Mindless Brutality

I went really old school this week, bringing Green Goliath from AvX to our weekly unlimited Golden Age Constructed event.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  The Hulk is not Mindless.

Here’s the core of the team on the left.

The plan is simple.  Get Hulk out.  Field multiple Mindless Ones dice, to clear out my opponent’s field – If Hulk is on a burst face, each Mindless One fielded does three damage to each opposing character.

The sticking point here are 1) How do I buy Hulk? and 2) How do I get Mindless Ones dice to come out on the same turn?

My answer to 1) was the Kree Captain global.  The 3-cost that is buffed for each active Villain die.  Mindless Ones are Villains, so an active one is the field can add to my total damage when I make my big swing.


I also included Avengers ID Card: Priority Identicard.  It can potentially help with both Hulk’s purchase and fielding costs, and gives me a bit of ramp on the burst faces.

Supreme Intelligence went on the team for the global.  I went with Supremor, which gave me potential life gain when I used the Fabricate ability.

Atlantis: City and Stronghold went on the team to help set up the big swing turn I was aiming for.


The action allows me to prep multiple dice from my Reserve Pool (and possibly one more from my bag).

The global allows me a little bit more prep.

The last 2 characters on the team are Plague Marine: Postulent Intestines and Kree Soldier: Blue Angels.



Plague Marine was included to address the Achilles’ heel of this team – it’s a team based on a board clear strategy that includes a global that allows the opponent the opportunity to field a Sidekick after the board clear happens.  Including one Plague Marine die in my attack means I can KO that Sidekick before it can be assigned to block.

Kree Soldier was included because it’s cheap, it’s a Villain that will buff Kree Captain, it can be used to Fabricate Supreme Intelligence, and while 2-cost Swarm isn’t as good as 1-cost Swarm I’ve found it to be generally usable.

For BACs, I went with Energy Field for the global – I would much prefer Hulk on a burst face when I’m fielding Mindless Ones.  For the other I went with Counterstrike primarily for its global.

On to the games.


Game 1:

Obelisk the Tormentor: Fist of Fate, Mimic: Borrowed Talent and common TOA Doppelgangers.  He also had Resurrection and Villainous Pact, so I managed to buy a Hulk die on Turn 2.

My Hulk got KO’d a couple of times blocking Obelisk, but I only missed re-rolling him once, and even then I got him back in the field fairly quickly.  Obelisk’s ability – dealing damage equal to his A is he’s blocked but not KO’d – never triggered, even if once or twice Hulk needed some assistance from some Sidekick dice to make sure it didn’t.

I started buying and fielding Mindless Ones, which kept his field fairly thin.  He got a Level 1 Obelisk through for 6 while I was blocking a Level 3 Doppelganger/faux Obelisk.

When I fielded and attacked with a couple of Mindless Ones on the same turn he opted to block with his Mimic/faux Hulk which ended up KO’d.  When he refielded it on his turn he overlooked the Mindless One die in my Prep Area, and had it copy a Sidekick.

I ended up pulling two more Mindless Ones dice from my bag on my turn, and even though he used his R PXG Global to field a Sidekick I had enough Sidekicks supporting my Mindless Ones dice to get to lethal.

(Note:  I hadn’t bought any Plague Marine dice before the final turn.)


Game 2:

Unblockable when attacking alone Poxwalker – Misdirection – Mystique that gets +1/+1 for each other character die in the Field Zone.  He also had Rare Blob, which he went too right away to shut down Green Goliath.

He was running SR Multiple Man and he started buying the dice for it.  I bought Kree Captain and a Plague Marine, then started buying Kree Soldiers.

Repeated attacks from Plague Marine kept his wall just about completely free of Sidekicks while contributing chip damage.  I was able to keep plenty of Sidekicks in my wall.  My last two or three turns I was able to draw four Sidekick dice and three Kree Soldier dice each turn (due to Swarm).  He managed to fire off the Poxwalker-Mystique-Misdirection combo once for 13 damage, but he couldn’t get things set up to repeat it on the next turn, and on my subsequent turn I had lethal.


Game 3:

Against our resident youngster who was running a mixed bag of characters from X-Men Forever.  Including the Blob who shuts down 2-cost characters.  Also Magneto, Kitty Pryde and the same Mystique that gets buffed for every other die in the Field Zone.

She took my advice to go for her Blob right away.  That basically locked me out of half my characters (Kree Soldier, Plague Marine and Mindless Ones).  I bought Kree Captains and Atlantis dice early.  It took five tries before I finally got Atlantis on an action face, but one I did I was able to set up a couple of turns where I had plenty of energy to spend.

I bought a Hulk die, and shortly after ended up with a Hulk, two Kree Captains and five Sidekicks in my Field, while she had a 1-5 Blob, a 1-8 Blob, and a 6-8 Magneto in her Field Zone.  The Kree Captains were 8A since Blob and Magneto were villains. so I attacked with both of them, Hulk and three Sidekicks.  Only the Sidekicks went through, but her Field was wiped out while she wasn’t able to KO anything of mine.

She wasn’t able to field anything on her next turn, essentially giving me the win. (After she finished her turn, I belatedly realized she’d forgotten to roll the 3 character dice in her Prep Area.  I would have offered her a mulligan, but she seemed to feel that I was going to win regardless, and taking the mulligan would have simply been delaying the inevitable.)




Well, the combo I was planning to be my primary win condition got neutered in two of the three games, but I still managed to go 3-0.  On the other hand, one of those games was against a much weaker opponent.

Still the Green Goliath – Mindless Ones combo can be devastating if you can get it to fire.

Kree Captain turned out to be much more useful for his character ability than the global ability, but given how powerful the character ability is, that’s not a huge surprise.

Kree Soldier proved highly useful in Game 2.  There is some decent synergy between Swarm and the Atlantis global, as the global removes two Sidekick dice from the next bag refill, increasing the concentration of Swarm dice.  I put Kree Soldier and Atlantis on the team separately, not as an intended combo, but the synergy between the two meant Kree Soldier turned out to be more useful than I truly expected.

The Atlantis action proved highly useful in game 3.  If you get the action face, you usually have the option of prepping multiple dice, setting yourself up for a big follow-up turn.

Plague Marine was a valuable contributor in Game 2.  The fact it does chip damage while pinging out chump blockers makes it highly useful for its cost.  Also, if it would be useful, I could potentially KO one of my own Sidekicks to trigger Green Goliath when I attack – something I only realized which I was doing this Post-Mortem writeup.  It may have been a better fit than I thought when I swapped it in at the eleventh hour.

I never bought any Supreme Intelligence dice and I’m not sure if I used the global all night – it was certainly no more than once.  I’m not convinced it was a bad fit however – I can see myself using it if I’d would up in some different matchups.

I used the Energy Field global once on the night, and that one instance actually wasn’t terribly important.  But the team’s primary combo being neutered in two of the three games probably has a lot to do with that.

The Counterstrike global didn’t see much use, but I didn’t expect it to.  This was probably the least important card on the team.  I was more concerned about not bringing anything that would prove useful to an opponent.

The card I’d be most likely to switch out is Avengers ID Card.  I never bought it once, and was never really tempted to do so.

So I took a card with a seemingly counter-productive ability (Mindless Ones: Dark Dimension) and tried to come up with a way to make it useful.  Are there other such cards that can be made useful on other teams?  Let us know about them in the comments.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rolling.

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