’s, one half of your Team MUST have the Monster Banner as its Affiliation.  The other half MUST have the Experience Keyword.  Card’s that state “… doesn’t count as an Adventurer. This effect can’t be ignored …” will be eligible for your Adventurer side as long as they have the Keyword.  You may include one piece of Gear (non-BAC) at the expense of one of your Adventurers, and you may include one other non-BAC at the expense of one of your Monsters.

The rules…

Everything is fair game in this one.  You will be able to build from the full selection of Golden Cards.  However, these can only be from the D&D themed sets, including any Organized Play cards you may want to use.  The only bans that are in place will be:

  • The God Catcher: Mighty Construct (yeah… we’re not doing that here)
  • Yuan-Ti Pureblood: Epic Humaoid (if the new Boogeyman is out, so is the most recent one)
  • Half-Elf Bard: Master Lords’ Alliance (the OG Boogeyman)

Proxy dice and cards are allowed under the following conditions:

  • Action dice proxies must match the energy and burst faces exactly.
  • Character dice proxies must have the same symbols, stats, and energy type as the original die.  For example, AVX Black Widow could be used in place of AI Black Widow as they are identical dice.
  • Cards can be freely proxied, as long as it is clear to your Opponent what you are using.

The plan is to play your Team on Saturday, January 25, 2020, starting around 7:00 PM Mountain Time.  We will be starting things off in our very own Hangouts Room.  You can find the link here.  Ideally, it would be nice to get 3-4 Rounds of Play in… but we will see what happens.

Matches will be 30 minutes long to avoid slogs.  If the game is tied when time is called, the game will go to 5 turns with the active player being Turn Andy (or Turn Zero if you want).  The player with the most life at the end of Turns will be the winner.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Best of luck!

– Dice Masters North

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