Mjolnir Clubbing

This week’s build was 100% inspired by Chris Clubb’s Team from the CR Gameroom Invitational Tournament.  It is based around the UC Mjolnir from The Mighty Thor.

So, you can see that this bad boy is powered by lots and lots of Bolts in order to maximize the damage potential.  In order to make this a viable win condition, you need energy for days.  Chris used old school PXG in his build, which ticks that box incredibly well.  He also paired it with the Ice Man Global to rack up the Bolts.

Those two tools made this a surprisingly explosive Team.  In all honesty, this was my favourite Team from this Tournament.  It deserves full props for originality.  For those that never saw it in action, you can check out one of his matches here:

Now, I did not want to straight up copy this build.  I decided I would try and Modernize it and see if it is still as good.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Modern Mjolnir Clubbing.

Obviously, the Hammer is the win condition here.  I will either win by it or lose by it.  No middle ground here.  I could not use PXG or Ice Man for this version, but there are some decent Modern substitutes.  Techno is a card for card swap for Ice Man here as the Global is identical.

Without PXG available, I had to go with the Modern equivalent:  Mimic Ramp.  This requires the addition of new PXG and Billy Club in addition to Mimic.

I still needed action discounts, so I kept Thor from Chris’s build but added in Malekith.  Malekith’s ability would not be terrible either if I needed to get him out.

I chose to keep the same BAC’s as Chris did.  Static Field is a must have as I will be light on the character front.  Create Food and Water helps set the bag right when needed.  I honestly debated switching it out for Instant War, but was afraid of too much burn with Mimic Ramp as my main strategy.

With only one slot left, I needed to decide what was most important to me.  Scarlet Witch would be my main nemesis, so I had to deal with her.  There were really only two choices for this.  Either Acererak for the Global, or Rip Hunter to avoid rolling Hammers in the first place.  I decided to go with Acererak, again because of Mimic Ramp.  There was a good chance of NOT drawing Mjolnir with Mimic running full steam ahead.

Let’s see how this ran.

Game 1:

BYE!  The Hammer is undefeated!  This Team is great so far.


Game 2:

This was against a super shenanigan VD Team.  His goal was to use C Mxy to give me a Dreadnaught, then have Cassie/Ring active to send ALL of the Range damage my way.  Easy solution to this, don’t field anything.  It also helped that he brought old school PXG.  I basically followed the Clubb Playbook here.  Ramp with PXG.  Buy Mjolnirs on the cheap.  Use Techno to make Bolts and deal out damage.

Overall, when it hit, it hit hard.  I did take a good hit from a bunch of attackers buffed by a Front Line.  Luckily, it was not enough to do me in and the Hammer hit with just enough juice for the win.


Game 3:

Up against a Jimmy/Superman Team.  No old school tools to work with here, so I would have to see if the Modern version can function as well.  It was a pretty classic early set up with Mimic and the Sidekick engine.  I had managed to get a few Mjolnirs in the bag.  My first hit was for 9 damage due to some whiffed hammer rolls (the double energy side is actually helpful on this Team).

He hit me with some Scorching Ray nonsense, and could see his Field getting rather large.  I got lucky where all of the hammers came out at once and I was able to get enough energy to finish the job.  If I hadn’t, I was dead the next turn.



First off, the Golden version of this is much, much better than the Modern version.  Having said that, this is still a really fun Team to run.  The damage output is still decently explosive.

It is definitely one of those “all or nothing” Teams.  The biggest issue I have with it, is there are not a lot of flex spots on it.  You are pretty much married to certain tools to make it work.

I was out of practice on using Mimic Ramp, as I know I made a couple of mistakes in my last game.  However, it was a great substitution for PXG.  Honestly, it was probably a little better than PXG as it got Sidekicks out to use with Techno when the time was right.

This is a really fun Team to play around with.  I am sure there are ways to improve on this Modern build, but I was happy with it.  I think if I had come up against a Switch, I would have been a little unhappier with it.  However, that never happened so I am good.

Thanks to Chris Clubb for showing off this gem of a Team.

What do you think of Mjolnir as your win condition?  What would you change on the Team?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

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