MoD PDM UKGE: She’s Back!

The games were best of three, 45 minutes in length, no turns when time is called. I will keep these short and sweet as the video for each game are attached, check them out.

Game 1: vs Shadowmeld

Patrick piloted this God Catcher very well. He was using Hawkeye global to ping out my sidekicks and Scott Hall to force Big E and/or Ivy to attack. Lots of missed rolls on my part. I should have brought Nefarious Broadcaster BAC earlier in the game to stop from all the pings. Congrats to him for coming in 2nd place!


Game 2: vs MBrewer

Matt also had a God Catcher team. This game went to time and only 1 game played. Pretty back and forth. He effectively used Confront the Mighty BAC to take out my Big E. I missed my Mystique roll for win.


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