MoD PDM UKGE: She’s Back!

This past weekend (August 22, 2020), The Ministry of Dice hosted the UK Gaming Expo Dice Masters Tournament, online. There were 27 participants from all over the world!

What did I play?

What Did You Play?

The Team:  She’s Back!

I had no idea what I wanted to play. I made six versions of teams, which included God Catcher and Becky but wanted to bring something fun (#seekingthewoodenspoon). One card that I really enjoyed playing with that I built a team around for One Big Weekend and Origins Earth X was Mystique: O Bitter Victory. Click to view both articles, OBW and Earth X . But this time, I changed a few cards to make her faster to get to and hopefully do a lot of damage. Also, the team almost turned out to be a mask team, unintentionally.

Main win condition:
Mystique, of course. This time instead of using Kree to make her cheaper, I used Asuka: The Empress of Tomorrow which lowers your mask character cost by 2 and I would use Becky global to move her to prep when purchased (yes, Becky was on my team but purely for the global). I had used her in the past with Raised Shield BAC to give her overcrush but decided for this event, I would use Under Surveillance BAC to make her unblockable. To make this all work, not only would I need lots of characters in the field but I would hope my opponent has a field too. Asuka would be active, adding to Mystique damage.

Stat Check: 1 person put her on their team (wonder who?)
Stat Check: 6 people put her on their team (Asuka)
Stat Check: 8 people put the BAC on their team (Under Surveillance)



Psych-Out Win Condition:
Definitely not Becky. She was their for the global and though I put three dice on her, she was there to throw off my opponent, hoping they would think she was my win condition. If my opponent brought Drax: The Pacifist “When fielded, choose an opposing card, cancelling all previous choices. Your opponent may not purchase or field that character until Drax leaves the Field Zone.” I would hope they would ‘Drax’ Becky instead.

Stat Check: 2 people put her on their team


I had put four control cards on the team. Each to help with teams that I might play against.

Big E was there to help reduce combat damage to my life from teams such as God Catchers and Becky’s, overcrush or unblockable. He is such a good card and presents problems for my opponent. I think he’s an underdog as I rarely see him on teams. With him active, helps to beef up my Mystique. Oh, and he’s a 2 cost with Asuka!

Stat Check: 2 people put him on their team



Gazer was there to help intimidate out God Catcher. Once you intimidate out a token character, they are gone, lost, bye bye.

Stat Check: 6 people put this monster on their team





Poison Ivy was there to be blocker to God Catchers, Becky’s and anything else I wanted gone if my opponent attacked. She won’t take damage and gains deadly, KO’ing God Catcher (which wont return) and Becky’s. With her active, she is another +1A to my Mystique. She would cost 1 with Asuka active.

Stat Check: 5 people put her on their team



Black Widow was only there for anyone that may bring a 1 or 2 paper cut damage character(s), such as Range, Breath Weapon (yes, there is one out there that’s Modern), Iceman, The Atom (you never know) and Jubilee. I am sure there are more but you never know. I was really torn if to put her on the team instead of a fixer like Intellect Devourer but I stayed with her.

Stat Check: 5 people put her on their team



The only other worry I had was the Static Field global, that would push back my Mystique when she would attack for her uber damage (I hope) which would be unblockable. I had one card slot left, but that was already reserved and one BAC slot left. After reading a few BACs, Nefarious Broadcast caught my eye and if timed properly can be awesome.

Stat Check: 3 people put this BAC on their team


I didnt put any ramp on my team as the characters I needed would be cheap with Asuka. If I had energy leftover, I could use my opponents ramp, if any.

The last card filling my 8th spot was The Collector, mainly for the global. Hoping I can do this each turn, helps to thin out my bag and continue to beef up my Mystique for the uber damage I am trying to get through. And if I really wanted to, buy him for 3 and he’s got a cool ability.

Stat Check: 13 people him on their team



There you have it, my team. Lets find out how it all went down.

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