MoD PDM UKGE: She’s Back!

Game 5:  vs Nefarious Broadcaster

Danny had a Lita/Fish with a little Breath Weapon team. I did buy Black Widow but he was KO’ing my characters with Seething Corruption and Breath Weapon. Managed to get Mystique damage in at 8+ at a time.



I had blast! It was super fun and I love playing Mystique. I think I got this team down (if I dont miss rolls). Maybe I needed Intellect Devourer but I managed. If there was something missing that could have made this team better, I would love to hear it!

I did also talk about all this is this week’s Double Double ‘n Dice Podcast

Thank you to Chris and Andy, UKGE, all the participants and Streamers.

Until the next tournament …. Roll for the North ….

Keep it Rollin’


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